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Pre-War Foreign Policy -we focused on domestic issues -extreme anti-war feelings “Merchants of Death” _________________ Policy Roosevelt had with Latin.

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1 Pre-War Foreign Policy -we focused on domestic issues -extreme anti-war feelings “Merchants of Death” _________________ Policy Roosevelt had with Latin America _________________ forbids arms sales to warring nations Good Neighbor Neutrality Acts

2 Causes of WWII -________________ extreme loyalty to one’s nation. Very strong in European nations. -________________ Undertaken by Germany, rebuilding of an Army -_______________ British and French policy of giving Hitler land prior to outbreak of war Nationalism Rearmament Appeasement

3 More Causes Germany breaking the Non-Aggression pact with Russia Rise of Nazism and Fascism Rise of dictators Greed - Hitler

4 World War II - Leaders Axis Powers Italy – Germany – Japan – –Allied Powers England – & France – Russia – United States – & Benito Mussolini Adolf Hitler Emperor Hirohito Neville Chamberlain Winston Churchill Joseph Stalin Franklin D. Roosevelt Harry S. Truman

5 Prelude to War - Japanese Aggression ____________ the first territory the Japanese tried to take over China -Italy – Benito Mussolini ___________ political movement typified by attempts to impose state control over important aspects of life: political, social, cultural, and economic. Fascism Manchuria

6 Appeasement - Rise of Germany - Failed Weimar Republic _______ rose to power in the 1930’s, leader of the Nazi Party - _________ party that believes the Aryan race is superior to all others -____________ led by Joseph Stalin during World War II Hitler Russia (USSR) Nazi

7 Appeasement -____________ outlawed offensive war. What about Hitler? -Hoover-Stimson Doctrine refuse to recognize lands taken by force -What had Germany been doing ever since WWI? Kellogg-Briand Pact Rearming – rebuilding it’s military

8 Taking of the Rhineland – Hitler starts to make his move -Austria, Anchluss -_______________________– gave Germany the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia if Hitler would go no further -What is America’s stand on the War? Munich Peace Conference

9 Europe at War -Japanese are invading China, 1937 -Germany annexes Austria, 1938 -Germany takes Czechoslovakia, 1938 -____________________, 1939, Agreement between Russia and Germany not to fight one another -Germany attacks Poland Sept. 1, 1939 -France, England declare war Non-Aggression Pact

10 Blitzkrieg -_________________ another name for the German type of war -heavy use of machinery and aircraft -________________ Germany’s Air Force -quick victory over Poland Lightning War Luftwaffe

11 Blitzkrieg - Stalin attacks Finland, Hitler attacks Denmark, Norway, then Belgium -Invasion of France -Massive Allied evacuation at Dunkirk -France signs surrender, June 1940

12 Battle of Britain -Germany controls most of Europe -Luftwaffe begin bombing of Britain -RAF defends British homeland -”Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few” Winston Churchill -Germany never launches invasion of Britain

13 The European Theater – World War II German Aggression - Hitler Invades Poland - Germany goes after Denmark and Norway - Then Hitler moves to Belgium and the Netherlands - Most Notable country taken over early by Hitler was France

14 European Theater – World War II Battle of Britain - German Luftwaffe vs. British Royal Air Force (RAF) - Germany fails Italy making moves as well - Italians invade Greece and North Africa, Germany comes to Italy’s assistance

15 War Plans -Roosevelt and British leader Churchill meet -________ and ________ are top priority -only an __________________ is acceptable Why is this the only type of surrender that will be acceptable? Germany Hitler Unconditional Surrender

16 War Plans - Battle of the Atlantic convoy system Liberty ship building program was producing great numbers of ships to supply war -Allies begin strategic bombing of Germany to destroy war capabilities

17 Eastern Front -Scorched-Earth policy, destroy and remove all useful supplies and facilities upon retreating - initial victories in USSR turn into stalemate and the Russian winter stops German advances -______________, surrounded in 1942 by the Germans, Russia wins - The battle was a turning-point because Germany lost a great number of troops and materiel that could not be replaced Stalingrad

18 Africa/Italy -Stalin wants another _________ to occupy Germany -new “front” opened with invasion of northern Africa -____________ and the _________ forces eventually defeated -”Soft underbelly” campaign wanted to attack Germany through _________ -German troops make Italian campaign last many months “front” Rommel German Italy

19 D-Day -Allies had planned an invasion of the mainland, led by _______________ -_______________ June 6, 1944, plan to liberate France -paratroopers invaded behind enemy lines, thousands stormed beaches of Normandy France Omaha Beach Utah Beach -France liberated within weeks Dwight D. Eisenhower Operation Overlord

20 The End is Near -__________________Dec. 1944 last German counter-offensive Hitler does not like it, but the Germans are now in __________ -massive bombing raids -___________ wins another term as President ____________, Roosevelt’s VP -Soviet armies pushing into Germany from the east Battle of the Bulge RETREAT Roosevelt Truman

21 V-E Day -____________, Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin, Continue to discuss end of war -Allied forces pushing toward _________ -death camps found and Holocaust is revealed Big 3 Berlin

22 V-E Day -___________ dies and _______ becomes President -What does Hitler now do??? -Russia invades Berlin -Germany surrenders May 1945 Roosevelt Truman

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