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Progression of WWII From Casablanca to the Bulge.

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1 Progression of WWII From Casablanca to the Bulge

2 Do Now: Write 1 Statement and 1 question regarding this map

3 Important Figures Churchill– British Prime Minister Roosevelt– American President Hitler– OK Its obvious Rommel– Commander of North African German Forces Dwight Eisenhower—American--Supreme allied commander Montgomery– British commander in N. Africa Patton– American commander of troops in N. Africa

4 Early Problems German U-Boat in groups of up to 20 (called wolf packs) sank transport ships  7 mil. tons in 16 mo. After Pearl Harbor (Murin) Convoys of transport ships led by navy 175 Ships sunk in June of 1942 alone

5 Countering the Germans New technology like sonar and sub-hunting aircraft countered Cryptography and deciphering ENIGMA (German’s “unbreakable” code)


7 A Plan of Attack Rommel threatening to take Suez The allies decide the weakest point is the underbelly (Italy via Africa)– codename (TORCH)  Boost morale  save lives?  Protect Allied Shipments Dwight Eisenhower strikes a deal with French Admiral and Nazi Sympathizer, Jean Darlan stating that we would support his political aspirations if he stopped resisting allied operations.  De Gaulle and Free French angry



10 Next stop—Italy July 1943--George Patton begins a multi-lateral invasion of the island of Sicily. From Sicily they headed for Rome Mussolini driven out of Govt. (becomes puppet leader in the north)  Italians under the new leadership of King Victor Emmanuel III After some trouble at Anzio beach and Cassino, the Allies finally take Rome and German forces in Italy surrender in April of 1945


12 Meanwhile In the East Hitler invades the rest of Poland and the Soviet Union with 3.6 million troops on June 22, 1941  Many subjects of Stalin welcomed Hitler until the beginning of forced labor and execution Germany quickly surround Leningrad and Moscow. Soviets ask for lend-lease support and then for allied invasion of the west  Gave lend-lease but not invasion which leads to resentment Soviets begin retreat destroying or taking everything that may be of use to the Germans on their way east Finally the Germans are slowed to a halt just outside of Stalingrad

13 Stalingrad A Key Battle—Turning Point in East Germans fire bomb for 2 months in September 1942 Soviets take up positions amongst the rubble The harsh winter coupled with the admirable Soviet efforts finally forced a German retreat In January of 1943—90,000 Germans surrendered 330,000 German and 1.1 million Soviets deaths


15 The RAF and Allied Bombing Campaign The Royal Air Force –“carpet bombing” They barraged the cities of Germany with bombs day and night.  The city of Hamburg was set ablaze

16 Operation Overlord Allies fool Axis into thinking they are going to attack through the channel (Validated this by breaking codes)  Used inflatable tanks and transferred Patton American, Canadian, British, Polish, Dutch, Belgian and French troops amassed in southern England and prepared for an invasion of France D-Day– Just after midnight on June 6, 1944, 4600 ships and landing boats headed across the English Channel to Normandy  Utah Beach—Little resistance (less than 200 dead)  Omaha Beach—Pinned down 2400 Dead  Juno and Gold Beach taken by British and Canadians 1000 bombers pounded the coastal defenses 23000 paratroopers were dropped behind enemy lines



19 Battle of the Bulge --Last ditch effort by Germany to turn tide (The Battle of Ardennes) German offensive to force the allies into a treaty favorable to Germany Secret German plan to divide allied troops and claim major victory (Last-ditch offensive)  Hoping for a peace treaty favorable to Germany  Used Allied tanks and vehicles to lead their panzer divisions causing confusion  The Allies were taken by surprise  America lost more troops than any other single offensive.  Despite the success of the Germans they did not achieve their goals.  Germans were forced to retreat


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