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Baltimore Polytechnic Institute March 31, 2011 U.S. History Mr. Green.

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1 Baltimore Polytechnic Institute March 31, 2011 U.S. History Mr. Green

2 The students will summarize the allies’ plans for winning the war by identifying events in the war in Europe Announcement: Chapter 17 Test Wednesday April 6, 5 paragraph essay due from video Review: Identify the Allies/Axis Powers Drill: Examine the map on page 579 and answer the following: 1. Which countries were neutral in 1942? 2. How did establishing a foothold in North Africa enable the Allies to attack Italy?

3 The U.S. and Britain Join Forces “Now that we are, as you say, ‘in the same boat,’”-What does Churchill mean? War Plans Churchill and FDR agree to make the defeat of Germany top priority Hitler #1 enemy of the U.S. Stalin will become an ally After the defeat of Germany, Britain/Russia will help defeat the Japanese Unconditional surrender

4 Hitler sank 87 ships in the 1 st 4 months of 1942 U.S. employed the convoy system battleships used sonar and planes used radar to spot U-boats Effective in finding/destroying German u-boats Mid 1943, the Battle of the Atlantic turned in favor of the Allies

5 The Battle of Stalingrad Hitler changed course in the Soviet Union 1. take oil rich Caucasus Mountain 2. take Stalingrad on the Volga River Germans bombarded the city Stalin would not pull back Stalin counterattacked in Nov. 1942 and then winter set in Germany started with 330,000 troops and came home with 91,000 Soviet Union lost 1,250,000 soldiers

6 Stalin wanted Britain/U.S. to open a 2 nd front in Europe-not enough men Instead, Operation Torch began in November 1942-107,000 Allied troops Casablanca, Oran, and Algiers chased Afrika Korps-Erwin Rommel Final surrender May 1943

7 “the soft underbelly of the Axis”-Churchill referred to which Axis power? U.S. wanted to go through France, but Churchill thought Italy would be safer Sicily captured in summer 1943 July 25, 1943 King Victor Emmanuel III stripped Mussolini of his power and he was arrested Hitler seized control of Italy and reinstated Mussolini Anzio-4 months, ended May 1944 Support from underground resistance movements Mussolini discovered as a German soldier on April 28, 1945 and subsequently shot and hung the next day

8 D-Day 2 year military buildup for European invasion 3 million troops General Eisenhower wanted to surprise the Axis decided on Normandy peninsula U.S. bombed German supply lines in northern France for a month prior to the invasion June 6, 1944 3 paratrooper division during the night British, American, and Canadian troops largest land, sea, air operation in history Omaha Beach brutal battle Heavy casualties to hold the beachhead

9 Landed a million troops 567,000 tons of supplies 170,000 vehicles July 25, U.S. led bombings at St.-Lo allowed Patton to advance August 25, 1944-Paris, France liberated September 1944-France, Belgium, Luxembourg and most of Holland freed

10 Create timeline of the major events influencing the fighting in Europe and North Africa Write a paragraph describing how any 2 of these events are related.

11 1. Read Chapter 17 Section 3. 2. Chapter 17 Vocabulary due next week 3. Prepare for a Chapter 17.1 and 17.2 quiz later in the week-Thursday or Friday

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