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Allied Victory WWII.

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1 Allied Victory WWII

2 The Big Three Stalin Roosevelt Churchill

3 Stalin’s Plea to the Allies
Relieve German pressure on his armies Open a second front to divide German forces Allies agreed

4 Churchill Angers Stalin
Wanted Britain and U.S. to 1st strike at North Africa and Southern Europe Stalin wanted them to open the 2nd front in France 1st Soviet Union would have to hold their own, but allies would offer supplies

5 Battle of El Alamein Part of North African Campaign October 23, 1942
Massive frontal attack led by “Monty” (General Bernard Montgomery of London) Surprised the Axis Powers By November 4, 1942 Rommel’s army was defeated

6 North African Campaign Generals
Rommel Montgomery

7 Operation Torch November 8, 1942
More than 100,000 Allied troops (mostly Americans) landed in Morocco and Algeria Force was led by American General Dwight D. Eisenhower Rommel found himself caught between Montgomery and Eisenhower’s armies…by May of 1943 his Afrika Korps was crushed

8 Eisenhower

9 Battle for Stalingrad August 23, 1942
Luftwaffe conducted nightly bombing raids that turned the city to rubble Stalin ordered the city be defended to the death November 19, Soviet troops surrounded the Germans and cut off their supplies Hitler ordered the city to be held at all cost

10 Result February 2, 1943 Only 90,000 survived of a force of 330,000 Germans 90,000 frostbitten, half-starved German troops surrendered to the Soviets The Soviet defense of Stalingrad cost them around 1 million troops and the city was destroyed, but Germans were on the defensive

11 Invasion of Italy July 10, 1943 Allied forces landed on Sicily and captured it in about a month Mussolini was stripped of his power

12 Bye Bye Il Duce July 25, 1943 the King Victor Emmanuel III had Mussolini arrested Sept. 3, 1943 Italy surrendered Germans took Northern Italy and put Mussolini back in charge

13 More Italy The Germans retreated to the North
June 4, 1944 The Allies entered Rome Fighting in Italy continued until Germany fell in May 1945

14 More Il Duce  April 27, 1945 Italian Resistance fighters ambushed some German trucks near Milan Inside one of the trucks they found Mussolini disguised as a German soldier They shot him the next day and hung his body in downtown Milan for all to see Chao Duce!!!

15 Assignment With a small news team (anchor(s), writer, producer), write a 60 second news story about one of the events that we just discussed. Be creative and ENTERTAINING!

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