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BUSINESS WIRELESS 2010 Nyári Egyetem. Preface This section intends to : Refresh the key selling points of Unified Switch Reveal the way to fight against.

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1 BUSINESS WIRELESS 2010 Nyári Egyetem

2 Preface This section intends to : Refresh the key selling points of Unified Switch Reveal the way to fight against competition For detailed info, please refer to a product’s sales guide. Competitive analyses which can be found on the PMD server.

3 Agenda Key Selling Feature Refreshing Art of War – Competitor Analysis Success Stories Roadmap

4 Centralized WLAN Solution Becomes Main Stream Revenue from sales of WLAN switches and controllers increased 92% year on year, totalling $572 million (equivalent to 43% of the WLAN market revenue). The business market will continue the gradual shift from the traditional stand-alone WLAN architecture to the newer, centralized one (WLAN switches and controllers managing coordinated access points) in 2007 Shipments of coordinated access points are forecast to account for 71 percent of the total enterprise-class access point shipments by 2010 Source: Infonetics Research, 2007 Source: Gartner, 2006 Market Update Business WLAN

5 Key Selling Feature Refreshment SwitchDWS-3024 / DWS-3024LDWS-3026 H/W Config24-port Gigabit L2+ PoE Unified Switch 24-port Gigabit L2+ PoE Unified Switch and 2 10GE Open Slots NoteAC input with RPS support Access PointDWL-3500AP/DWL-8500AP H/W Config802.11g Indoor Access PointDual band Indoor Access Point NotePoE Capable D-Link Unified Access System Solution Provides: Unified Switching (=Wireless Controller + L2+ Switch) Unified AP Centralized Policy Management Automatic Power/Channel Adjustment Self-Healing Wireless Network Fast L2/L3 Roaming Rogue AP Management Logging for Dynamic RF Status

6 Flexible Deployment Overlay Solution – Wireless Controller Deployment Deploy deeper into existing network infrastructure to protect current investment in network infrastructure

7 Flexible Deployment Unified Solution – Converged Edge Deployment Deploy at the network edge for greatest scalability, and with all the benefits of Unified Switching Full GbE speed for next generation 802.11n

8 Flexible Deployment Adaptable Wireless Wireless traffic can be local-switched at the AP or Central- switched at the Unified Switch depending on users’ needs No need to purchase additional license or upgrade firmware Internet Server Farm Local-Switched (Non-Tunnel Mode) Better performance Central-Switched (Tunnel Mode) Better centralized security control Unified Switch

9 Security can be pre-set and management of AP can be centralized The Profile configuration is applied to a managed AP on the event such as when an AP initially transitions to managed mode, or when AP is reset. Unified Switch will automatically detect all APs attached to the switch When an AP is removed or added, switch automatically configures new AP with same configuration of replaced unit Unified Switch AP-1 AP-2 AP-3 1> AP-3 appear and attached to a Unified Switch port 2> New AP detected!!! APs detected on the network AP-1 AP-2 AP-3 3> Configured AP with the pre-set profile configuration Pre-set Configuration and Centralized Management

10 Central Policy Control Security setting/configuration can be saved even when the AP is powered off. Unified Switch L3-switch L2-switch Access points attached to the network Pre-set profile configuration Content of pre-set profile configuration packet: RADIUS server settings Security settings Radio configuration SSIDs, VLAN & Tunnel setting QoS configuration Pre-set profile configuration Pre-set Configuration and Centralized Management

11 Automatic channel adjustment Unified Switch automatically adjusts channels in the controlled Access Points in an event such as a new AP being added or being removed Unified Switch can be programmed to automatically readjust channels periodically at certain time or upon a certain interval. Unified Switch Channel 36 Channel 40 Channel 44 Channel 48 New AP attached to the network Scan RF area for occupied channel… Select non-interfering channel Channel 44 Appear rogue AP which using channel 44 Experience signal interference, Change channel Channel 52 RF Management

12 Automatic power adjustment Automatically adjust the RF signal to broadcast far enough to reach wireless clients, but not so far that it interferes with RF signals broadcast by other APs When a Managed AP is powered down, the power of its neighboring AP(s) managed by the same switch is immediately increased by 20% (Fail-safe feature). Wireless coverage area Another AP appear on the network Power adjusted to prevent interference The AP is powered down Power increased RF Management & Self-Healing Wireless Network

13 Unified Switch performs load utilization across the switch-managed access points on per radio basis based on AP’s utilization rate. The APs report bandwidth utilization to the Unified Switch regularly If the bandwidth utilization reaches a configured threshold then the new client associations are rejected. The new client will be forced to connect to an overlapped neighbor AP with lower utilization. Unified Switch Default bandwidth utilization: 60% AP-1 AP-2 user4 Utilization rate increased Reach utilization threshold!!! Utilization rate for AP-2: 10% Attempt to connect AP-1 User4 rejected Force to connect to Ap-2 User4 connect to AP-2 Load Utilization

14 Fast Roaming Ideal for VoIP Application Fast L2/L3 Roaming One DWS-3000 switch can support fast roaming across up to 48 APs. This fast roaming can be supported with in a subnet (Layer 2) or across subnet boundaries (Layer 3). Unified Switch AP-1 AP-3 AP-2 Subnet A Subnet B L2 Roaming L3 Roaming

15 Fast Roaming Inter-Switch Roaming 4 Peer Switches in the same Roaming group Not only can D-Link’s DWS-3000 support fast roaming between APs being managed by a particular switch, but can support up to 4 peer Unified Switches in a roaming group. Support up to 192 APs Since each switch can support up to 48 APs, this means up to 192 APs can be supported in a mobility group or domain. L2 or L3 Inter-Switch Roaming

16 Fast Roaming Pre-Shared Keys Fast Roaming No relocating IP Re-auth time is tiny Dynamic Keys (WPA2 Enterprise) Fast Roaming No relocating IP Re-auth time is tiny – the dynamic key - PMK (Pairwise Master Key) can be cached in Switch and forwarded to APs in the same roaming group Management of thousands of users is possible Radius Server PSK PMK 802.1x Auth

17 Enhanced Security Enforcement Rogue AP Management Any AP scanned but not in the switch’s database will be listed as a rogue AP. The administrator can get better control of the environment through knowing rogue APs’ information (MAC, SSID, Channel, etc). Complete Security Features Wireless Managed AP MAC list Wireless Client MAC list WEP (Static/Dynamic) WPA Enterprise/Personal WPA2 Enterprise/Personal Captive Portal Wired ACL 802.1X DoS Control Broadcast Storm Control Port Security Radius / TACACS+

18 Enhanced Security Enforcement Captive Portal Web-based Authentication that provides intuitive, user friendly authentication Forces an HTTP client on the wireless network to see a authentication web page before surfing the Internet

19 Complete Switching Features L2 IGMP Snooping 8021.D/802.1w/802.1s Spanning Tree 802.3ad Link Aggregation Port mirroring 802.1Q VLAN GVRP L3 Floating Static Route VLAN Routing VRRP QoS 802.1p DSCP CoS based on: Switch Port/VLAN/TCP UDP port/TOS/MAC/IP Bandwidth Control Security ACL 802.1X DoS Control Port Security Management DHCP Server Etc…

20 D-Link Unified Access System includes a set of comprehensive management functions for managing and monitoring the WLAN by using one of the three methods provided Web-based management interface Command-Line Interface (CLI) The command-line interface (CLI) is a text-based way to manage and monitor the system. CLI can be accessed by using a direct serial connection or by using a remote logical connection with Telnet or SSH. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) The D-Link Unified Switch uses both standard public MIBs for standard functionality as well as a number of additional private MIBs for additional functionality supported by the switch. Comprehensive Network Management

21 Shows summary information about managed, failed, and rogue access points the switch has discovered or detected. The font color for the AP listing indicates that the AP is one of the following types: Green—Managed AP Red—Failed AP Gray—Rogue AP Amber—Peer Managed AP Monitoring All Access Points

22 Provides a variety of information about each AP that the switch manages. Status tab provides configuration and association information about managed APs and their neighbors. Statistics tab displays information about the number of packets and bytes transmitted and received on different interfaces. Monitoring All Access Points

23 Shows a variety of information about the wireless clients that are associated with the APs the switch manages. Monitoring Associated Clients Authenticated Client info can be logged by SNMP Trap or Syslog.

24 View and manage wireless clients that are connected to the WLAN through an ad hoc network. Monitoring and Managing Ad-Hoc Clients

25 The diagram below shows an example of a floor plan and network with a D-Link Unified Switch that manages two APs. The graph also shows a peer switch and a rogue AP in the network. Network monitoring – WLAN Visualization

26 SNMP Traps Client State Change Traps Client Association Detected Client Disassociation Detected Client Roam Detected

27 Access Points that operate with or without Unified Switch Can work in both Standalone mode and Managed mode Provides migration ability and deployment flexibility Switching between Standalone & Managed mode does not need firmware upgrade Wireless AG access point Up to 108 Mbps PoE support Dual high gain antennas WMM for QoS Connect directly to Unified Switch or indirectly through LAN switch DWL-3500AP Wireless G access point Up to 108Mbps wireless speed PoE support Dual 5dBi gain antennas WMM for QoS Connect directly to Unified Switch or indirectly through LAN switch DWL-8500AP Unified Access Point Overview

28 Standalone Mode Independent access point (Decentralized management) Suitable for small scope network Manually set up the configuration. For example: SSID User authentication Power level QoS etc Layer 2 switch Manual set up configuration Standalone mode UAP Ethernet LAN Modes in Unified Access point

29 Managed Mode Managed/ controlled by the Unified Switch Centralized management with all extra benefits from Unified Switch Automatically received the configuration from Unified Switch Suitable for large scope network Layer 2 switch Managed mode UAP Ethernet LAN Unified Switch Managed mode UAP No Manual Configuration for each AP Centralized AP profile dispatch Centralized security policy enforcement Centralized wired/wireless VLAN/QoS/ACL control Auto Power/Channel adjustment AP Self healing & Fail-over Fast Roaming Instead Managed mode UAP Standalone mode UAP Large network deployment using managed mode UAP Modes in Unified Access point Page is Animated

30 Agenda Key Selling Feature Refreshing Art of War – Competitor Analysis Success Stories Roadmap

31 Product Positioning The market is differenced into three segments SMB ( 3Com, Netgear) Mid-to-Large size enterprise/Campus Network (3Com, Aruba, Cisco) Telco (Aruba, Cisco) D-Link’s solution for SMB market DES-1228P + DWL-3140AP + WLAN management utility Providing a easy-to-use, affordable centralized wireless deployment solution. DWS-3000L Unified Wired & Wireless Access System D-Link’s solution for Mid-large enterprises and campus networks DWS-3000 Unified Wired & Wireless Access System Enhanced security Better manageability Rogue AP mitigation Unified AP option Helio will be next generation Unified Switch

32 SMB Mid-Large Enterprise Telecom Product Positioning DES-1228P+3140AP 24APs DWS-3024L 24APs DWS-3024 DWS-3026 48APs Helio 48+ APs WFS709TP 16APs WX4400 24-120APs WX2200 24-120APs WX2200 12APs In Development Unified Switch 24APs WXR100 3APs MC-200 6APs MC-800 16APs MC-2400 48APs MC-3000 128APs MC-6000 2048APs Cisco 526 Mobility Controller 6APs Cisco 2100 6APs Cisco 4402 12-50APs Cisco 4404 100APs Catalyst 6500 WiSM 300APs

33 Competitive Analysis – Gigabit wireless controller/switch Prospect for D-Link Unified Switch Product P e r f o r m a n c e Strength Weakness More Advanced Security - VPN/Firewall Proprietary features RF Attack Mitigation Location tracking Thin APs only Weak L2/L3 feature Less no. of VLANs Lower Switching Capacity Ring Master Management Tool Third Party AP Support RF Attack Mitigation Individual User Groups No embedded Network Visualization (RFMaps) Lower Switching Capacity P r i c e 3Com WX4400 Current Wireless Controller don’t have Unified Switching capability Aruba 2400 D-Link DWS-3000 3Com Unified Gigabit Switch No L3 roaming Weak L2/L3 feature No Peer Switching No embedded No Network Visualization Lower Switching Capacity DWS-3024L or DES-1228P + WLAN Manager will be the match Third party AP support RF Attack Mitigation Weak L2/L3 feature Less no. of VLANs Lower Switching Capacity Cisco 4400

34 Cisco Model D-Link DWS-3024 Cisco 4402 Mobility Controller Cisco 4404 Mobility Controller Switching Capacity 48G4G8G Interface24 GE PoE Ports2 GE Ports4 GE Ports # of AP Supported 4812, 25, 50100 Tunnel ProtocolIP-IP TunnelLWAPP Price $ 6,299* $ 13,213 $ 24,734 * Price is MSRP (Manufacture Suggested Retail Price)

35 Cisco Strategic Focus Besides Mobility Controllers (4400, 2100) – Switches (3750, 6500) and ISR (Integrated Services Router) series can be upgraded to have wireless controller ability Fat APs can be upgraded to Thin APs Unified 11n AP (Aironet 1250)

36 Cisco Technical Basics Control packets between AP & Controller are sent thru LWAPP Tunnel Wireless traffics MUST be forwarded to Controller for decryption Controllers share client information by EoIP tunnel in order to support roaming EoIP (Ethernet over IP) Control Packets Wireless Traffic Encrypt Decrypt Encrypt

37 Cisco Issues Controller/LWAPP architecture is not scalable, especially when under intensive throughput or remote AP applications To resolve this problem, Cisco has REAP (Remote Edge AP) and H-REAP (Hybrid REAP) REAP or H-REAP support Local-Switched. Wireless traffics do not go back to the Controller. But… REAP & H-REAP are only supported by few selected AP models Extra license fee and fw upgrade are needed for REAP & H-REAP Only ONE VLAN is supported for wireless traffic on REAP! H-REAP does not support WPA2 fast Roaming! H-REAP does not support client load balancing! H-REAP does not support Station Isolation (WLAN partition)! 4402 and 4404 Controllers are not future-proofing With 4G and 8G switching separately. Sufficient for 50 and 100 11a/b/g APs. The switching power will not satisfy 11n AP’s needs! New 1250 11n AP does not support REAP or H-REAP!

38 Cisco Issues D-Link’s solution is scalable, flexible, and future-proofing AP supports Adaptable Wireless: Local-switched (VLAN forwarding mode) and Central-switched (L3 Tunneling mode) without extra license fee and fw upgrade With 24 GE ports, 24G switching power, and Adaptable Wireless support, suitable for future 11n AP upgrade Cisco’s Unified AP is actually fw upgrade to standalone AP with extra charge D-Link’s Unified AP provides maximized flexibility Unified AP is supported in one single fw, and can operate between standalone and managed mode without fw change and extra fee, providing maximized flexibility.

39 Aruba Model D-Link DWS-3024 Aruba MC-2400 Aruba MMC-3200 Aruba MMC-3400 Aruba MMC-3600 Switching Capacity 24Gbps 400Mbps (3DES,AESCBC256) 400Mbps (AES-CCM) 1.6Gbps (3DES,AESCBC256) 800Mbps (AES-CCM) 4Gbps (3DES,AESCBC256) 2Gbps (AES-CCM) 8Gbps (3DES,AESCBC256) 4Gbps (AES-CCM) Interface24 GE PoE 24 FE 2 SFP 4 GE Ports or 4 SFP (Combo) # of AP Supported 48 3264128 # of Remote AP Supported 48 128256512 Tunnel Protocol IP-IP TunnelGRE Tunnel

40 Aruba Strategic Focus Follow-me Security Identity-based security Centralized security & voice add-on modules Voice services Policy enforcement firewall Wireless intrusion protection VPN server External services interface xSec All with expensive extra fees Large supported AP number, good for very large deployment (>500 APs)

41 All the wireless traffic must be tunneled back before heading for the destination Marketing focus Central traffic management Truly Secure – Encrypted traffic from Client to Controller L2 or L3 Network 802.11 packets on GRE Tunnel Aruba Issues Technical Basics

42 Aruba Issues Central-switched architecture is not scalable Remote AP is introduced to avoid this problem, but… Only few selected models (60, 61, 70AP) support Remote AP Extra fee, fw upgrade, no flexibility Aruba Controllers are not future-proofing 11n sales pitch: ( Even with 11n AP, same amount of users will generate same amount of wireless traffic If possible, add a slave Controller at the edge Suggested to deploy 11n AP only at the location that needs more bandwidth Low throughput ports (MC-2400: 24FE + 2SFP) Current Mobility Controllers definitely will not handle 11n traffic! Does not protect customer’s investment

43 Aruba Issues Add-on security modules are selling points. But do customers need them? Is encrypted traffic all the way from client to the controller truly secure? Wireless – Encrypted by wireless protocols Wired - Most of the enterprises do not encrypt wired traffic. When they need it, they have VPN gears Cisco discontinues selling VPN module on Mobility Controllers due to low demand All modules with extra cost Good for large enterprises, but large enterprises usually already had other best-of-breed solutions! No Unified AP D-Link provides scalable, future-proofing, and cost effective solution!

44 3Com Wireless Controllers Model D-Link DWS-3024 3Com WX2200 Trapeze MX-200 3Com WX4400 Trapeze MX-400 Switching Capacity48G2.0G3.6G Interface24 GE PoE Ports2 Gigabit SFP ports4 GE Combo ports # of AP Supported4824- 120 Price with 24 AP $ 7,727$ 10,757 Price (with 48 AP) $ 6,299* $ 9,430 $ 12,126 Price (with 72 AP) $ 11,272 $ 13,881 Price (with 96 AP) $ 12,948 $ 15,788 Price (with 120 AP) $ 14,706 $ 17,560 * Price is MSRP (Manufacture Suggested Retail Price)

45 3Com Wireless Controllers Strength Smart Mobile – Wireless traffic local-switched at the AP or central-switched at the Controller Weakness Low switching capacity, not good for Central-Switched architecture. Not future-proofing for 11n application No Unified AP Less L2/L3 features The QoS is only by AP (WMM). Switch does not support QoS With 24 GE PoE ports, D-Link provides flexibility for deploying the solution as edge switch or overlay unit D-Link’s Unified AP provides maximum flexibility

46 3Com Unified Switch Model D-Link DWS-3024L 3Com Unified Switch Switching Capacity48G25.8G Interface 24 GE PoE Ports 24GE 4 Combo SFP # of AP Supported24 SSID per Radio84 L2 RoamingYes L3 RoamingYesNo Inter-switch Roaming Yes No Self-Healing RFYesNo RoutingYesNo Visualized ToolYesNo Price $ 1,913 3Com Unified Switch is OEM from Nexthop A software solution. L3 Roaming is not supported (L3 Roaming needs chipset support) No Inter-switch Roaming Lack of many important features

47 Netgear Strength Good wireless features inherited from Aruba Good VoIP support Firewall support Weakness Tunneled mode only Low throughput number Impossible for 11n upgrade No Unified AP Lack of L2 switch features Netgear WFS709TP is OEM from Aruba (MC-800) Model Name D-Link DWS-3024L Netgear WFS709TP Interface 24GE PoE Ports 8 FE PoE Ports 1 GE Port Switching Capacity48Gbps 1 Gbps Encrypted throughput (3DES & AES-CCM): 200 Mbps Max. AP per switch2416 L2/L3 RoamingYes Central-Switched (Tunnel mode) Yes Local-Switched (Non- Tunnel mode) YesNo Switch features: MSTP/RSTP, Port Mirroring, ACL, CoS, MAC VLAN, DoS Prevention, Bandwidth Control YesNo Price$ 2,099

48 Agenda Key Selling Feature Refreshing Art of War – Competitor Analysis Success Stories Roadmap

49 Success Stories - Germany Customer: Lankwitzer Premium Coatings group DWS-3024 DWL-8500AP x 24 WLAN construction for a new building WiFi Phone Fast Roaming Auto RF Channel & Power Adjustment

50 Success Stories - Dubai Customer Requirement To provide seamless wireless coverage to over 600 wireless users in school. The SolutionClustering 3 x DWS-3026 wireless Switches for easy management and centralized security features CompetitorsAruba & traditional wireless solution ImplementationSite survey covering 5 blocks of the campus to determine the AP requirement based on wireless signal strength requirement and load per class rooms Equipment used DWS-3026 x 3 Units DWL-3500 x 58 Units DWL-8500 x 2 units DES-3828P x 1 unit Project’s NameManaged wireless Network Customer’s NameAmerican School in Dubai (ASD) Country/RegionDubai, United Arab Emirates Vertical MarketEducatión

51 Success Stories - Malaysia Customer: CONCORDE Hotel : 22 hotels in 8 countries D-Link Malaysia won the project against 3Com D-Link Malaysia won the project because of the following reasons: Arrange equipment loan to Concorde Hotel to verify key features which allow the hotel management to gain confidence in the product Willingness to work with client to understand their requirement and recommend the needed solution to the client Solution recommended was better and less costly then competitor Able to deliver and setup the solution in the time frame required by the client D-Link local office provides a local presence and assurance to the client Support for the customer with onsite site survey, AP planning and technical training for the costumer Solution Details ModelQtyMain Features/Functions that users look for DWL-3500AP95Deploy 5 Wireless AP/Floor in common area. DWS-30242Wireless AP management and security with auto channel and RF management

52 Success Stories - Taiwan Internet Inventory back-end System PCHome Online Shop Firewall Wireless PDA scans Incoming stocks into inventory Wireless PDA scans shipping stocks PCHome On-line Store DWS-3024x1, DWL-3500x22

53 Success Stories - Taiwan Nan-Jeon Institute of Technology DWS-3024 x 4, DWL-3500AP x 153 Inter-switch Roaming, Captive Portal

54 Success Stories - India Café Coffee Day – DWS-3024 x 1 DWL-3500AP x 45 American School – DWS-3024 x 3 DWL-3500AP x 60 ICICI Bank – DWS-3024 x 2 DWL 3500AP x 40 Pilot Project – Replication in all branches

55 Agenda Key Selling Feature Refreshing Art of War – Competitor Analysis Success Stories Roadmap

56 Product Support Status Major Feature Enhancements in R2.1 Unified AP Captive Portal Hassle-free L3 Tunnel Deployment (PMTU Support) Reset Button Station Isolation Antenna Diversity Configurability Showing progress status bar when upgrading the APs Major Problems Fixed The APs become "Connection Failed Access Points" occasionally. Wireless clients can not access AP after the AP starts up for several days. The DHCP packets are dropped by the AP occasionally. In the presence of high amounts of traffic the user experiences high ping loss rate. The AP throughput is low.

57 SMB Mid-Large Enterprise Q3 / 2008Q2 / 2008Q4 / 2008 Q1 / 2009 DWS-3024/3026 24 10/100/1000M with PoE/ + 2 10G DWL-8500AP 802.11 a+b/g with PoE Plenum Chassis DWL-3500AP 802.11 b/g with PoE Plenum Chassis Available In Development In Plan DES-1228P 24 10/100M with PoE DWL-3140AP with PoE 802.11 b/g with PoE Smart II Switch with WLAN management Smart WLAN Manager DWL-8600AP 802.11n AP ab/g/n with PoE Plenum Chassis DWS-4026 (Helio) Support 48+ APs More Peer Switches Clustering CAPWAP Tunneling WIDS Support only DWL-8600AP - Unified AP - 802.11e UAPSD - L2-L4 ACL support - Rate-limiting - Cluster Management - Support for Centralized 802.1x Authentication Roadmap Unified Switch DWS-3024L 24 10/100/1000M with PoE/ + 2 10G

58 DWS-4026 (Helio) Unified Switch Support only DWL-8600AP (11n Unified AP) Scalability Up to 64 managed APs per switch Up to 8 peer switches, 256 managed APs in a roaming group Up to 8000 clients in a mobility domain Up to 256 clients per radio Key Features Auto-Power / Auto-Channel Customizable Captive Portal Wireless IDS CAPWAP/UDP & IP-IP Tunneling Options Single Point Management Centralized WPA/WPA2 account Management

59 DWL-8600AP Key Features Concurrent 11a/b/g/n Radio Up to 16 VAP per radio Up to 256 Clients per radio CAPWAP Tunneling Spanning Tree Dynamic VLAN (64 VLANs) L2-L4 ACL Rate-limiting, DiffServ

60 Edge Distribution Core Cluster Controller Policy Enforcement & Data Forwarding Controller/Overlay Deployment Centralized Forwarding WLAN Switch/Controller Policy Enforcement and Roaming handled at the WLAN Switch Centralized Tunnels created from APs back to WLAN Switch Cluster Controller resides deeper in network performs Auto-RF, IDS/IPS and other WLAN Management functions

61 Unified Deployment Centralized Forwarding Edge Distribution Core Unified Deployment Policy Enforcement and Roaming handled at the edge of the network CAPWAP Tunnels at edge of Network for centralized forwarding One of Unified Edge Switches elected as Cluster Controller for single point of management Cluster Controller Policy Enforcement & Data Forwarding (CAPWAP Tunnels)

62 Edge Distribution Core WLAN Switch/Controller Policy Enforcement and Roaming handled at the edge of the network (in APs) AP-AP Tunnels at edge of Network for distributed forwarding Cluster Controller resides deeper in network performs Auto-RF, IDS/IPS and other WLAN Management functions Cluster Controller Policy Enforcement & Data Forwarding (AP-AP tunnels) Controller/Overlay Deployment Distributed Forwarding

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