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Motorola RFS4000 : Integrated Services Controller Smart Networking for the SMART Branch.

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1 Motorola RFS4000 : Integrated Services Controller Smart Networking for the SMART Branch

2 Agenda Product Overview Hardware Interfaces Software Features Wireless Switch Product Family Overview Competitive Overview Availability Information

3 Challenges for a Distributed Organization Remote Facility Access anywhere HQ-grade Always-on Simple Corporate IT Making it work Service levels Moves, adds, changes Costs Technology evolution Workload –5 day workweek How do we remove the hassle to quickly deploy, manage and maintain fast, secure, reliable and agile wireless networks?

4 RFS4000: Wireless Switch Wireless Services SMART RF Wireless Firewall Wireless IDS/IPS Mesh Secure Networking and Services Onboard DHCP Server Onboard AAA Server Site-to-Site & Remote VPN Gateway Secure Guest Access Locationing VoWLAN Video Services Dual Band Dual Radio n Access Point Concurrent access/mesh in 2.4 and 5GHz Concurrent Access and 24*7 IPS sensor Q Wired Services Integrated PoE + Switching Wired Firewall Wired Rogue Detection 802.1q VLAN Trunking WAN Connectivity RFS4000

5 RFS4000 – Next Generation n Wireless Switch Application Gateway for the SMB Security Services Device Management Secure Guest Access Device File Storage System - /Voice Mail Storage On the roadmap: VoWLAN Services: FMC Gateway, IP PBX Video Services: Conferencing, Surveillance; Hotspot billing Multi - Mode Operation: Integrated Services Controller Integrated Wired/Wireless: Switch with 5 GigE PoE+ ports Services: Built-in IDS/IPS, 3G backhaul Access: Adopts AP300s, Adaptive AP-5131/ AP-7131 Enterprise n “Branch-in-a-Box” Networking Services, L2-7 Stateful Firewall, AAA, DHCP and 24*7 Security and 3G WAN Backhaul - integrated solution for SMB and Enterprise Branch edge gateway applications. Ease-of Installation and Use Wi-NG OS: Intuitive User Interface for configuration management and network set up Phenomenal TCO Lowest Capex and Opex for a n offering in the SME/SMB market space RFS WR

6 RFS4000: Hardware Feature 5 X PoE+ GigE LAN Ports with 90W power budget; Can power up 5 dual radio AP-7131 or 3 tri-radios AP X GiG E WAN port – Cu-Fiber Link Aggregation Enabled – Any LAN port can be used as redundant WAN 1 X RJ 45 Console Access 1 X USB port 1 X Express card slot ( 34mm) RFS4000 Rack-mount kit

7 DSL/T1 RFS4000: Feature & Service Consolidation Internet Ethernet Switch IDS VPN concentrator IP phones Router WLAN controller SMART RF App Server FW AAA Server Management Station IP PBX Centralized Management & Security Monitoring, Remote Troubleshooting Enterprise Network Headquarters/ NOC Reduces Hardware & Maintenance Costs

8 RFS6000 Mid / Large Enterprises Expansion slots for 3G/4G Wireless Backhaul & Voice 2,000 – 20,000 Users 256 x AAPs / Switch 3,072 x AAPs / Cluster RFS7000 Large Enterprises / Campus / NOC 8,000 – 96,000 Users 1,024 x AAPs / Switch 12,288 x AAPs / Cluster Motorola Wireless Switches Performance Scalability Common Software “Wi-NG” WS2000 SME / SMB – a/b/g 200 Users 6 x APs / Switch RFS4000 SME / SMB – a/b/g/n 500-5,000 Users 6 x APs / Switch 72 X APs/ Cluster New

9 Wireless Switch Family FeatureWS2000RFS4000RFS6000RFS7000 Hardware Interfaces GiGE ports6 10/100 ports5X Gig E LAN ports 1 X Gig E WAN Port 8 X Gig E LAN ports 1X Gig E WAN Uplink 4 X Gig E CF cards USB PoE/PoE+4 X PoE ports5 X PoE+ ports8 X PoE+ ports Software Features AP 300 adoption Adaptive AP adoption 6 No Adaptive AP n Support a/b/g only PPPoE; Wired IPS Q Networking : DHCP, AAA, IPSEC VPN, NAT Mesh/Wireless Bridging ClusteringActive: Standby Wired/Wireless FirewallL3 Stateful Firewall only

10 Motorola RFS4000 – Best-in-class SME/SMB solution Feature/Functionality Mot. RFS4000 Series Aruba 650 Cisco 891 Series Cisco 2800 Security: IDS/IPS, Wired/Wireless Firewall, Security with AD sensors Ethernet Switching: 5 PoE+ ports Layer2/Layer 3 Networking Services Integrated Dual Radio Band Unlocked Access Point: 2.4 and 5 GHz Multi-cell deployment & user capacity Services: Locationing, RFID, Secure Guest Access, Mesh High Availability: Clustering, 3G Backhaul Flexibility of Deployment Unified Wired/Wireless Management TCO: Wireless Switch, Ethernet Switch AP, Mesh, Security, Troubleshooting, DHCP, AAA, 3G– All in one! $ $$$ $$$$$$ Excellent Average Good Poor Non Existent

11 Ordering Information SKUDescriptionPricing RFS WR RFS4000 with Wi-NG 4.1 Power Supply Included $ RFS MTKT1U-WR 1 RU Rack Mounting Kit$65.00 Available for bookings Now!!

12 RFS4000 empowering the SMART Branch Deployments are fast & simple Users are always-on & secure Expert support is immediate & effective Its like having an IT expert in every branch* *Reduces TCO (up-to 3X)

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