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D-Link Unified Access Point DWL-2600AP Sales Guide Mar 2012 ISPD.

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1 D-Link Unified Access Point DWL-2600AP Sales Guide Mar 2012 ISPD

2 Agenda Enterprise Wireless Market Update Selling Point Compatible Controller/ Switch & Optional Accessories Unified AP Product Positioning Major Competitor Selling Against Competition Feature Highlight DWL-2600AP/3600AP Comparison Table Standalone/ Managed AP Feature Management Model Supported Matrix

3 Enterprise Wireless Market Update Enterprise WLAN Market Keeps Growing The Enterprise WLAN market in 2012 is expected to grow 20.2% Thin/Unified AP with 802.11n is Main Stream Now With a strong CAGR 44.6%, 11n thin/ unified AP rise dramatically up to 11 million units by Y2015, replace 11 a/g AP in the market. New Standard 802.11ac Show Up in Market by Y2013 Shipments of WLAN Access Points, Enterprise Market, Worldwide, 2006-2015 (Thousands of Units) 2009 (Actual) 2010 (Actual)20112012201320142015 CAGR 2010-2015 Stand-Alone Access Points2,434.32,426.52,168.11,949.21,787.71,660.21,615.6-7.8% 802.11g1,655.81,381.4880.6463.6169.1--- 802.11a/g571.0377.4228.7124.262.4--- 802.11n207.5667.81,058.81,361.41,519.71,584.61,502.017.6% 802.11ac 1 ----36.575.6113.6- Coordinated Access Points2,289.33,118.24,772.06,393.28,128.39,939.711,849.230.6% 802.11a/g 2 1,494.31,352.0960.1392.9---- 802.11n794.91,766.23,811.86,000.38,003.79,599.511,158.244.6% 802.11ac 1 ----124.6340.2691.0- Total4,723.55,544.76,940.18,342.49,915.911,599.913,464.819.4% Shipment Growth-0.1%17.4%25.2%20.2%18.9%17.0%16.1% Note 1: The 802.11ac standard is currently under development stage. IEEE ratification is expected for late 2012. Note 2: 802.11a/g estimates include coordinated access points that support 802.11g only. These represent a small fraction of the overall unit shipments (e.g. 3.0% in 2010 and 3.2% in 2009). Source: Gartner (May 2011)

4 Wireless Control Appliance Market Continuing Growth Upon the growth of thin/unified AP, wireless control appliance rise dramatically with CAGR 20.8%. WLAN Software License is Booming The revenue of WLAN enhancement products is booming with CAGR 29.6%. The majority in this category is software license, which revenue in 2011 is double than its forecast in the report last year shows the market toward “add-on” and “selectable” for wireless management product. Shipments of Enterprise WLAN Equipment, by Product Segment, Worldwide, 2006-2015 2009 (Actual) 2010 (Actual)20112012201320142015 CAGR 2010-2015 By Shipment (Thousands of Units) Coordinated Access Points2,289.33,118.24,772.06,393.28,128.39,939.711,849.230.6% WLAN Controllers115.4134.4168.9209.0251.8299.6345.420.8% By Revenue (Millions of Dollars) Coordinated Access Points$887.9$1,248.5$1,590.8$1,890.9$2,202.7$2,557.7$2,916.518.5% WLAN Controllers$601.8$643.9$740.7$825.0$894.5$977.6$1,059.910.5% WLAN Enhancement Products$130.4$274.3$382.2$504.1$657.0$813.3$1,003.729.6% Source: Gartner (May 2011) Enterprise Wireless Market Update

5 Low Price Impact D-Link DWL-2600AP Netgear WNAP210 MSRP $220 Ruckus ZoneFlex 7343 MSRP $489 HP WA2612 MSRP $442 Meru AP1010i MSRP $395 Netgear WNAP320 MSRP $350 Cisco AIRONET 1040 AIR-LAP1141N-x-K9 MSRP $495 Aruba IAP-93 MSRP $395 The most price-competitive enterprise-class AP The entry-level enterprise single-band AP. Standalone or centrally managed by DWS-4026/DWS-3160/DWC-1000. Picture source: MSRP $125

6 Low-Profile, Eco-Friendly Design Small, Sleek and Simple A single PoE drop, reducing cabling and power source equipment. A sleek, lightweight design hiding omni-directional antenna and ceiling/wall mounting bracket, providing flexible deployment options. It’s simply the best choice for providing WLAN access in dormitories, hotels, classrooms, medical clinics and multitenant environments. Recyclable packaging material, power adapter efficiency reach to level V. Downsized DWL-2600AP

7 Simple, but powerful * The performance varies in the real environment. 54 Mbps 150 Mbps 300 Mbps High speed connectivity 2x2 MIMO with 2 spatial streams, providing up to 300 Mbps data rate. Internal omni-directional antenna provides 360°coverage.

8 Compatibility & Optional Accessories Wireless Controller/ Unified Switch Optional Accessories DWC-1000 Support 6~24 APs per device Support 24~96 APs per peer group DWS-4026 Support 64 APs per device Support 256 APs per peer group DWS-3160 Support 12~48 APs per device Support 48~192 APs per peer group PoE Base Unit

9 Unified N AP Product Positioning * New DWL-2600AP support will be available on FW 4.2.0.X. Feature DWL-2600AP 802.11 n Single Band Price Plenum-rated Housing, 802.11 b/g/n, 802.11e-UAPSD/ WMM-PS, SW QoS, 2x2 MIMO, PoE Plenum-rated Housing, 802.11 b/g/n, 802.11e-UAPSD/ WMM-PS, SW QoS, 2x2 MIMO, PoE 802.11 a/n + 802.11 b/g/n External Antennas 10/100/1000M Ports DWL-3600AP 802.11 n Single Band DWL-6600AP 802.11 n Concurrent Dual Band DWL-8600AP 802.11 n Concurrent Dual Band Dense Environments Price Sensitive Moderate Density Data Transmission High Density High Data Transmission & Multimedia Usage High Density High Data Transmission Selectable Int/Ext Ant.

10 WDS Managed AP CH 36 CH 1 CH 36 UWS Root AP Satellite AP_1 Satellite AP_2 Satellite AP_3 Unique feature on Unified AP managed mode. Delivering Wi-Fi access where Ethernet cabling is not possible. Enabling seamless administration and connection of the entire wireless environment. * New DWL-2600AP it’s an 802.11gn single band AP.

11 AP Clustering Unique feature on Unified AP standalone mode Self-managed APs with configuration auto-synchronization A purpose-built WLAN management tool for SOHO/ small office Easy configuration & management through web GUI Configure the AP Configuration synchronization * APs in a Cluster must be the same AP model. * APs must in the same subnet. * Up to 8 APs in the same AP Clustering group. Admin.

12 Client QoS Control the amount of bandwidth by VAP Prioritize traffic by specific subnet or traffic categories, such as HTTP, FTP, SMTP, etc. Protect network by applying ACL rules 2.4GHz VAP0 VAP1 VAP2 Bandwidth Control by each VAP QoS Control by Policy Map Policy -A Policy -D Policy -B Policy -C 5.0GHz VAP3 VAP4 VAP5 Policy -E Deny or Permit the traffic from/ to certain source Incoming Packets

13 DWL-2600APDWL-3600AP Standard802.11b/g/n Single radio Radio Chains2x2 MIMO, 300 Mbps MSRP$125$310 Dimensions 160mm (L) x 160mm (W) x 45mm (H)203mm (L) x 203mm (W) x 48mm (H) LAN1*10/100 FE1*10/100/1000 GbE FLASH16 MB32 MB Power Powered by either PoE or 12V/1A. PoE 802.3af AC Power Adapter: 12 VDC, 1 A Powered by either PoE or 5V/2.5A. PoE 802.3af AC Power Adapter: 5 VDC, 2.5 A Power ButtonYes (Only for adapter, it won’t affect the power from PoE) N/A Firmware Image Single ImageDual Image Difference Between 2600AP/3600AP

14 Standalone/ Managed AP Feature Stand-Alone ModeManaged Mode Centralized ManagementNoYes Centralized Firmware DispatchNoYes Visualized AP Management ToolNoYes Auto-Power Adjustment if initiate power is not 100% NoYes Dynamic Auto-Channel Selection while system initiate Yes Dynamic Auto-Channel Selection periodically Yes (required enabling self-clustering) Yes Fast RoamingNoYes Captive PortalNoYes Client authentication-free cross APs if client has been passed NoYes WEP/WPA/WPA2 SecurityYes Rogue AP Detection Yes (by saving and importing know AP list in the AP) Yes (by scanning environment APs and classifying APs) Rogue AP MitigationNoYes

15 Stand-Alone ModeManaged Mode WIDSNoYes Station IsolationYes MAC Address FilteringYes AP Load Balancing Setup Yes (utilization, max. # stations) Yes (utilization, max. # stations) WDS*Yes AP ClusteringYesNo QoS/WMMYes View Neighbor AP Info Yes (required enabling self- clustering; SSID, MAC Address, Channel, Rate, Signal, Beacon Interval, Beacon Age) Yes (MAC Address, IP Address, Age, Status, Radio, Channel) Configuration Push Yes (required enabling self- clustering; Event log, Neighboring AP detection, Wireless, NTP, Radio, VAP, MAC Authentication, QoS, SNMP, Channel Management) Yes (AP Profile, Captive Portal) Standalone/ Managed AP Feature * The WDS feature is only available between UAPs. (DWL-8600AP/6600AP/3600AP/2600AP)

16 DWL-2600AP DWL- 3600AP DWL- 6600AP DWL- 8600AP DWL- 3500AP DWL- 8500AP DWC-1000V*VVV(R4) DWS-3160V*VVV(R4) DWS-4026V*VVV(R4) DWS-3024LV(R3)VV DWS-3024V(R3)VV DWS-3026V(R3)VV phase-out models * Firmware 4.2.x.x and later Mgmt Model Supported Matrix


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