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Sales Guide DGS-1100 Series B1 D-Link confidential D-Link HQ, July 2014.

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1 Sales Guide DGS-1100 Series B1 D-Link confidential D-Link HQ, July 2014

2 Outline Gigabit Smart Portfolio Product Overview Target Application Feature Highlight Market Analysis

3 Gigabit Smart Portfolio Feature Price EasySmart DGS-1100 series Smart DGS-1210 series Smart Pro DGS-1510 series Basic Security Web GUI SNMP (B1) Web GUI SNMP (B1) Green 3.0 (B1) ACL IMPB Multilingual Web GUI Compact CLI SNMP Multilingual Web GUI Compact CLI SNMP Green 3.0 ACL IMPB Multilingual Web GUI Full Featured CLI SNMP Static Routing Multilingual Web GUI Full Featured CLI SNMP Static Routing Green 3.0 10G SFP+ Uplink Physical Stacking Console Port

4 DGS-1100 Series/B1 Overview ModelDGS-1100-16DGS-1100-18DGS-1100-24DGS-1100-24PDGS-1100-26 Outlook Port Count16-Ports 10/100/1000Mbps 16-Ports 10/100/1000Mbps + 2- Ports SFP 1000Mbps 24-Ports 10/100/1000Mbps 12-Ports 10/100/1000Mbps PoE + 12-Ports 10/100/1000Mbps 24-Ports 10/100/1000Mbps + 2- Ports SFP 1000Mbps Dimension in Width (Inch) 11” Easy-to-setup & installation via Web GUI and D-Link Network Assistant Utility Cost effective Gigabit connection to lower the CAPEX of Small and Medium business Various selection of port counts, PoE and fiber support

5 DGS-1100 Series Portfolio Port DGS-1100-05 A1 DGS-1100-08 A1 DGS-1100-08P A1 DGS-1100-16 A1 DGS-1100-24 A1 DGS-1100-16 DGS-1100-24 New DGS-1100-18 DGS-1100-26 DGS-1100-24P DGS-1100 v.B1 DGS-1100-05/08/08P A1 will continue DGS-1100-16/24 changes to B1

6 New Models in DGS-1100/B1 DGS-1100-24P is new 24-port model with 12-port PoE support, suitable for the Small Office DGS-1100-18/26 are new fiber uplink models. Allowing long distance connection across the floors or among a campus. DGS-1100-24P Port 1 ~ 12 support 30W (802.3at) Max. 100W PoE budget DGS-1100-18 Administration Building College DGS-1100-26 Fiber

7 Software Enhancement in DGS-1100/B1 FeatureA1B1 L2 Features TrunkingStatic Trunk802.3ad LACP Spanning Treexv Loopback Detectionvv Multicast IGMP Snooping Groups3264 VLAN VLAN Groups3264 Security Strom Controlvv DoS Attack Preventionxv HTTPSxv D-Link Safeguardxv Management Web-based GUIvv SNMPxv InstallationSmartConsole UtilityD-Link Network Assistant LLDPxv Dual Imagexv User Privilege Levels12 Green Power SavingD-Link Green 1.0D-Link Green 3.0

8 Concentrator of Small Office Aggregates all network devices of a small office Web GUI provides non-IT personnel an easy tool for management Loopback Detection to avoid the loop because the user privately error installation SOHO/ SMB Router DGS-1100-24P Printer & Servers Working Area (PC+IP Phone) GE PoE IP Camera & APs Gigabit Ethernet Meeting Room

9 Gigabit SMB/SME Access Cost effective GE switch with essential network management features, help to reduce the TCO of mid-to-large network Support VLAN to comply with the central authorization policy for different user groups DNA and SNMP for easy installation and centralized management. Help to increase the efficiency of IT employees and reduce the OPEX for SMB/SME DGS-1510 DGS-1100 Centralized management Financial User Group Sales User Group SNMP Agent SMB Router & Firewall

10 Easy to Use & Easy to Install The Fuzzy Search, the leading design in the market, allowing users redirect to correct configuration pages quickly New D-Link Network Assistant Utility (DNA) can discover and do initial setup for D-Link SMB devices like switch, access points, storage, etc.... Improving the efficiency on solution installation. Web UIDNA Fuzzy Search

11 Easy Trouble Shooting & Eliminating Loopback Detection is an easier way to prevent Ethernet loops, it can shut down the looped port and recover automatically if the situation was eliminated Cable Diagnostics can verify the cable status and indicate the distance if any problem was found Loop D-Link Loopback Detection Broken/Short Cable Diagnostics

12 Advanced Green Technology Save power and reduce electricity 24 hours a day, 365 days a year System Hibernation Save power when office/network are both closed Time-based PoE Save power when PoE endpoints are not in use 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet Save power when port is not busy Link Status Save power for disconnected ports Port Shut-off Save power when office is closed, but some important ports are remain active LED Shut-off Save power for remote controlled device

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