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Allied Telesyn Wireless LAN Solutions AT-WL2411 Access Point AT-WR2411 Wireless LAN PCMCIA Card.

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1 Allied Telesyn Wireless LAN Solutions AT-WL2411 Access Point AT-WR2411 Wireless LAN PCMCIA Card

2 AT-WL2411 Access Point  10Base-T Ethernet interface  11Mbps, 5.5Mbps, 2Mbps, 1Mbps with automatic fallback for increased range  IEEE 802.11 and 802.1b standards compliant  IP, IPX, Appletalk, NetBEUI, DECnet protocol filters

3 AT-WL2411 Features  High Performance  Wireless Bridging  Wireless Repeating  Enterprise roaming - IP Tunnels

4 High Performance  Filters traffic at full Ethernet speed and forwards traffic at full radio speeds  Flooding and filtering options to keep unnecessary traffic off the airwaves and optimise performance  Broadcast filters to further eliminate traffic

5 Wireless bridging  Two or more AT-WL2411s can be used for wireless bridging  AT-WL2411 can be configured to originate or terminate a bridged-link  AT-WL2411s on both sides of a bridged link can also be configured to simultaneously communicate with end devices

6 Wireless repeating  AT-WL2411 can be configured as a wireless repeater  A wireless repeater has no Ethernet connection  It establishes a wireless communication link to one or more access points that are conneted to an Ethernet LAN  Feature useful to cover areas with no LAN wiring

7 Enterprise roaming  Integrated Network Communications Architecture/Internet Protocol (INCA/IP) is an advanced feature that allows enterprise roaming  End devices can easily roam across network subnets  INCA/IP uses Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) protocol to tunnel information across subnets

8  An IP tunnel allows wireless clients to roam across subnets  Must be originated by the root access point  IP Tunnel filters work the same as Ethernet filters but apply to the IP Tunnel Port. All tunnel traffic is dropped by default Filters must be set in the root access point and the access point at the end of the tunnel IP Tunnels

9  R1.5 Enterprise Software TCP/IP Settings -DHCP Client/Server -NAT Server Network Management Passwords -RADIUS support Upgrading -Internet Software Download -Upgrade Other APs -Diag Upgrade Software Features

10  Intended to provide DHCP server functionality for small installations where no other server is present  Not intended to replace a configurable, full featured DHCP server  The DHCP server can be enabled in each AP. This functionality is not coordinated by the root  You should have only one DHCP server per network Simple DHCP Server

11 Lease duration is always 20 minutes The IP address will be chosen from a range of addresses configured by the user. The subnet mask, default router, and IP broadcast address will contain the same values as configured for the access point If other DHCP servers are on the network, clients will get an address from the first server that responds. When the AP running the DHCP server is rebooted all leases will be renewed with the same IP address. Simple DHCP Server

12  The DHCP Server must be enabled to use NAT  NAT is auto-enabled if the range of DHCP address entered is not on the same subnet as the access point  The lowest range entered in the DHCP address range will be the default router for all NAT clients.  Static NAT IP address can be used.  The AP will replace the MAC address, IP source address and TCP/UDP port with its own. Network Address Translation

13 -NAT does NOT pass ICMP packets. You cannot perform ‘ping functionality’, either to or from the client device. -Can configure a NAT specific subnet mask. This would allow you to use a different mask than the AP. -NAT is a firewall. Therefore Non-NAT devices can not talk to NAT devices. -We have implemented DUMB NAT (similar to some DSL gateways). We do not inspect the frame at the application layer to correct NAT problems. FTP will only work if the client has selected FTP in PASV mode. “PASV mode” forces data connections to be established by the client rather than the server. Network Address Translation

14 Advanced Network Management  Simple Network Management protocol (SNMP)  Web-browser-based manager  Text-based menu system, serial port, or Telnet via RF, serial and Ethernet

15  Radius Definition Remote Authentication Dial In User Services Industry standard for userid/password authentication  Each Access Point can be a Radius Client and/or a Radius Server RADIUS Functionality

16  RADIUS Server User Database containing User Names and Passwords used to authenticate users on radius administered access points Configuration -Enable the Server -Enter the Secret Key -Setup User Names and Passwords of Clients RADIUS Functionality

17  RADIUS Client Enabling the radius client disables all user names and passwords set in the access point. If you do not have a radius server and you enable the radius client you are ‘locked out’ of the access point. Configuration -Enable the Client -Enter the IP address of the Server -Enter the Secret Key of the Server RADIUS Functionality

18 Download the newest AP software from the ATI web site. Point your browser to the downloaded file. Upgrade your access point. Software Upgrade

19 Allied Telesyn S/W download

20 Security Features  WEP  Types of WEP Encryption

21 Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)  Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) can be enabled in the AT-WL2411 and AT-WR2411 PCMCIA cards  Enabling WEP provides a high degree of encryption protection and prevents unauthorised users from gaining access to the network

22  Types of WEP Encryption WEP64 -ASCII – 5 Characters 12345 -HEX – 10 Characters preceded by ‘0x’ 0x0102030405 WEP128 -ASCII – 13 Characters 1234567890123 -HEX – 26 Characters preceded by ‘0x’ 0x12345678901234567890123456 WEP Encryption

23 AT-WL2411 wireless LAN PCMCIA Card  Based on standards: 802.11b specification  high performance solution for computers with a PCMCIA type II slot  supports both 40-bit and 128-bit WEP security  no througput degradation is experienced when this support is enabled

24 Benefits Summary  Wireless access anywhere in the enterprise  Connection distances of 500 feet and more  Advanced Security  High end management  Ligthweight (less than 8 ounces) and low cost  designed for easy integration into office environments  Access point AT-WL2411 automatically tracks and connects roaming clients without the cost and complexity of a dedicated mobile IP server or additional hubs and cabling  fully integrated IP tunneling  Industry-standard technologies for seamless integration

25 AT-WL2411 Access points competitive matrix

26 Allied Telesyn vs competitors  Measured access to 500 feet. The only other PCMCIA with this type of performance was Cisco  128-bit WEP with no throughput degradation. D-Link only supports 40-bit WEP. Other solutions suffered performance limitations with WEP enabled

27 Allied Telesyn vs competitors  Allied Telesyn’s wireless products provide the customer with the highest performance available in the wireless marketplace today, at a lower price

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