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CPA Student Recruitment & Networking Event Cork 13 th May 2010.

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1 CPA Student Recruitment & Networking Event Cork 13 th May 2010

2 Introductions Aoife Heffernan CPA Projects Recruiter Premier Group Niamh McCarthy Senior Consutlant, Premier Financial Recruitment

3 Objective of Today Introduction to Premier CV Preparation The Interview –Interview Preparation –Interview Tips –Common Questions asked in Interviews –Questions you can ask Career Progression through Networking –LinkedIn Current Market Overview

4 Premier (general introduction) PREMIER IS IRELANDS LARGEST FINANCIAL RECRUITMENT SPECIALIST  Established in 1988 we deliver permanent, temporary, interim and contract finance recruitment solutions to a broad range of employers, from leading global organisations to local small and medium sized firms  We are a specialist recruitment consultancy and work across four sectors; -Banking & Financial Services -Commerce & Industry -Professional Services -Public Sector & Not-For-Profit  Premier has become synonymous with exceptional levels of service and an in-depth knowledge of our markets

5 Specialist brands

6 A network of offices across Ireland ensures Premier Group’s specialist divisions have unrivalled local knowledge. We deliver contingent and retained recruitment solutions for permanent, temporary, interim and contract roles in: Finance - Premier IT - Verkom Technical - Brunel Office Support – la crème WHEREVER THEY ARE BASED, OUR CONSULTANTS HAVE IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO THE BEST PROFESSIONALS AVAILABE Premier Group Irish office network

7 Premier Group international office network WORLDWIDE SPECIALISATIONS SUPPORTED BY LOCAL KNOWLEDGE IRELAND UK NETHERLANDS DUBAI JAPAN HONG KONG SINGAPORE AUSTRALIA Premier Group has an international network of 24 offices spanning eight countries. We are strategically located in key financial and business centres, as well as regionally within specific countries.

8 CV Preparation The Reality is : “ A good CV in itself cannot get you a job, but a bad CV can prevent you from getting an interview”

9 CV Preparation Employers screen CV’s – very quickly Make sure that everything on your CV is explicitly relevant to the job No one layout for a CV Clarity and easy to read Most Important information on top

10 CV Layout - Do’s and Don’ts Do’s Prepare CV Chronologically  Name & Personal Details  including mobile number and e-mail address  Educations & Work Experience  List both academic and non - academic qualification in chronological order, giving grades  Recent jobs first & work back words  Ensure you give a brief outline of the company you worked with which will help give more relevance to the experience you’ve gained

11 CV Layout – Do’s and Don’ts Do’s Career Objectives –Tailor for a specific role that you are applying for Keep it Simple –Bullet points where possible & keep paragraphs short –Preferably no longer than 4/5 lines Language –Use Plain English

12 CV Layout – Do’s and Don’ts Do’s Presentation –Use Standard A 4 Paper and include a brief customised letter with the CV –Use Spell check to ensure your document is error free –Keep the look simple and make your points clear  References –Include a line stating that references are available upon request

13 CV Layout – Do’s and Don’ts Don’ts Don’t - include date the CV was prepared –It shortens the life of a CV and will appear out of date Don’t - include anything you are not able to talk about at interview Don’t leave any gaps on CV –account for any breaks in your work history Don’t Lie – you will be found out

14 CV Layout Do’s and Don’ts Don’ts No Professional Jargon and acronyms that other people might not understand Length of CV –No more than 2 Pages for a graduate or 4 pages for a senior applicant Don’t use fancy fonts, coloured paper & graphics

15 CV Layout – Do’s and Don’ts Before sending out your CV Check and Double check –Check content is relevant to reader or business –Check for grammar and spelling errors –Check to ensure it is a clear representation of you

16 CV Layout – The Golden Rules Positive Language Action Verbs Include results/achievements Do not include photos, references or copies of qualifications Space out Contents No Clutter

17 The Interview The Reality is : “ The interview is the only opportunity you may have of making a first and lasting impression” Remember an interview is also an opportunity for a prospective employer to sell their company and the role to you So relax and be confident!

18 The Interview What Employers Look for Results Driven People Team Players – Relationships Communicators Self managers Positive personal Qualities Technical Skills Business Skills/IT Skills

19 The Interview – Interview Preparation Preparation is Key Read the job spec and research the company Read and know your CV and highlight the areas which most relate to the role you are applying for Know where you are going, who you are meeting and arrive on time! Be prepared to meet more than one interviewer Present yourself in a Professional Manner with good hygiene

20 The Interview – Interview Tips In the Interview Firm Handshake / Keep eye contact Be clear on your reasons for wanting the role & working for the company Sell yourself into the job Answer the questions you are asked, do not digress Have examples to back up your answers Be positive, enthusiastic and energetic. Don’t fidget Talk about your sports and hobbies Don’t be afraid to ask questions

21 The Interview – Common Questions asked Be Prepared for Competency based style of interviewing –Strengths / weaknesses? –Communicator/ Negotiator –Team Work? –Time Management? –Working under Pressure Remember STAR –Situation –Task –Action –Result

22 The Interview – Common Questions Asked Adaptability Tell me about a time you changed your priorities to meets others expectations Communications Give an example of a difficult or sensitive situation that required extensive communication? Problem solving and Judgement Tell me about a time when you has to identify the underlying causes to a problem

23 The Interview – Common Questions Asked Other Types of Interview Questions Behavioural – Scenario question to establish behaviour patterns, e.g case study & Role Plays Technical - Demonstrate level of technical ability though out work experience

24 The Interview – Questions you can Ask What are the companies plans for the future? Ask about the working environment/company culture/ company benefits Team structure and environment? What are your prospects for progression with in the company? Will the company offer study assistance/ study leave?

25 The Interview Closing the Interview Thanks the Interviewers for their time If you are interested in the role – say so! Don’t lose the job whilst walking to the lift!


27 Career Progression through Networking Most people spend 95% of their time focussing on the 20% of jobs that are advertised How employers hire Internal promotion / lateral move ↓ Internal staff contacts / referrals ↓ Networking / word of mouth ↓ Professional organisations ↓ Recruitment companies ↓ Advertisements / websites

28 Career Progression through Networking Rules for good Networking Be open Be prepared Treat everyone as equals Commit Be courteous Circulate Remember these tips: When the conversation lulls, move on: -“Excuse me, there’s someone I need to meet” -Tell them it was nice to meet them and move on If you run into someone you have already met and you can’t remember their name, simply say “hello again, remind me of your name” and remind them of your name

29 Career Progression Through Networking Building your network  Chamber of Commerce  Fellow CPA students  Current and Ex work colleagues  Community groups  Lecturers, college groups  Friends, friends of friends, neighbours  Current and Ex clients  Current and Ex suppliers


31 Creative job searching -A job seeker sent his CV and a SHOE with a cover note saying he wanted to “get his foot in the door” -A candidate handing out CV’s at traffic lights -Washing cars in the company car park -A sit in, in reception demanding an interview -Sending a cake designed as a business card with contact details, picture of the candidate, etc -Handing out coffee cups with the candidates mini CV on it -Going to the same barber as the company chairman and having the barber put in a good word for the candidate

32 On a lamppost on and Grafton Street; Dublin 2

33 Financial Employment Trends Strong -Qualified Accountants -Business Analysts -System Accountants/Analysts -Fund Accountants/ Financial Services -Trainee Accountants, Large Practice -SSC Weak -Hi Volume-Low Margin Manufacturing -Indigenous Businesses/SME -Small/Medium Practice


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