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CV and Interview Skills Workshop 2006 Nicola Cliff & Stephanie Hallsworth Citigroup Graduate Recruitment.

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1 CV and Interview Skills Workshop 2006 Nicola Cliff & Stephanie Hallsworth Citigroup Graduate Recruitment

2 Agenda  CV  Format and Tips  Practice Group Exercise  Interviews  Competencies  Structure  Preparation and Practice  Questions

3 Curriculum Vitae  What is a CV? – lit. record of life  Purpose  Marketing tool – well presented and clearly structured  Presents your qualifications, skills and attributes  Balanced view of academic, personal and social achievements  Demonstrates your suitability for a job  Guide to your future aspirations

4 CV Format  Personal Details  Name, address, contact details  Education  Highlight achievements/ results  Work Experience  Dates, name of company  Summary of experience (skills and achievements)  Skills  Technical  Hobbies & Interests

5 CV – Tips  Have a clear and ordered structure  Make sure you have included your main achievements and skills  Maximum 2 pages  Get your family and friends to review it  Spell check!

6 Group Exercise - Deserted in the Desert Work in groups Each group will have 1 assessors observing your discussion You will have 10 minutes to discuss and decide on the five items you wish to keep – this will be timed! You will be asked to present your decision to the assessors and may be asked to explain your decision. Once the exercise has begun you will not be able to ask any questions or involve the assessors in your discussions

7 Interviews  What is an interview?  Normally 1:1  Two-way process  Normally based on CV or focussed on behaviours/skills or competencies

8 Interviews  CV based  Education, Work Experience, Projects  Skills and Achievements  Skills/Competency based  Technical skills (e.g. PC skills)  Behavioural skills - competencies

9 Competency based selection  What is a competency? “an underlying characteristic of a person which results in effective and / or superior performance in a job” Boyatzis 1982  Competency descriptions e.g. teamwork: “working effectively within team/work group or those outside of the formal line of authority e.g. peers, senior managers, to accomplish goals through supporting others and sharing information”  Competency questions e.g. “Tell me about a time where you worked as part of a team? What was your role and how did the team perform?”

10 Skills & Competencies  Drive and determination  Flexibility and adaptability  Planning & organisation  Initiative & pro-activity  Teamwork  Decision making & judgement  Career focus  Influencing & persuading

11 Interview Structure  Competency based interviews typically follow the structure below using the STAR technique  Follow the structure outlined below:  Explain the Situation  Explain the Task  Describe your Actions  Explain the Result  Apply this to all your examples – i.e. projects / achievements / work experience

12 Interview Preparation  Think through what competencies the company may be focussing on – read the literature and websites for clues.  Think about projects and work experience that you can talk about.  Use the STAR technique when practising.  Don’t prepare scripted answers as they can sound like they are made up – skilled interviewers can identify this.  Use concrete examples rather than hypothetical answers.  Practice talking about your experiences with a friend.  Research the company.

13 Exercise – Interview Question  Work in groups  Each group is given a question. Each member of the group should put forward an example they would use in this situation to the others. The example should demonstrate the behaviour/skill.  Each group should work together to read out their examples to learn about which skills the answers demonstrate.  Try to structure your answers using the STAR technique.

14 Interviews – Questions  Remember that you have got through the most difficult part i.e. getting the interview!  Other general questions to prepare for include:  Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses?  Why do you think you are suitable to our company?  What attracts you to our company?  Who else have you applied to and why?  What are your future goals?  Think about questions for the interviewer – Make the most of being in front of someone at the company for an honest answer

15 Interviews – Tips for on the day  Dress appropriately  Don’t be late. Arrive minutes early  When you meet someone shake hands firmly, make eye contact and smile  Appear enthusiastic and listen attentively  Think carefully about your answers and be honest  Be natural but professional  Enjoy and take something out of the process even if you are not offered a position. Ask for feedback if given the opportunity.

16 Questions?

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