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Vanesa Juarez Mariana Musseta English Language II U.T.N.

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1 Vanesa Juarez Mariana Musseta English Language II U.T.N.

2 Metadiscourse Metadiscourse markers, also sometimes called 'transitions', are a good way to show your reader how ideas in a sentence are connected to ideas in a previous sentence. You can think of Metadiscourse like street signs that are telling your reader whether the text is continuing in the same direction it was going, or going in a new direction. Metadiscourse tells the reader whether you are adding to a previous idea (e.g., "in addition"), explaining a previous idea (e.g., "that is"), giving an example of a previous idea (e.g., "for instance"), coming to a conclusion (e.g., "therefore"), or modifying a previous idea (e.g., "on the other hand").

3 Some Common Metadiscourse Markers are: Addition (adding to previous information) also, and, furthermore, in addition, indeed, in fact, moreover, so too Example (giving an example of previous information) after all, as an illustration, for example, for instance, specifically, to take a case in point Elaboration (explaining or clarifying previous information) actually, basically, in short, that is, in other words, to put it another way

4 Comparison (showing similarities with previous information) along the same lines, in the same way, likewise, similarly Contrast (showing a difference with previous information) although, but, by contrast, conversely, despite the fact that, even though, however, in contrast, nevertheless, nonetheless, on the contrary, on the other hand, regardless, still Cause and Effect (showing a result of previous information) accordingly, as a result, consequently, hence, since, so

5 Concession (admitting that previous information may be correct, and then presenting different information) admittedly, although it is true, granted, naturally, of course, to be sure Conclusion (summarizing previous information) as a result, consequently, hence, in short, in sum, therefore, thus, to sum up

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