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Practicing Leadership: Principles and Applications Chapter 7: Management and Leadership.

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1 Practicing Leadership: Principles and Applications Chapter 7: Management and Leadership

2 “We spend time with our managers, but we tell them it is their responsibility to run their company. Leaders are developed by challenges.” ▫James E. Burke

3 Management The coordination of human, material, technological, and financial resources needed for an organization to reach its goals.

4 A Manager’s Job

5 Leaders vs. Managers Innovate Focus on people Inspire trust Long range view Ask what and why Looks to the future Originate Challenge status quo Do the right thing Administrate Focus on systems & structures Rely on control Short range view Ask how and when Looks at bottom line only Initiate Accept status quo Do things right

6 Yukl’s Eleven Managerial Practices  Informing  Consulting and Delegating  Planning and Organizing  Problem Solving and Crisis Management  Clarifying Role and Objectives  Monitoring Operations and Environment  Motivating  Recognizing and Rewarding  Supporting and Mentoring  Managing Conflict and Team Building  Networking

7 Green Thumb Leadership  Learning Organizations: Organizations that adapt and grow to cater to new markets and build on new ideas.  Green Thumb Leaders: ◦ Are supportive rather than directive ◦ Operate with less hierarchy than traditional models by delegating managers to lead their own departments ◦ Foster open communication lines between themselves and their employees ◦ Eliminate threats to new idea generation ◦ Actively protect new initiative ◦ Encourage risk taking and flexibility

8 Managerial Mentoring TRANSFORMATIONAL ↑ Role: Collaborator.Role: Innovator. Focus: Relationships.Focus: Change. Competencies: Facilitating,.Competencies: Visioning, Coaching, and Dialoguing.Championing, and Diffusing. INFRASTRUCTURE ← LEARNING LEADERSHIP → MARKETPLACE. Role: Integrator.Role: Producer. Focus: Alignment.Focus: Results. Competencies: Organizing,.Competencies: Targeting, Improving, and Bridging.Improvising and Measuring ↓ TRANSACTIONAL

9 Managerial Leadership Five competencies of effective managerial leadership: ▫Challenging the process ▫Inspiring a shared vision ▫Enabling others to act ▫Modeling the way ▫Encouraging the heart

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