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Chapter 1 The Competent Leisure Services Manager.

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1 chapter 1 The Competent Leisure Services Manager

2 What Is Management?

3 Efficiency & Effectiveness Efficiency –Minimizing the amount of resources an organization wastes –What makes businesses efficient? Inefficiency? Effectiveness –How capable an organization is of achieving its goals and objectives

4 Financial Resources Budget, income What does a manager do to manage financial resources?

5 Physical Resources Things people see and associate with the agency –Resorts, roller coaster, park, trails, fitness equipment What does a manager do to manage physical resources?

6 Technology Resources Aid in creation of products or provision of services –Examples??? What does a manager do to manage technology resources?

7 Human Resources Arguably the most important & challenging resource What does a manager do to manage human resources?

8 Universality of Management Management has a universality that makes it applicable to all fields, not just parks and recreation. All managers coordinate and integrate resources. The difference lies in what those resources are.

9 What is going to make you an efficient & effective manager??

10 Model of Effective Performance Individual’s competencies –what a person CAN do & not necessarily what they actually do Job’s demands –expectations on the job, tasks performed, role the manager assumes in the organization

11 Model of Effective Performance Org environment –climate & culture of the organization; –structure, –policies, –mission, goals –internal & external environments

12 Which element of the model of effectiveness can you control right now?

13 Competency-Based Management

14 Competencies Job skills - hard skills –Prepare a budget –Establish priorities –Develop goals & objectives Characteristics - soft skills –Lead by example –Open minded & receptive to new ideas –Be honest & ethical Skills, Knowledge, abilities Characteristics, abilities

15 Competencies Hard Skills Know mgt principles Written communication Customer service Time management Evaluation Soft Skills Flexible & adaptable Creative & innovative Have patience Be open minded Take initiative

16 Competencies Job Skills Characteristics EntryLevel CEO

17 Entry-Level Competencies 1.Business acumen 2.Communication 3.Community relations 4.Interpersonal skills 5.Management techniques 6.Planning and evaluation

18 Four Main Uses of Competencies 1. Establish training and development benchmarks 2. Drive hiring criteria 3. Set standards that are used for evaluation purposes 4. Form the basis for career development and career advancement

19 Management vs. Leadership Management –The process of coordinating and integrating resources in order to effectively and efficiently achieve organizational goals and objectives Leadership –Interpersonal influence over others aimed to achieve organizational goals & objectives

20 Mgr vs Leader Manager Plan, organize, coordinate Short range view Accepts the status quo Eye on the bottom line Assign a task Focus on system & structure Leader Inspire & motivate Long range perspective Challenges status quo Eye on the horizon Define a purpose Focuses on people.

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