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Tour of Discovery Education streaming Mike Bryant.

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1 Tour of Discovery Education streaming Mike Bryant

2 Discovery Education streaming Overview Discovery Education streaming is the only digital- video-based learning resource proven to increase academic achievement. With more than 4,000 full-length videos from a source you can trust segmented into 40,000 content-specific clips, DE streaming integrates seamlessly into any curriculum. Today, 1 million educators and 30 million K–12 students in more than half of U.S. schools learn with DE streaming.

3 What is Discovery Education streaming Plus? DE streaming Plus enhances classrooms with even more rich, unique content that extends the scope and sequence coverage for all K–12 curricular areas It complements the DE streaming video-on- demand library with extraordinary materials from AIMS Multimedia, Clearvue & SVE, and PBS

4 Discovery Education streaming Plus Benefits for Educators Benefits include: Enhance instruction through differentiated resources: Engage students with video, audio, and more, all from trusted sources Increase choice of resources appropriate to what educators are teaching Enjoy greater value by accessing resources through DE streaming Plus instead of purchasing them individually

5 DE streaming Plus – What’s In It? Discovery Education streaming Thousands of Video and Audio resources Trusted resource available in over half the schools in the U.S. Includes videos, images, professional development resources, and more 1,500 videos and 15,000 video clips from the award-winning AIMS Multimedia library. Popular titles include McGruff’s Kid Files, Teen Files, Real World Science, and Wild World Phonics 2,000 Clearvue & SVE curriculum- based videos including titles from Rabbit Ears, Intelecom, Weston Woods, Goldhill, Globe Trekker, and more. 500 PBS titles ranging from Ken Burns’s Lewis & Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery to NOVA: Life’s Greatest Miracle and other trusted PBS programming. Featuring famous speeches, audio books, foreign language instruction, poetry readings, classical music, sound effects, and engaging tracks that cover social studies, science, math, and phonics concepts. Discovery Education streaming Plus

6 Now on Discovery Education streaming Plus! PLANET EARTH will amaze and inspire students as they see their world as never before. More than five years in the making, the series includes eleven episodes from The Discovery Channel and three exclusive bonus episodes for you and your students. Engage students' minds with these timely, educationally- relevant materials. From the never-before-seen dances of tropical birds, to underwater caves, to the largest caribou migration in the world, PLANET EARTH will provide unmatched experiences for your students as they explore the world's ecology and natural history.

7 Discovery Education streaming by the Numbers ServiceNumber of Videos DE streaming4,000 DE streaming Plus7,700 total videos 3,000 new audio programs

8 DE streaming is more than videos

9 Global Dynamic Header Gives customers access to their subscriptions and trials Discovery Education unitedstreaming is now Discovery Education streaming




13 Keyword Search Advanced Search Search with media types Guided Navigation by Subject/Grade Curriculum standards search

14 Breadcrumbs Modify number of search returns Thumbnails Guided navigation by grade, subject or asset type

15 Printer Friendly Email a colleague Video attributes Add to folders, assignment and quizzes Video ratings Media settings

16 Video Segments

17 Citations

18 Related Materials

19 My Content

20 Sort materials by type, name, subject or grade Share/edit/delete Change the order of items Add a folder Add content

21 Teacher Center

22 Classroom tools




26 Curriculum resources


28 Lesson plans available in.pdf or Microsoft Word Ability to add lesson plans to My Content


30 Professional Development

31 Webinar workshops hosted by experts in appropriate use of technology DE streaming in Action (downloads about incorporating iMovie, Google Earth, and more) Interactive Training modules for CEUs and certificate of completion

32 My account


34 My Homepage options: –Link to “My Content" –New videos by grade and subject –Today in history by subject –Most viewed videos of the week –Featured video –Teaching Tips –What's new?

35 Discovery Educator Network

36 Discovery Educator Network (DEN) DEN connects teachers to their most valuable resource…each other! –A global community of thousands educators excited by the power of digital media –Dedicated to collaboration and sharing of resources with other educators. Regional and web-based events to connect educators with each other

37 The New Discovery Education

38 Discovery Education Promotions Single Sign-On to DE subscriptions (streaming, Science, Health, DEN) Login from any page



41 Discovery School is now Discovery Education School Resources


43 School Resources


45 Discovery Education Post-Login

46 Single Sign-On to DE subscriptions (streaming, Science, Health, DEN)

47 Your subscription services from Discovery Education Free trials DEN School Resources


49 Discovery Education streaming Product Updates Research Conducted –Online surveys of DE streaming users –Visits to classrooms and schools –Teacher feedback sessions and focus groups –Customer emails –Product usability testing –Advisory board meetings

50 Contact Information: Mike Bryant 800.323.9084 x 808 7290

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