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Franchisee Management System Amicus Systems Inc..

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1 Franchisee Management System Amicus Systems Inc.

2 Franchisee Management System (FMS) is a windows based point of sale application to manage franchisee operations. It’s an end to end solution for managing a medium sized retail business effectively.

3 Sales Payroll Management Inventory Management Human Resources User Management Purchases And Expenses Reports

4 Multiple Point of sale system Manage hourly/daily sales Manage expenses, deposits, weather information, scheduling all from one screen Manage Point of sale by shift Manage cash drops effectively Sales

5 Sales menu is used to manage the daily sale entry, query historical sales and generate reports. Sales

6 Cash drops and sales reports

7 Add/Edit Employee Information Integrated photo management Weekly schedule management Daily schedule management Integrated payroll management Integrated time in/time out mechanism Payroll summary and history reports Export payroll reports to PDF, Excel Payroll HR

8 Payroll And Scheduling Add and edit employee informationWeekly payroll

9 Manage retail items Manage inventory items Manage current stock effectively Add/edit new inventory items Manage promotions Manage ordering effectively. Automatic order limits and order management. Manage throwaways Manage daily production forecasting Manage inventory delivery Inventory-sales reports


11 System backups/ synchronizing POS machines. Inbuilt security. Manage users. Add/Edit user rights. Manage roles. Manage vendors. Manage expenses. Create daily/monthly expense reports. Reconcile paychecks. Reconcile bank deposits. View sales from other stores.

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