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SmartConnect Integrations

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1 SmartConnect Integrations
User Group – Spring 2013 SmartConnect Integrations May 9, 2013 Dave Washabaugh

2 Solutions Begin with the end in mind Eliminate the Pain points
Make life (work) easier Create efficiencies Eliminate redundant entries Save time and money WOW them with integrations

3 Credit Card Integration
Need: a one step process Current form in Excel or printed is already used The form is filled out and submitted for approval GL accounts are verified by finance GL accounts are subtotaled Transactions are hand keyed into GP

4 Credit Card Integration
Solution Excel template is added to the Integration GL accounts are populated by the employee and verified via data Connection A pivot table is used to subtotal the accounts A summary input table is mapped and automatically populated The integration is run from Excel

5 Credit Card Report.xlsm

6 Expense Report Integration
Need – Expense report integrated from current worksheet Current form in Excel or printed is already used The form is filled out and submitted for approval GL accounts are verified by finance Transactions are hand keyed into GP

7 Expense Report Integration
Solution Excel template is added to the Integration Data Connection limits vendor to employees only by use of the Class ID GL accounts are populated by the employee and verified via data Connection The integration is run from Excel

8 Expense Report.xlsm

9 Inventory Transaction Integration
Need – Update inventory daily – real-time data Hand written form was being used Inventory is taken by floor/closet three times a week 12 floors 2 closets per floor 3 different supply lists 72 forms a day x 3 days a week = 216 forms a week Items needed to restock were filled out on the form Inventory was gathered from a central supply room The forms were placed in a bin The items were hand keyed into inventory system Inventory Manager was 3 months behind in input

10 Inventory Transaction Integration
Solution Each Supply Clerk was issued a tablet An Excel template was created Utilizing the item Class ID’s, the supplies were separated on the spreadsheet After fulfilling the inventory the supply clerk Submits into GP and prints the form The Inventory manager reviews the transactions in GP comparing it to the form and posts Inventory and transactions are up to date

11 CSR Supply Order Form1.xlsm

12 Multi-database Integration
Need – one template for a journal entry for multiple databases The client has multiple databases Each need to import journal entries The desire was to have one template that could be used no matter what database the transaction were imported

13 Multi-database Integration
Solution A data connection was created for each database The database was specified with each connection Using the database column the integration was set up to import to that company

14 GL Journal Entry - Multidatabase.xlsm

15 Bank Transaction Integration
Need – Cash transactions entered into GP by an employee without GP credentials A 3rd Party software is utilized for billing and cash receipts The employee who maintains deposits is not a GP user They did not want to add a task to another employee to perform They did not want to add another GP user license

16 Bank Transaction Integration
Solution Mimic the GP transaction screen SmartConnect does not require a GP license One employee handles all Bank transaction

17 Banking Transaction.xlsm

18 AP/PO invoice Integration
Need – AP and PO invoice integration using a scanned document Invoices are scanned into a 3rd party document imaging software All Header information (Vendor, invoice number, PO number if applicable, dates, and amounts) are assigned in the scanning software Invoices (transaction entry) are keyed in PO invoices (Enter/Match) are keyed in Image address is added to the note field

19 AP/PO invoice Integration
Solution 2 SQL views were created to extract data from scanning software table 2 Integration created to import invoices from the SQL view Tasks were created to run after the Smart Connect map runs notification of a failed import SQL insert statement to import the image’s address into the note field SQL Update statement to update a field in the scanning software table signifying that the transaction was imported notification of a successful import Modified form in GP was created to view the image Points to touch on Tasks that can run before a map Map data checks Document tasks Copy File Delete File Move file Send Run File Run script (VB or C#) Run Map Run SQL command Map Post tasks Global Variable Defaults


21 SOP invoice integration
Need – Integration with a 3rd party Prescription software Prescriptions are entered and tracked in 3rd party software Customers are also maintained Cash receipts are also recorded This software integrates with another accounting software A journal entry is created monthly and keyed into GP Reduce the number of “touching” points and software needed

22 SOP invoice integration
Solution Integrate directly with GP using a SQL view Automatically add/update customer Eliminate additional GL software Map the necessary GL accounts Schedule the integration to run daily



25 Cash Receipts Integration
Need – Reduce the amount of time necessary for cash receipts entry Cash receipts are exported from a lockbox Customer names are matched up to the corresponding Customer ID Cash receipts are entered and invoices are applied Due to the number of transactions the process is very time consuming

26 Cash Receipts Integration
Solution Cash receipts file from the bank is utilized A MSSQL lookup is used to determine the Customer number The apply node was added to the cash receipt Map The transactions are applied to the proper invoice If errors occur during import they can be modified “on the fly” or saved for correction

27 Customer Integration Need - run an integration using the Smart Connect Add-in Problem – Integration failed running from Add-in Integration successful when running from SmartConnect When not all documents (customers) had information in a specific field the integration failed Users adding customers will not have access to SmartConnect

28 Customer Integration Customer Update.xlsx

29 eOne Excel Add-In XML Schema Reference

30 Integrations stored in SharePoint
Journal Entry Integration

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