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Motivational Fulfillment & Logistics Services

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1 Motivational Fulfillment & Logistics Services

2 Experience Spells Success
Experience…one reason why MFLS has earned the enviable reputation as a leader and innovator in this field. Over 3 Decades of Customized Fulfillment And Retail Distribution “That spells success” Motivational Fulfillment and Logistics Services has been in business for over 37 years. It was founded by Hal Altman who continues to run the business on a daily basis along with approximately 450 dedicated employees. Each of the major department heads and warehouse supervisors have been with the company 23 + years which gives the company strength and continuity.

Experience A Great Partner! Our Mission STRENGTH and CONTINUITY! It is the Mission of Motivational Fulfillment & Logistics Services to serve our direct to consumer & retail distribution clients & their customers with consistent, on-time fulfillment & logistics services. Our knowledgeable & tenured professionals will utilize our ever evolving reporting & software systems to provide these services while focusing on cost saving ways to ship, package & communicate while maintaining an integrity driven environment. REDUCED FREIGHT COSTS ! The success of any organization can come down to how well they are able to control costs. An immediate benefit of working with MFLS is the effectiveness of our shared logistics network and delivery capabilities. At MFLS we pride ourselves on our deeply discounted freight rates with national based carriers which we share with you our client. EFFICIENT SYSTEMS! MFLS Systems offer solid performance and reliability. Our systems are proprietary and were developed to enable unlimited scalability and flexibility, assuring compatibility with our clients. Our online reporting systems are updated daily in real time providing 24/7 access to your data via the web. Motivational Fulfillment and Logistics Services prides itself on its ability to become an extension of our client's business. Our success is yours and your success is ours. STRENGTH and ADVANTAGES! Overall, MFLS possesses many strengths & advantages that provide our clients with professional services coupled with an incredibly high standard of ethics and a high rate of return on their investment. Our proven expertise in key niches such as direct response & retail distribution along with strong industry-wide relationships result in a dynamic, fun working environment completely focused on delighting our clients from start to finish.

4 Effective Supply Chain
The ability of an organization to effectively move and store materials from and to a complex network of suppliers and end users is not a simple task, and the success of any world class supply chain is heavily dependent upon the effectiveness of its logistics network and delivery capability; in essence, its logistics function, comprised of inventory, warehouse, and transportation management. WHY YOU NEED A 4PL ! Whereas traditional 3PL providers mainly focus on transportation and logistics, 4PLs, such as MFLS, provide a wide range of value-added services that can range from business process analysis to hand work such as assembly, packaging and configuration. A 4PL brings together and centrally manages the complete supply chain for a company to provide a single supply chain solution. A 4PL simply put is your Supply Chain Management solution resulting in lowered overall supply chain costs due to planning and focus on direction. There are essentially three goals of The MFLS SCM Team: To control inventory To increase the speed of transactions with real-time data exchange To increase revenue by satisfying customer demands more efficiently

5 Facilities and Function
MFLS offers a wide range of automated machines and custom designed packaging, including shrink wrapping, tape and heat sealing, corrugated, paper cold seal packing to both personalize and reduce packaging and shipping costs. MFLS specializes in assembly line customized client packaging, pick and pack and multiple item orders. MFLS' 180 docks are equipped with mechanized metal dock equipment and our receiving and unloading hours are tailored to the trucking industry. Each phase of our fulfillment is designed to reduce processing and shipping costs while improving consumer acceptance and response to your project. Our 1,225,000 square foot facilities are fully secured with a sophisticated camera security system featuring infrared motion detectors.

6 Recognized Compatibility
MFLS Warehouse Management System (Logistica) is an advanced warehouse management solution offering solid performance and reliability, developed to enable unlimited scalability and flexibility, assuring compatibility with our clients. Motivational has the flexibility and technology to accommodate your retailers varied requirements. Our warehouses are outfitted with sophisticated equipment and the newest technology utilizing true real time Radio Frequency scanning and printing, thereby allowing immediate visibility to our customers for receiving, order preparation status, departure information, freight costs and inventory status. Clients data is visible in real time and accessible 24-7 from Motivational's LogistiShare website via the web, anywhere and anytime. Having been selected as one of the top 10 Logistics providers to Wal-Mart in the Toy Category, an award winner with Target and being recommended by Bed Bath & Beyond to their vendors for our systems and scores of 99% we can really say we know retail. Retail experience to include the top 100 retailers in the country.

7 EDI Solution and Support
MFLS understands EDI and through integration provides an easy-to-use web delivered platform that makes it possible for small, medium and large businesses to meet retail compliance requirements and manage large supply chains. MFLS openly advises clients of EDI solutions available and the relationship to the VAN used to translate the EDI data. It is MFLS’s belief that the client should retain control of their EDI solution when possible. We walk our clients through their options and help them make the choice that best fits their business model. Once a decision is made we can help facilitate the setup at a great discount between the EDI partner and our client or integrate to their solution. Clients who own their EDI solution and are able to utilize it as their business grows. Our clients benefit from this direct connect solution avoiding hidden charges by companies who claim to do in house EDI or those who actually do their own and pass along those fees to clients. For companies of any size our easy-to-use EDI solution offers clients the solution to achieve full EDI compliance in a matter of weeks economically. Small-to-medium sized companies are empowered to easily establish trade relationships with an ever increasing number of retailers and buying organizations. Our EDI solution comes with a 24-7 live support team that is ready to answer questions or resolve issues when they arise with support services worldwide and on–demand training problems are solved quickly. It’s an exciting time in the EDI industry, and MFLS is proud to give you the assurance that we understand your EDI challenges and look forward to demonstrating our ability to help optimize the supply chain for both buyer and supplier. We welcome the opportunity to be part of your EDI team!

8 Retail Experience

9 Retail Shipping Options
Drop Ship VDC Small Parcel Direct to Consumer Shipments via various retail connections to include Commerce Hub and for direct connections of via an EDI interface. Direct To Store DSD With direct-to-store retail distribution, the difference between success and failure is in the details. Although you have the ability to ship directly into the retail channel, your profits from these sales can quickly be reduced when faced with all of the retailers’ specific requirements and the potential for expensive chargeback’s if those requirements are not met. Pool Consolidation P&C Simply put, pool consolidation is the practice of combining a number of a company’s smaller shipments into truckload shipments headed to a particular region. The benefits fall into four general categories: Improve delivery Reduce lost and/or damaged Enhanced control Reduce freight Consolidation To Pool VDP This is new program for Bed Bath & Beyond and MFLS is one of the few warehouses in the country qualified. Instead of consolidating orders and the retailer sending it to their consolidator MFLS becomes the consolidator for the Retailer.

10 Compliance & Chargeback Avoidance!
Retailer's Compliance Guide. We create service levels and compliance guide rules specific to each client that is specific to their relationship with the retailer. Retailer Understanding and interpreting the Compliance Rules is a must to ensure a healthy scorecard and buyer relationship. MFLS is proud of their client’s scores. YOUR SCORE IS OURS ! MFLS Compliance Labeling and the sending of the ASN document are handled with the greatest of care to ensure orders are fulfilled and shipped meeting the retailer specifications. Warehouse

11 Implementation CLIENT

12 Warehouse Tour Inventory Receiving Returns EDI Shipping Backorders
Physicals Kitting LogistiShare Setup and Implementation

13 Inventory Inventory is reported in real time in summary or detail.
Report can be exported to excel Filters and Groups allow client to quickly access inventory Inventory adjusts in real time as goods move in and out of the system Detailed inventory reporting is available nightly

14 Receiving Arrival of inventory to the warehouse is recorded on Arrival Log listing time in and out of carrier. Arrival of inventory is recorded in real time in MFLS system. System created bar-coded labels are affixed to each pallet received recording the date, time, and purchase order. FIFO control is managed by keeping inventory tied to the date and purchase order received. Lot tracking at PO level capable. Inventory can be placed on hold at the PO level. Inventory is recorded at the time the labels are created against the arrival. Receipt notifications are ed for easy recording.

15 Radio Frequency Radio Frequency (RF) live data scanners are used through the day providing updates in real time to both Motivational systems. Process controls allow users to link pallet tags to outbound orders providing lot control and tracking.

16 Customer Returns Vendor Returns are sorted according to client specifications and consolidated from multiple locations with the same RA number. All documentation is stripped from return and attached to arrival document. Goods are received as damaged until inspection or refurbishment can be performed. Warehouse Vendor Returns if returned from the DC level or carrier return for product that has not made contact with consumers can be returned according to client specification as good stock and should be first in line for movement out of the warehouse. Defective Products can be consolidated and returned to vendors on your behalf so that you can be compensated in either new products or repayment. Refurbishment is performed at clients request by labor hour or by quotation.

17 RTV Process The Return to Vendor process is fully initiated by the DC or Retailer. Merchandise is returned to the warehouse in one of two ways: Client issues a RA number which the retailer uses when returning the freight to the warehouse. In turn the warehouse receives the goods back against the provided RA number providing a clear connection between the two. No RA is available on return and the goods are received with the information available to best notate who returned the goods. Documents are stripped from the returned merchandise and it is returned based on criteria levels established by the client. Goods are received with a sub item code to designate they are returns usually –RTV or –D if the goods are damaged. Returns are held until sufficient stock is available to run a refurbishing line or de-kitting line to pull components for use in re-kitting. Client receives notifications of all returns and documents are scanned for retrieval so they can credit their customer in a timely manner and watch for credits taken from their customer which are invalid or inflated.

18 EDI Capabilities Inbound/Outbound EDI file protocols include:
X12 (940/945) (850/856) Fixed-position flat file Tab-delimited XML (via FTP or Web Service Call) EDI connection methods include: Integration with your own in-house systems Integration with 3rd party EDI service providers (MFLS is pre-wired with DiCentral) Web serviced EDI via Web only Providers

19 Shipping Documents

20 Open Orders Report Unshipped order status
Filter and Sort by date range or Retailer Summary of Goods Listed to fill orders

21 Backorders Backorders can be handled in two ways:
Fill and Kill – backordered lines are checked at time of shipment. The backorder is generated and then closed after shipping. Ship and Hold – backordered lines are held as backordered and released as instructed by client in full or in partial and may be closed at a later date. Orders shipped with backordered lines create a backorder table which can be viewed by clients on LogistiShare. Parent to Child relationship is retained for the backordered item by linking subsequent orders to the master order. Inventory availability is shown on the backorder page for easy reference.

22 Physical Inventory Process
[ ] Backup data files. [ ] Clear any items in transit. [ ] Cycle count adjust any discrepancies. [ ] Run a summary copy and detail tag listing. [ ] Freeze Inventory. [ ] Assign count teams to rows and print cycle count check sheet by row. [ ] Determine items to count percentage / all. [ ] Begin 1st count using MFPS Edge Count Sheet Report. [ ] Enter the physical count information. Use the Physical Counts Tag Entry. function to enter the counts recorded on the cycle count check sheet. [ ] Run calculation to determine discrepancies. [ ] Determine items to recount. Perform recount. [ ] Enter the physical recount information. Use the Physical Counts Tag Entry. function to enter the counts recorded on the cycle count check sheet. [ ] Print and review the Variance Report for the batches as part of the audit trail. [ ] Post physical to archive old data and set beginning balances. Define Team 1: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Define Team 2: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

23 Physical Inventory Process Rules
Physical inventory refers to the sighting, tagging or marking, describing, recording and reporting inventory on hand.  After completion of the physical inventory, The Inventory Control Manager is responsible for reconciling any differences.  A physical inventory of all property will be conducted in accordance with specific plans and schedules. The objective of conducting any physical inventory regardless of methods of frequency, is to provide both the company and client with the reasonable assurance that inventory is controlled and the records are accurate. The Account Manager should be responsible for:  Establishing a master schedule, which sets the beginning and completion of both the physical count and the reconciliation. Assuring the adequacy of the physical inventory plan and that the physical inventory is properly taken, reconciled and posted to the property records systems. Areas the Inventory Control Manager may be assigned to accomplish are: Submitting an annual inventory plan to Account Manager. Oversight of the physical inventories. Reconciling the inventories. Reporting the results. The following guidelines must be followed when conducting a physical inventory: The personnel who perform the physical inventory count are not to be the same individuals who maintain the property records or have custody of the property. All physical inventories must be taken from the floor to the records, not from the records to the floor. Physical inventory count documents and any reconciliation actions taken are posted to the appropriate accountable records. Count documents and all listings of adjustments must be retained for four years after final payment of the applicable contract. The Inventory Control Manager should submit the results of the count within 5 working days. The report will further identify all discrepancies disclosed by the physical inventory and will include: A signed statement that the physical inventory has been completed the date of completion, and that the inventory was found to be in agreement with the Clients Records Systems except for the discrepancies noted.

24 Kitting Process We offer many value added services providing 30 years of experience. Kitting projects are either run by estimate with sufficient time study or by labor hour. Slap n Ship Kitting Labeling Re-boxing Refurbishing Shrink-wrap Display Assembly Gluing Mounting Folding Rebate Programs Reverse Logistics RTS Quality Control Inspections Testing Vendor Compliance Packaging Cross Dock Programs

25 Rework & Special Projects
Our assembly and kitting services can help control costs by saving labor, overhead and inventory costs. We are able to support your special projects with quick turnaround times and flexibility to include: Rework/salvage of obsolete inventory Packaging projects and special one time production runs Short runs Special projects Assembly work that doesn't fit your production process Hand assembly, sub-assembly, pick and pack services, sorting, product labeling, and bar-coding Rework or inspection to include electrical testing Quality Control Re-skin goods for Retail Kitting goods in many configurations to meets sales expectations

26 Storage Optimization Space utilization is one of the primary constraints of any warehouse. It is a critical that it be maintained effectively to keep costs down and operate efficiently. Our velocity report enables us to at a glance look at the warehouse and measure the activity of our clients inventory. Using this tool we can use put away logic to improve operational workflow and throughput. Ensuring that the goods moving out most frequent are staged accordingly and space used in the most effective manner. Accounts are managed between buildings as either bulk stack product or goods requiring rack locations with over 800,000 square feet of space your goods are sure to find a secure home.

27 LogistiShare - Tools LogistiShare - online reporting system updated daily in real time providing 24/7 access via the web. Inventory Reports Unshipped Order Reports Shipping Reports Receiving Reports Velocity and Forecast Reports Scanned Documents Search Filters and Export to Excel Nightly Reports – daily, weekly, monthly, program to date Complete Nightly Account Export – daily account activity available nightly for export to client for import into CRM system; includes all account activity.

28 LogistiShare - Communication
Communication Protocols Secure FTP – we can provide you with a secure FTP site for your data. HTTPs – we can pick up or drop off to your secure website. Password Zip files – we can automatically protect zip files with a password. Confirmation s to confirm data transmission – we confirm data transfers with order counts and file names to ensure accurate transmission and processing of data.

29 LogistiShare - Dashboard
Client Dashboard allows multi-program reporting for those clients who want to keep records and inventory separate by program or entity. Multi-Account Platform Load Stats Provides a Quick Look at the Status of all unshipped purchase orders called departures. CLIENT NAME HERE 8 Unshipped Departures 4 Open Departures (3 Open Departures with Commits) 4 Closed Departures (4 Closed Departures with Commits) 0 Open EDI Orders

30 LogistiShare – Dashboard
Data can be accessed from quick links or folders. Data is updated in real time allowing visibility to the warehouse functions 24-7 via the web. Data can be extracted to excel at anytime for further manipulation. Merchant

31 LogistiShare - Dashboard
Metrics are available to track outbound and inbound activity. This allows you to monitor how the account is handled and allows us to suggest and point out ways of improving your timelines should backorders or JIT inventory cause you to fall behind. Metrics measured by Ship Dates passed to MFLS by client or via EDI 850 document.

32 LogistiShare – Dashboard
Nightly Reports are run and placed for clients to extract each morning or as they need. This allows for daily reconciliation of all account activity and transparent accountability. If a standard report isn’t the right fit a custom report is days away.

33 LogistiShare - Dashboard

34 LogistiShare - Dashboard
Outbound orders are updated in real time and linked to online carrier tracking for Carriers that offer it. Negotiated bills of lading are scanned and provided for online viewing allowing quick resolution when a copy is requested. Freight costs if provided by MFLS are shown for easy reconciliation and accounting of usage. Shipment summary provided for easy reconciliation

35 LogistiShare - Dashboard
Line item detail of received goods as well as links to view the receiving report if a notification was deleted or missed. Links to Scanned Images. Export report to excel. Goods received are noted at time of arrival. Arrivals are then received and notifications sent via preferences set by clients. Documents provided by the agent who delivers the merchandise are scanned and provided for online viewing or nightly download. This allows daily reconciliation of purchases with your vendors without waiting on paperwork from the warehouse. Receipts are PO driven and can be tracked by LOT, Expiration, and FIFO when required. Date of entry is connected to merchandise throughout it’s life cycle.

36 LogistiShare - Dashboard
Preferences for notifications can be controlled by the client or hard coded by during setup to prevent changes by users for those members who are primary agents for data. Administrative reports are available as well as user settings allowing customized user access.

37 Contacts President: Hal Altman x214
Senior Vice President and General Counsel Tony Altman x203 Vice President of Retail Logistics Cheryl Nataren x562 For More Information Please Visit Our Website Phone: (909) Fax: (909) OFFICE LOCATIONS: 15820 Euclid Avenue, Chino, CA 91708 6810 Bickmore Avenue, Chino, CA 91708 16133 Fern Avenue, Chino, CA 91708 Call us or come by for a personalized facility tour!

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