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托福口语点题公开课 刘立捷 Jock. Brief introduction Jock The University of Queensland Master of Applied Linguistics ( 应用语言文学 ) Musical Background ( Piano , Clarinet.

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Presentation on theme: "托福口语点题公开课 刘立捷 Jock. Brief introduction Jock The University of Queensland Master of Applied Linguistics ( 应用语言文学 ) Musical Background ( Piano , Clarinet."— Presentation transcript:

1 托福口语点题公开课 刘立捷 Jock

2 Brief introduction Jock The University of Queensland Master of Applied Linguistics ( 应用语言文学 ) Musical Background ( Piano , Clarinet , etc. )

3 TOEFL Speaking Object Suggestion Activity Study People Place Other things

4 Object (3 of 5) Describe a skill you have that you want to improve. Do you believe that cell phones have greatly improved human life? (see shopping on-line) Describe a historical event that you’re interested in most. Explain why you are interested in it and want to know more about it. In your opinion, what is the most important invention in your life? (computer, mobile phone)

5 A skill 屌丝: basketball , soccer 高富帅: horse riding , playing golf , managing a company

6 Historical event why and wanna know more? 美国 1776 Declaration of Independence ( 13 states ) 中国 1997 Hong Kong’s reunification 2001 become a member of WTO 2008 Beijing Olympic Games 世界 The First World War The Second World War Stolen Generation (Australia)

7 Historical event I was born and raised in Beijing, such a metropolis is rich in history. But I don’t wanna talk about something happened about hundreds years ago. I want to say an event which happened over half a decade ago As we know, Olympic Games was a fiesta of all world people. Thought out history, people unarmed their weapons and became a big family during this period. So does Beijing Olympics. In addition, if my memory serves, we won 51 gold medals in that game, which was ranked first. What is more, my favorite player, “flash Bolt”, who can run 100 metres in 9.69 secs. That’s surprised all of us.

8 Object (4 of 5) What do you think is the most important advancement over the past 20 years in your country? (computer, transportation, food safety) Many schools do not allow students to take their laptop computers into the classroom. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of having laptop computers in the classroom? Describe a change of the society. (see above food safety, on- line shopping) Agree or disagree: teachers should encourage students to use computers from elementary school? (see above) The most important lessons cannot be learned in classrooms.

9 Food safety I have to say, the city’s living condition advanced than several decades ago. Here are the reasons Milk powder, poisonous chicken( 白羽鸡 ), industrial chemical materials (tonyred), drainage oil, all sorts of food additives threat our health in the past. But we can seldom eat these kinds of food nowadays. In the year of 2008, a scandal regarding the milk powder was sweeping the every corner of China. Thousands of babies suffered from its affects. But now, only a few of them suffered…

10 Laptop in classroom 优点: 1.Good for study, solve problems 2.Easy to take notes 3.Relax 缺点: 1.Harm for your eyesight 2.Be distracted 3.Compare each other 4.May trigger some crimes (steal, rob)

11 Object (5 of 5) Some people prefer to live in historical and old houses while others prefer to live in new and modern buildings, which one do you prefer? Agree or disagree: the success of a school depends on the quantity of its book resources. Describe a piece of news or a story that you’re interested in recently. (My friend told me computer could help me make friends) Are you willing to carefully choose the gift that your friends like or choose whatever you like?

12 Old or new buildings New building 1.Good quality 2.Related facilities 3.No pests Old building 1.Good location 2.Unique style 3.Cheap 4.Good ventilation ( 朝向 )

13 Old or new buildings I prefer to live in an old building. My favorite old building is Queenslander. The wooden cabin off the ground can be seen as both a stylistic and practical device. The vertical “stumps( 树桩 )", initially of timber, allow the building to "float" above the terrain. It can also for protection of the main structure from termite attack and other pests. Another reason is that living in such a old building can remind us history. Like Queenslander, it’s rich in history, and this is particularly built in the First World War.

14 School’s success depends on books False 1.Facilities (infrastructure) 2.School’s environment (ambience) 3.Location (site) 4.Teachers (instructor/ professor) 5.Graduation rate

15 News/story(recently) 如果轮奸不叫轮奸,叫轮流发生性关系, 那么 杀人也不叫杀人,叫终止对方生长进程; 贩毒不叫贩毒,叫兜售有瘾食品; 赌博也不叫赌博,叫有奖励性娱乐; 受贿不叫受贿,叫替代他人享用财物; 诈骗不叫诈骗,叫教育他人提高智商; 抢劫也不叫抢劫,叫运动式代人保管.

16 News/story(recently) Perhaps the news usually on tips of our tongue nowadays is a teenager and his gangsters gang raped a young woman. He has been detained on suspicion of participating in a gang rape in Beijing. Police in Beijing's Haidian District said the rape victim told them that she was drinking with five people in a bar last Sunday. The men took her to a room, beat her and gang-raped her. But the point here is that, coz he is the son of a renowned Chinese military singer. His mother wants to debate for innocence. And the lawyer alter the name of ‘gang rape’ should be called ‘have a sex relationship with the girl in turn’.

17 Contact 人人:刘立捷 (The University of Queensland) QQ : 2504703949 Weibo :小马过河刘立捷 Jock

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