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小马托福 010- 62699622 5 月 26 日 托福口语点题 Tiger 新浪微博:小马过河姚飞虎 400-0123-267.

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1 小马托福 月 26 日 托福口语点题 Tiger 新浪微博:小马过河姚飞虎

2 小马托福  Helping children with their homework  Teaching adults to use the computer  Cleaning city park Computer  Internet  Convenient to talk to people  Good way of entertainment  The importance of computers If you are asked by your teacher to do community service, which of the following would you choose? Explain Why With Friends

3 小马托福 What are the benefits of talking to older family members?  Get the experience which can help me avoid making stupid mistakes  Get to know how to deal with the interpersonal relationships  Save time  Ease their loneliness Develop with an experience Remember: Details !!!!~

4 小马托福 When things at home such as furniture or electrical appliances are broken, some people prefer to have them repaired in a shop, while others prefer to fix them at home. Which do you prefer and why?  Fix at home  Repair in the shop Save TIME Save MONEY Save TIME Save MONEY Iphone Mac

5 小马托福 Do you prefer to use s to communicate with your friends and family members or do you prefer to use the telephone?   Telephone 不好答 Convenient The only I have to do is to touch the screen and the dial the number of the person I want to talk to, and I can enjoy talk withins seconds Comparison Save TIME

6 小马托福 Which of the following three subjects would you choose to learn? Math, painting, science. Explain what you want to learn from this subject. Painting  Like Art Van goho  Aesthetic value  Relax Whatever, I like it

7 小马托福 Some people think that the best way to study is to attend a lecture. Others say that it’s better to read by yourself. Which way do you prefer and why??  Attend a lecture  Read by yourself  Waste time  Experience  Save TIME  Make Friends … provides/will provide me a good opportunity to meet different people. Since we might share the similar interests and hobbies, so we can talk a lot about … and usually afterwards we can be good friends with each other…

8 小马托福 Activities !!!  The sport/activity you like to do  Make friends  enlarge social network  good for future career  Relax  Pressure from….. Some college students like to spend their free time studying another course or doing school work, others like to join in a club and enjoy club activities. Which do you think is better and why?? Personal experience …….  Friend

9 小马托福 What kind of music do you like the least ? Give reasons why u do not like this kind of music?  How many kinds of music do you know??????????  What kind of music do you like the most????????

10 小马托福 Some people like collecting old things such as newspaper. How about you. Time Money Usually, I will use the time/money to do something I like. For example………

11 小马托福 Some people like to buy new but expensive books while others prefer to buy old but cheap ones. Which would you prefer???? Reading books or listening to audio books ? Agree or disagree that paper books will be finally replaced by e- book?

12 小马托福 If there’s an empty ground, would you like the government to build a library there or a community park ???? Library  Study  Atmosphere  Be greatly motivated  Environment  Need to think while I’m studying….  Facility  Book  Computer

13 小马托福 Task 3 1) 学校通知 (School Announcement): In the reading material, the university has decided to… because of two reasons. First, …... Second, …… In the announcement/notice, the university is going to 2) 学生提议 (Student Proposal): In the reading material, the student/professor suggests that the university should(not) do … because of two reasons. First, …… Second, … … Listening 部分 In the listening material, the man/woman agrees with the announcement/ letter for the following two reasons. First, …… Second, ……

14 小马托福 Task 4 Reading 部分 Based on the reading passage, it mainly talks about … ( 文章标 题 ), which means that … ( 主题句 ) Listening 部分 In the listening material, the professor uses one/ two examples to demonstrate this theory/concept/principle. One is … The other one is …

15 小马托福 Task 5 给大神们的模板 The man/woman’s problem is …… The first solution is…… The second solution is …… Well, I prefer the 1 st solution. Because the 2 nd solution has a disadvantage that ….. Although the 1 st solution will bring a disadvantage that …… but it is still better than the other one because ….()

16 小马托福 Task 6 In the listening material, the professor talks about … ( 主题词 ), which means that … ( 主题句 )/ which is …( 主题句 ) 。 (Optional~~~~~~~~~~~~) 例子型模板 The professor talks about _______from two aspects. The first one is …, for example..( 例子 1) The next one is…, for example … ( 例子 2) The professor also mentions that … ( 补充信息 ) 实验型模板 The professor uses an experiment to express this principle. In the first group/ stage of the experiment, …( 实验细节 ) In the next group/ stage of the experiment, … ( 实验细节 )

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