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小马托福 010- 62699622 5 月 26 日 托福口语点题 Tiger 新浪微博:小马过河姚飞虎 400-0123-267.

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1 小马托福 010- 62699622 5 月 26 日 托福口语点题 Tiger 新浪微博:小马过河姚飞虎 400-0123-267

2 小马托福 010- 62699622  Helping children with their homework  Teaching adults to use the computer  Cleaning city park Computer  Internet  Convenient to talk to people  Good way of entertainment  The importance of computers If you are asked by your teacher to do community service, which of the following would you choose? Explain Why With Friends 400-0123-267

3 小马托福 010- 62699622 What are the benefits of talking to older family members?  Get the experience which can help me avoid making stupid mistakes  Get to know how to deal with the interpersonal relationships  Save time  Ease their loneliness Develop with an experience Remember: Details !!!!~ 400-0123-267

4 小马托福 010- 62699622 When things at home such as furniture or electrical appliances are broken, some people prefer to have them repaired in a shop, while others prefer to fix them at home. Which do you prefer and why?  Fix at home  Repair in the shop Save TIME Save MONEY Save TIME Save MONEY Iphone Mac 400-0123-267

5 小马托福 010- 62699622 Do you prefer to use e-mails to communicate with your friends and family members or do you prefer to use the telephone?  E-mail  Telephone 不好答 Convenient The only I have to do is to touch the screen and the dial the number of the person I want to talk to, and I can enjoy talk withins seconds Comparison Save TIME 400-0123-267

6 小马托福 010- 62699622 Which of the following three subjects would you choose to learn? Math, painting, science. Explain what you want to learn from this subject. Painting  Like Art Van goho  Aesthetic value  Relax Whatever, I like it 400-0123-267

7 小马托福 010- 62699622 Some people think that the best way to study is to attend a lecture. Others say that it’s better to read by yourself. Which way do you prefer and why??  Attend a lecture  Read by yourself  Waste time  Experience  Save TIME  Make Friends … provides/will provide me a good opportunity to meet different people. Since we might share the similar interests and hobbies, so we can talk a lot about … and usually afterwards we can be good friends with each other….. 400-0123-267

8 小马托福 010- 62699622 Activities !!!  The sport/activity you like to do  Make friends  enlarge social network  good for future career  Relax  Pressure from….. Some college students like to spend their free time studying another course or doing school work, others like to join in a club and enjoy club activities. Which do you think is better and why?? Personal experience …….  Friend 400-0123-267

9 小马托福 010- 62699622 What kind of music do you like the least ? Give reasons why u do not like this kind of music?  How many kinds of music do you know??????????  What kind of music do you like the most???????? 400-0123-267

10 小马托福 010- 62699622 Some people like collecting old things such as newspaper. How about you. Time Money Usually, I will use the time/money to do something I like. For example………. 400-0123-267

11 小马托福 010- 62699622 Some people like to buy new but expensive books while others prefer to buy old but cheap ones. Which would you prefer???? Reading books or listening to audio books ? Agree or disagree that paper books will be finally replaced by e- book? 400-0123-267

12 小马托福 010- 62699622 If there’s an empty ground, would you like the government to build a library there or a community park ???? Library  Study  Atmosphere  Be greatly motivated  Environment  Need to think while I’m studying….  Facility  Book  Computer 400-0123-267

13 小马托福 010- 62699622 Task 3 1) 学校通知 (School Announcement): In the reading material, the university has decided to… because of two reasons. First, …... Second, …… In the announcement/notice, the university is going to 2) 学生提议 (Student Proposal): In the reading material, the student/professor suggests that the university should(not) do … because of two reasons. First, …… Second, … … Listening 部分 In the listening material, the man/woman agrees with the announcement/ letter for the following two reasons. First, …… Second, …… 400-0123-267

14 小马托福 010- 62699622 Task 4 Reading 部分 Based on the reading passage, it mainly talks about … ( 文章标 题 ), which means that … ( 主题句 ) Listening 部分 In the listening material, the professor uses one/ two examples to demonstrate this theory/concept/principle. One is … The other one is … 400-0123-267

15 小马托福 010- 62699622 Task 5 给大神们的模板 The man/woman’s problem is …… The first solution is…… The second solution is …… Well, I prefer the 1 st solution. Because the 2 nd solution has a disadvantage that ….. Although the 1 st solution will bring a disadvantage that …… but it is still better than the other one because ….() 400-0123-267

16 小马托福 010- 62699622 Task 6 In the listening material, the professor talks about … ( 主题词 ), which means that … ( 主题句 )/ which is …( 主题句 ) 。 (Optional~~~~~~~~~~~~) 例子型模板 The professor talks about _______from two aspects. The first one is …, for example..( 例子 1) The next one is…, for example … ( 例子 2) The professor also mentions that … ( 补充信息 ) 实验型模板 The professor uses an experiment to express this principle. In the first group/ stage of the experiment, …( 实验细节 ) In the next group/ stage of the experiment, … ( 实验细节 ) 400-0123-267

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