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小马公开课 400-663-1986 小马公开课网址: Tips on TOEFL Speaking Made by Aaron.

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1 小马公开课 小马公开课网址: Tips on TOEFL Speaking Made by Aaron

2 小马公开课 小马公开课网址: Self-introduction Name: Aaron Previous TOEFL Speaking Score: 23, 24 Latest TOEFL Score: R27+L25+S26+W28 =106 GMAT Score: QQ: weibo: A-Apollon

3 小马公开课 小马公开课网址: Guideline Identify the Key Test Points General Rules of Your Answer Strategy of Preparation & Specific Templates Methods of Practice Suggestions for Daily Improvement

4 小马公开课 小马公开课网址: Identify the Key Test Points Score scale: 0-4 Scored holistically TaskType Task 1, Task 2Independent Task 3, Task 4 Integrated (R+L+S) Task 5, Task 6Integrated (L+S)

5 小马公开课 小马公开课网址: Identify the Key Test Points Delivery  Clear & fluid speech  Good pronunciation  Natural pace  Good intonation Language Use  Correct grammar & vocabulary  Simple & direct  Avoid using overly complex vocabulary Topic Development  How fully you answer  How clearly you express ideas  How you connect ideas

6 小马公开课 小马公开课网址: General Rules of Your Answer Organize your speech in a very logical way. Use proper transitional words to make your speech coherent. Pick simple and direct words. Use varied vocabulary and sentence structures. Avoid repeating yourself and eliminate “uh” and “um” to increase fluency. Speak at a normal pace. Pay more attention to pronunciation and less attention to accent.

7 小马公开课 小马公开课网址: Strategy of Preparation Task 1 & Task 2 Use preparation time to organize your thoughts. Don’t memorize responses before the test. Memorized responses will lower your score. You don’t need to organize your response into sections like a written essay. eg. because, so, after that, on the other hand, I want to mention, what this means is

8 小马公开课 小马公开课网址: Task 1 & 2 In my view, for 2/3 reasons. First, For example, ……. Second, …… For instance, …… That's why …… Tips:  Adj. and verb. should be more concrete. Eg. Good-outstanding/excellent/fascinating……  Use 4W (when, where, who, what) & 2N ( names & numbers) to develop your examples. Specific Templates Specific Details

9 小马公开课 小马公开课网址: Example: What do you consider the most important characteristic in a teacher? Use specific reasons and answers to support your answer. A: knowledge R1: learn more E1: in university (when) professor in chemistry class (where who) the periodic tables, chemical reactions (what, names), raise/ignite the passion of study, eager to learn, well-informed (concrete) R2: more fun E2: high school, history class, teacher (when, where, who) interesting historical events, world war (what, names)

10 小马公开课 小马公开课网址: Strategy of Preparation Task 3 & Task 5 Don’t speak too quickly. Speak at a normal pace & time yourself when you practice. For task 3, listen carefully to the conversation and identify the reasons. For task 5, try to identify the problem & possible solutions. Do more than summarize & you need to give your opinion. (Most of the response time should be spent on explaining why it is the best solution.) Practice synthesizing and summarizing information.

11 小马公开课 小马公开课网址: Specific Templates Task 3 The reading states that......(key activity) The man/woman's opinion is that......(agree or disagree, only opinion, without reasons) He/she provides 2 reasons. First, Second, That's why Agree: Use the man/woman’s reasons to strengthen the reading Disagree:  Use the man/woman’s reasons to weaken the reading  Although ……(reading), the man/woman said …… 43 S 22 S 3 S 0 S

12 小马公开课 小马公开课网址: Task 5 The man/woman's problem is that The students discuss 2 solutions. First Second If I were the student, I would choose the second solution. The 1st solution isn't good because (weaken, combine opinion & details ) The 2ed solution is better because (strengthen, combine opinion & details) That's why Specific Templates only solution, without details 30 S 35 S 0 S

13 小马公开课 小马公开课网址: Problem: can’t use his friend’s apartment for his musical band to rehearse any more because his friend came back from the vacation. 2 solutions: 1st music classroom, 2ed rent a house S1 isn’t good: although free, too late for them, don’t have enough time for sleep & distract them from study S2 is better: although expensive & income, borrow money from others, flexible Example: P: apartment, band rehearsal, back from vacation S1: music classroom, free, too late S2: rent, flexible, expensive & no income

14 小马公开课 小马公开课网址: Strategy of Preparation Task 4 & Task 6 You don’t need prior knowledge of specific fields. Write down key words or ideas. Give definition at the beginning of your answer. Don’t repeat yourself to fill time. Say something to clarify, develop or elaborate.

15 小马公开课 小马公开课网址: Specific Templates Task 4 The article is about Title, which the passage defines as Definition The professor provides an example illustrate this. He/she states that And so, this example clearly illustrates S 43 S 0 S

16 小马公开课 小马公开课网址: Task 6 Specific Templates Topic + Def (a) Subtopic 1 + Def (b) Example (c) Subtopic 2 + Def(d) Example (e) In this lecture the professor talks about... (a Topic - definition) He describes (two ways).... The first way is... (b Subtopic 1 -def) The professor gives an example to illustrate this (about)... (c Example 1) The second kind of way... (d Subtopic 2 - def) The professor gives an example to illustrate this (about)... (e Example 2) 45 S 23 S 0 S

17 小马公开课 小马公开课网址: 1. Randomly choose one question and record your answer by using the templates. 2. Compare your answer with a sample answer. 3. Use idiomatic expressions (vocabulary, phrases, & sentence structures) from the sample answer and record your answer again. Methods of Practice

18 小马公开课 小马公开课网址: Suggestions for Daily Improvement Collect materials for task 1&2 : Wikipedia Imitate (pronunciation, intonation & accent) TPO 2 broke girls How I met your mother Synthesize Summarize Transcribe TPO Listening: Vocabulary, Sentence Structures, Transitional Words

19 小马公开课 小马公开课网址: The End Good Luck

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