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Staffing ACC's Philosophy  Maintain high Selection Standards –Meet the Business Needs of the Company –Short Term & Long Term  "Promote from within" –Priority.

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1 Staffing ACC's Philosophy  Maintain high Selection Standards –Meet the Business Needs of the Company –Short Term & Long Term  "Promote from within" –Priority on internal recruitment –not only the best candidate but also who can benefit most from one assignment  "Equal Employment Opportunity"  Promote international nature of its workforce

2 Staffing Policy  Planning –Annual Budget –Authorisation For Commitment  Personnel Requisition Approval before recruitment  Vacancies –Job description & Candidate Profile –Job Posting  Recruitment Process Responsibility shared by HR & line management  First level of supervision involvement  Interviewers trained & prepared

3 Staffing Policy  International Transfers &Assignments –European-wide –Company-wide  Salary & Benefits – In accordance with ACC's Compensation Policies –Normally not negotiable

4 Staffing Outline of Staffing System  Identify Staffing Needs –Business Plans & Authorisation For Commitment –Staffing Review  Identify Candidates –Internally »Staffing Review »Job Posting –Externally »Candidate databases & relation with Universities »Advert / agencies  Assess / Select –Internally: Development System & Interviews –Externally: Psychological Assessments & Interviews  Recruit & orient employee

5 Staffing Recruitment Process  Planning / Establishment of recruitment need –Annual budget –Authorisation For Commitment  Recruitment Initiation –Job definition –Personnel Requisition –Approval according to budget or AFC –Job Grading –Definition of Candidate Profile

6 Staffing Recruitment Process  Sourcing –Internal »Job Posting »Staffing Review –External »Spontaneous candidates »Old internships »Targeted Universities / Institutions »Job Fairs »Advert Campaign »National Employment Agencies ( if existing ) »Search Firm  Design and Prepare the Hiring Team –Minimum of Direct Supervisor, Manager & HR –Also Other Function representative, Colleague...

7 Staffing Recruitment Process  Consulting Services –Search –Management Assessment –Psychotechnical Assessment ( for operators )  Selection and recruitment –Selection on C.V. or internal biographies –Application form –Interview & Assessment –References Checking & Employment Eligibility –Decision –Medical Screening –Work Contract –Rejection Letters

8 Staffing Recruitment Process  Orientation –First day –First few months  Probationary Period –Evaluation before end of the period –Decision

9 Staffing Manager Role  Reviews his organisation  Plans & budgets  Design Job Description & Candidate Profile  Gains the requested Approvals  Shares the recruitment responsibility with HR  Orients the new employee

10 Staffing H.R. Role  Coordinates staffing plans  Insures that approvals are delivered  Approves the recruitment method  Insures that interviewers are trained  Shares the recruitment responsibilty with Manager  Makes Salary / Benefits Offer  Prepares contract

11 Staffing Job Description / Candidate Profile  Job Description –Check that Structure always matches organisation requirements –Ensure consistency between epectations & candidate's preferences –Evaluate Job Grade  Candidate Profile –Recruit for more than the current Vacancy »Employee Development within the Company »Achieve other objectives  reinforcing skills or technics within the team  preparing replacement... –Design the Profile »Ideal Experience Profile »Ideal Personal Characteristics

12 Staffing Job Posting  Supplement the Company's Career Development Programs  Opportunity for all Employees to apply for Vacancy –After 12 months in current Job –After 18 months for Exempt –Shorter delay if Supervisor Approval  All Job Vacancies posted( Up to D Grade ) –all positions internal to a location –Exempt positions European-Wide  Exception to Policy –Position assigned to employee affected by organisational Change or returning from leave of absence –Position part of a specific Development Program –Position part of a Job Ladder –Position assigned in the best interests of Employee & Company

13 Staffing Benefits of Job Posting  To the Employee –Opportunity to show his interest –To get a clearer picture of the organisation  To the Supervisor –To get motivated Candidates –To produce candidates not already identified  To the Company –To promote the management of one's own career –To emphasize openness

14 Staffing Orientation  Provide to new hired Employee –Help to develop relationship with Supervisor & Colleagues –Clarification on role expected & resources –Undesrstanding of Company's Business, Mission & Business Practices  New Hire Interview ( not linked with probationary period ) –Confidential & not mandatory –Detect & correct potential Issues –Provide information on global Organisation & Recruitment Process

15 Staffing Exit Interview  Encourage terminating Employee to share their Experience –Strongly recommended but not mandatory –Open Discussion  Allows Organisation & Supervision Improvements –Broad Interview, not limited to reasons for leaving –Conducted by HR & communicated to Supervisor & Management

16 Staffing Staffing Review Scope  Review of Individuals & Organisation  Two Sorts of Review –Review regularly an Organisation ( 12 - 24 months ) –With a particular Focus or "Theme"  Initiated by Senior Management ( not necessarly )  Managed at different levels from bottom to top –plant –Europe-Wide –Company-Wide ( not necessarly )  Normally targeted to Exempt Employee

17 Staffing Staffing Review Process  Discuss Individuals –Key Strengths »In current Job »Potential Characteristics –Issues »Weaknesses / Potential derailers »Unknown Skills to be tested –What Actions have been taken from last Review –Specific Focus on Employees who have developed as far as they can on current Job & need to move  Identify Organisational Issues –Competencies or lake of –HeadCount suitability –Shortage or Overflow of replacement Candidates –Structure of organisation

18 Staffing Staffing Review Outcomes  Design Plans for Individuals –What Experience and/or Training is necessary including Jobs –Next possible Move; Now or With Development  Design Succession Planning –Design Succession Chart for each Managerial Position »Incumbent's Perspective : N / WD »List of replacement Candidates: N / WD –Specific Focus on Key Positions  Design Plans for Organisation –Plans for "Cascade Moves" –Outside specific Recruitment –Organisation Changes

19 Staffing Staffing Review Roles  Role of Manager –Reviews his Employees ( refer Developing Employee ) & organisation –Communicates decision / plans to Employee after Review Completion –Implement Plans  HR Role –Prepares Review –Reviews »Vacancy List »Ad Hoc Assignments »Short Term Assignments –Monitors & Tracks Development & Placement Actions

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