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MBGLL End-Of- Season Wrap-Up June 19, 2013, Waltham MA.

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1 MBGLL End-Of- Season Wrap-Up June 19, 2013, Waltham MA

2 Agenda Welcome Who are we?/ Mission Statement Member Benefits Year In Review Coach’s Training MBGLL Play Date in Charlestown MA Harvard University 6 or 8-game schedule MBGLL Jamboree (Byfield, Algonquin) Past Initiatives Calendar New Initiatives Closing Discussions

3 Welcome Who Are We? Mass Bay Girls Lacrosse League Roughly 400 girls’ lacrosse teams in 1 st through 8 th grade Over 7,000 girls playing lacrosse From 88 different Towns in Eastern Mass

4 MBGLL Mission The mission of Mass Bay Girls Lacrosse League is to promote girls youth lacrosse in an environment that emphasizes fun, while developing skills, teamwork, good sportsmanship, and integrity. Create a weekly match schedule for member teams Promote the growth of girls’ lacrosse throughout Eastern Massachusetts and provide appropriate services for mature programs Cultivate and assist additional towns to start girls youth lacrosse programs Train girls’ youth lacrosse coaches and umpires Nurture a player’s skills as they develop, as well as the individual Manage the growing competitiveness among coaches, players, and spectators

5 Member Benefits Infrastructure – organization to keep girls’ lacrosse fun and safe Continuing Education - Coaching clinics – local, up-to-date training Technology – available for registration and management of town programs Automated scheduling (games and referees) Schedule - 6 or 8 games End-of-season Jamboree – festive culmination of season Opportunities - for highly skilled players and beginners Support - Vendors and sponsors support MBGLL New Program Services – guidance and development assistance Mature Program Services – competitive scheduling, MBGLL Select

6 Coach’s Training 4 US Lacrosse Level 1 Clinics 1 US Lacrosse Level 2 Clinic 3 PCA Double-Goal Coach Clinics 3 MBGLL / US Lacrosse Rules Clinics 4 Rules Q. and A. Sessions 1 PCA Parent Session 1 PCA Triple Impact Athlete session

7 Charlestown Play Date 9 U13 and 9 U15 teams played 3 23-min. games 16 jr. and 23 adult officials trained MBGLL Leagues Recreational League – 6 or 8 game schedule MBGLL Select League – 6 game schedule

8 2013 Harvard University Day 4 pre-season Games at Harvard University PCA for Players and Parents

9 MBGLL Jamboree 2 Sites 89 Teams in Byfield (Triton Regional High School) 108 Teams in Northboro (Algonquin Regional High School)

10 Good Behavior Guidelines Mission: To encourage good MBGLL member behavior This initiative was necessary and is increasing the effectiveness of our organization to handle indiscretions. 2013 incidents… Good Standing1 st WarningProbationSuspensionExpulsion U9U11U13U15 32510 PlayerRefereeCoachFansUneven Teams 421412

11 Volunteerism MetroWest South Division Director, Sportsmanship & Compliance Director; Secretary – All stepping down in Sept. Key Vacant Seats – President, Technology Director MBGLL needs help – Crucial to the success and growth of our league

12 Recreation Schedule Calendar - 2014 holidays April 20 EasterMay 11 – Mother’s Day April 19 – 27 School vacationJune 15 – Father’s Day May 24-26 – Memorial Day Weekend Any other suggestions? VOTE – 4/6 start date approved East er Scho ol Vaca tion Mot her’s Day Me mor ial Day Wee ken d Jamboree 4/64/134/204/275/45/115/185/256/16/86/14-15 3/304/64/134/204/275/45/115/185/256/16/86/14-15

13 Select Schedule Calendar - 2014 holidays April 20 EasterMay 11 – Mother’s Day April 19 – 27 School vacationJune 15 – Father’s Day May 24-26 – Memorial Day Weekend Contingent on returning to Algonquin H.S. How many teams play in tournament 5/4? Discuss Friday night lights option Any other suggestions? VOTE on weekends only, not Fri/Sat option? 4/26 start date approved Easter School Vacatio n Moth er’s Day Me mori al Day Wee kend Jamboree 4/54/124/194/265/35/105/175/245/306/76/14*

14 Software Currently use League Athletics for scheduling games and Arbiter Sports for scheduling officials Without a Technology Director, the sync did not work Looking at different options for next year so we don’t have to look 2 places for information

15 Paying Officials Pay at field – split fees Pay at field – home team pays entire fee Towns pay for officials pre-season and MBGLL pays them directly Other?

16 New Rules - Considering U13/U15 - No coast-to-coast U13/U15 – Keeping score but not standings U9/U11 – off-sides rule 1 or 2 player(s) behind half field U9/U11 – no triple-teaming Other suggestions

17 Closing Other Member Topics Thank you for a fantastic year of lacrosse!

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