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Summertime Homeopathy

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1 Summertime Homeopathy
And the living is easy ……

2 Summer ills and aches Broken bones Stings and bites Otitis externa
Jet lag Motion sickness Gastroenteritis Food poisoning Sunstroke Cold sores Altitude sickness Contact dermatitis Summer viruses

3 Fractures Arnica ASAP to ease pain, swelling and bruising. 200C or 30C every 4 hours times three Hypericum if nerve injury/pain 30C tid as needed Symphytum after bones are set. 6C twice a day Calcarea phosphoricum 6C or 6X twice a day Foods and herbs to aid new bone formation Bone broths Osteoherb

4 Bites and stings Ledum – area around bit is hard, blanched and cool to touch. Better cold compresses. (Hornet, mosquito, wasp, tick) Apis – area around bite is puffy and warm. Stinging and/or itching. Possible swelling around eyes. (bees and jelly fish) Hypericum – shooting pains from bite Calendula lotion - mosquito Carbolicum acidum – patients with anaphylactic reactions. Give 30C every ten minutes while seeking medical attention. Vespa crabro – erythematous wheal-like cellulitis develops and gradually spreads. Pains like being pierced with red-hot needles (yellow jacket) Dose: 30C repeated as needed

5 Otitis externa Hepar sulphuris calcareum – most commonly indicated. Extremely sensitive to air and touch. Pain at night. Better covering. Belladonna – throbbing pain with red swollen ear canal. Worse jarring. Sudden onset Ferrum – nondescript inflammation without pus Aconite – sudden onset. Restlessness, fear, increased thirst Mercurius vivus or solubilis – offensive green exudate. Possible swelling of periauricular glands. Worse night. Pulsatilla – general symptoms of Pulsatilla with weepiness, desire for open air, thirtlessness Chamomilla – intense sensitivity to pain, irritibility, desire to be carried. Tellurium – meatus itches, swells throbs. Possible offensive discharge with odor of pickled fish

6 Otitis externa 30C twice a day until resolved (one week)
Vinegar:water 1:1 instill several drops in ear 3 – 4 times a day. Otherwise keep ear dry.

7 Jet lag Arnica 30C as needed
Cocculus 30C if can’t sleep and feel like you’re still in motion Follow schedule of your destination time Stay up until destination bedtime Get up in morning and get out in sun to reset biologic clock Energy medicine – massage acupuncture points of organs on Chinese clock (Donna Eden Energy Medicine)

8 Motion sickness Cocculus – much nausea and dizzyness and strong desire to lie down. Worse watching moving objects, seeing or smelling food. May crave beer. Worse exposure to cold, open air, touch noise, jar, stooping, exertion, eating, pain or anxiety. Rarely vomit. Petroleum – persistent nausea with excessive salivation. Sinking sensation. Worse light, noise or sitting up. May have stiffness back of head or neck Tabacum – severe nausea worse slightest motion. Person may look pale or green. Better uncovering abdomen. Worse on opening the eyes, evening, extremes of hot/cold. Better cold compresses, fresh open air, twilight, weeping, vomiting, sitting, lying on side. Do vomit.

9 Motion sickness Nux vomica – severe nausea with difficulty vomiting and intense headache back of head or over one eye. Chilly. Worse smell of food, tobacco, coffee Rhus tox – airsickness with nausea and vomiting. Dry mouth and throat. Thirsty. Borax – fear downward motion. Worse when plane landing or boat lurches down. Try out remedy on a short trip first to see what works for you. Magnetic bracelets can also be helpful.

10 Gastroenteritis Arsenicum album – diarrhea is acrid, burning. Patient is anxious and restless. Marked nausea and vomiting may be present. Thirst for small sips of cold water. Worse midnight to 2 am. Worse cold food/drinks. Better heat and warm applications. Podophyllum – explosive watery diarrhea with much gas and sputtering. Stool soils entire toilet bowl. Person feels weak and may faint. Veratrum album – profuse, odorless, “rice water” stool. Simultaneous forceful vomiting. Black and/or bloody stool. Cold sweat. Forehead and abdomen are cold. Aloe – much flatus and sputtering with diarrhea. Involuntary stool. Diarrhea driving person out of bed in am. Better lying on abdomen. Worse heat, standing beer, oysters, fruit

11 Food poisoning Arsenicum – most food poisoning with vomiting and diarrhea. Bad meat. Pulsatilla – bad fish Urtica urens – shellfish poisoning Nux vomica – overindulgence in rich fatty foods or hangover Belladonna – reaction to MSG Prevention Avoid potentially contaminated water (eating, drinking, brushing teeth, ice, swimming) Avoid fruit unless it can be peeled Avoid raw food unless it’s washed in clean water Take pepto bismal or apple cider vinegar daily

12 Sunstroke Belladonna – face is hot and flushed red. Hands and feet are cold. Pulsating headache. May be delirious. Better bending head back. Sudden onset. Glonoine – violent, pulsating headache with visible pulsation of carotid artery. Face is flushed. Worse from bending head back. Worse from applying cold water. Sensitive to heat. Carbo vegetalis – person is weak and faints. Need to be fanned. Person needs to stay in bed and rest for 24 hours even if they feel back to normal after remedy. Attend to hydration.

13 Contact dermatitis Anacardium – very intense itching. May scratch to point of bleeding. Itching is worse from scratching. Blistering eruptions, especially on face, hands and fingers, inner thighs. Worse left side. Better hot bath or eating. Ledum – better cold applications. Eruptions surrounded by bluish skin. Rhus toxicodendron – similar to Anacardium. Patient is very restless. Linear distribution of rash. Better scalding hot water, scratching. Worse night and open air. Croton tiglium – better from light scratching or rubbing. Skin feels hidebound. Better sleep. Gushing diarrhea along with rash. Topical herbs can help - plantain

14 And the living is easy

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