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2 In homeopathy we have many remedies that we can use for treatment
In homeopathy we have many remedies that we can use for treatment. In chronic cases we have enough time to study the case and give the remedy. In acute cases we have not enough time. Our action should be fast and effective. But it is difficult to remember the details of all the remedies. So we should know some of them very well. We shall represent you the basic homeopathic remedies for treating acute cases and their characteristics.


Ipecacuana Ledum Natrum sulfuricum Opium Pulsatilla Ruta Staphisagria Apis Cantharis Carbo vegetabilis Chamomilla China Colocynthis Gelsemium Hypericum

5 ACONITUM NAPELUS FEAR: of death; of crowds; of going out. Fearful.
Anxiety, heat & restlessness; tosses about in agony; throws off covering. Complaints from exposure to cold, dry cold. Pains neuralgic. Face very red & flushed, but turns pale on rising up.

6 Congestions & inflammations, acute, first stage with great inflammatory fever.
Favorite points of attack: Larynx(croup, bronchi (bronchitis, lungs & pleura (pneumonia & pleurisy), joints(rheumatism, heart & circulation. Modalities: < in the evening (chest symptoms & pains); lying on left side; in warm room or warm covering. > uncovering; kicks the clothes off.

RATTLING OF MUCUS WITH LITTLE EXPECTORATION is a guiding symptom. WORSE, in evening; from lying down at night; from warmth; in damp coldweather; from all sour things and milk. BETTER, from sitting erect; from eructation and expectoration.

8 ARNICA MONTANA Bruised, sore feeling all over; bed feels too hard, he must keep changing his position to get relief. Head, or head & face hot; body & extremities cold. Sensitive to touch.Fears being struck or touched by those coming towards him.

9 Ecchymoses; as from bruises.
Recent & remote affections from injuries, especially contusion or blows. Haemorrhages, the result of mechanical injuries.

10 ARSENICUM ALBUM Great anguish & restlessness, driving from place to place. Great & sudden prostration. Intense burning pains Intense thirst; drinks often, but little, as cold water disagrees. Dyspnoea < on motion, especially ascending. Vomiting & stools simultaneous; <after eating or drinking.

11 Modalities:< in cold air, from cold things, cold applications; & 1 to 3 a.m. Movement.
> by warm air or room & hot applications; relieved by sweat

12 BELLADONNA A nice remedy for inflammatory disease present prominent head symptoms, pain, red puffed face, throbbing carotids & delirium, & spasms, or jerks & twitching . Mouth & throat VERY DRY, RED, sometimes greatly swollen; all mucus surfaces correspondingly dry & hot. Pains appear suddenly, & after a while disappear as suddenly as they came.

13 Skin very red & hot,burns the hand touching it, but sweats on covered parts.
Several inflammations. Modalities :< after 3 p.m. or after midnight from uncovering, or draft of air, & lying down; >from covering & head high.

14 BRYONIA ALBA All complaints < on motion.
Complaints in hot weather, or exposure to dry, cold air, in wet weather. Dryness of mucus membranes generally: lips, mouth, stomach, wants drink in large quantities, at long intervals of time. Dry hard stools as if burnt. Constipation (no desire) or diarrhoea, < morning on beginning to move.

15 Effusions in serous membranes meninges, pleura, peritoneum, etc.)
STITCHING PAINS , especially in serous membranes & joints. Modalities:< from motions, warm weather after cold. >from quiet, lying on painful side.

Hypersensitive to touch, pain, cold air; fainting with the pain. General tendency to suppurations; even slight injuries or scratches on the skin suppurate. Tendency to croupy exudations (larynx & kidneys; any mucus membrane.) Coughs; croup, bronchitis, consumption; < when exposed to least cold air.

17 Atony; stools passed with great difficulty, even when soft
Atony; stools passed with great difficulty, even when soft. Urine flows slowly, must wait for it, then drops vertically down without force. Sour diarrhoea; whole child smells sour. Modalities: < exposure to dry cold air. > in moist wet weather.

18 IGNATIA AMARA Remedy of paradoxicalities.
Head > lying on painful side, moody, goneness not> by eating, sore throat < by swallowing, thirst during chill, face red during chill, etc. Sad, sighing, changeable, moody disposition. Twitching or spasms, or convulsions from exciting or depressing emotions, fright, etc.

19 All gone, weak, empty sensation in stomach not> by eating.
Anal troubles ( piles, prolapsus, soreness & pain after stool, pains shooting up into the abdomen). Adapted to emotional, hysterical subjects. Modalities: < slight touch, smoking, coffee; > by lying on painful side; hard pressure; profuse watery urination. Cough; dry, spasmodic; not > by coughing; the longer he coughs the more the irritation to cough increases.

20 MERCURIUS Swollen, flabby tongue, taking imprint of the teeth; gums also swollen, spongy or bleeding; breath very offensive. Sweats day and nights without relief in many complaints. Creeping chilliness in the beginning of a cold, or threatened suppuration. Sliminess of mucous membranes. Slimy=γλιστερός, παχύρευστος

21 Moist tongue, with intense thirst.
Glandular swellings, cold, inclined to suppurate; ulcers with lardaceous base. Modalities: < at night in warmth of bed, while sweating, lying with lardaceous base. Bone diseases; pains worse at night. Lardaceous=lλιπαρή

22 NUX VOMICA For fastidious persons, inclined to get excited or angry, spiteful, malicious disposition, mental workers or those having sedentary occupations. Over sensitiveness, easily offended; very little noise frightens, cannot bear the least even suitable medicine; faints easily from odours, etc. Twitchings, spasms, convulsions, <slightest touch. Chilliness, even during high fever; least uncovering brings on chilliness. very red face.

23 Persons addicted to stimulants, narcotics, debauches etc.
Frequent and ineffectual desire for stool or passes little at a time. < morning, mental exertion, after eating, touch, spices, stimulants, narcotics, dry weather, cold. > from a nap, in evening, while at rest, in damp, wet weather, strong pressure.

24 RHUS TOXICODENDRON Great restlessness, cannot lie long in one position, changes often with temporary relief, tosses about continually. Lameness & stiffness on beginning to move after rest; on getting up in the morning > by continued motion. Erysipelas or scarlatina with vesicular eruption & characteristic restlessness. All diseases that put on the typhoid form with the characteristic, triangular red-tip tongue & restlessness.

25 Stupor & mild, persistent delirium; continually tossing
about, with laborious dreams. Modalities: < when quietly sitting or lying & on beginning to move; wet, cold weather; lifting or straining; getting wet when perspiring. > by continued motion, by warmth, dry air or weather; lying on hard floor (backache).


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