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Ape Men! Who/what are they?.

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1 Ape Men! Who/what are they?

2 What exactly is an ape man?

3 Transitional forms Evolution teaches that humans descended from an ape-like ancestor and that there are transitional forms in between. Do they really exist?

4 Let’s examine the most famous of these ape men/transitions

5 Past Fraudulent Ape Men
Piltdown Man

6 Past Fraudulent Ape Men
Nebraska man

7 Nebraska Man Presented to the public in 1922 as a transitional form that lived over 1 million years ago. Many scientific experts at the time confirmed this to be fact. Nebraska man was created from only a single tooth!

8 Nebraska Man Several years later the actual animal that belonged to the tooth was found…it was a pig! Nebraska man was created and people were convinced that it was a transitional form based upon a pig’s tooth! An entire race of ape men created from a pig’s tooth.

9 Piltdown Man 1908 first fragments of this “caveman” were presented to public 1953 it was discovered to be a hoax. A man’s scull was combined with an orangutan's jaw bone and a chimpanzee’s teeth For almost 50 years the public was led to believe that is was a transitional form It was in fact a lie

10 Let’s look at the following so called “ape men” that evolutionists today use to support human evolution: Austaiopithecus “lucy” Homo habilis Homo erectus Neanderthal Cro Magnum man

11 Australopithecus “lucy”

12 Australopithecus “lucy”
Name means “southern ape” Number of different species according to evolutionists All experts agree that the fossil remains resemble closely the apes we have today Paleoanthropologists Richard Leaky and Donald Johanson have for years argued that “lucy” walked upright and thus is a missing link

13 Lucy Continued However many other scientists have carried out research on the fossils and disagree. These scientist (Lord Solly Zuckerman and Charles Oxnard for example) classify Lucy as simply an ordinary species of ape and were not bipedal. They have also been classified as relatives of orangutans.

14 What about the public? Those who visit museums where evolutionary interpretations of lucy are on displayed are not given this information. They are led to believe that the identity of lucy has been determined and do not know that truth.

15 Field Museum in Chicago…lucy

16 So Called Ape men are reconstructions from what in many instances are fragments and not complete skeletons To attempt to restore the soft parts is an even more hazardous undertaking. The lips, the eyes, the ears, and the nasal tip leave no clues on the underlying bony parts. You can with equal facility model on a Neanderthaloid skull the features of a chimpanzee or the lineaments of a philosopher. These alleged restorations of ancient types of man have very little if any scientific value and are likely only to mislead the public … So put not your trust in reconstructions.231

17 Homo habilis

18 Homo habilis Put forward in 1960s by the Leakeys
They claimed that habilis had a large breain cavity and the ability to walk upright They claimed that he had the ability to use stone tools, therefore was an ancestor of man New fossils of same species found in 1980s changed this view Wood and Brace claim habilis could be classified with “lucy”

19 Homo habilis Detailed analysis carried out by anthropologist Holly Smith in 1994 indicated that habilis was an ape and not a transitional form (apeman). Again, the public is mostly unaware of the on-going debate and research done on these fossils.

20 Homo erectus

21 Homo erectus First fossils of erectus found in 1880s
Classified as “apeman” by evolutionists because its cranial capacity is smaller than the average humans and because of its eyebrow projections However humans alive today who have the same cranial capacity and protruding eyebrows (Native Australians for example)

22 Richard Leakey on erectus:
One would also see differences: in the shape of the skull, in the degree of protrusion of the face, the robustness of the brows and so on. These differences are probably no more pronounced than we see today between the separate geographical races of modern humans. Such biological variation arises when populations are geographically separated from each other for significant lengths of time.199

23 Malaysian Native Pronounced eyebrows in humans today!

24 Neanderthal Man

25 Neanderthal Man First discovered in 1856 in a cave in Germany
Very quickly touted as a transition/ape man Most people today associate the name “Neanderthal” as a half man half ape brute In recent years it has been upgraded by many scientists as a fully human ethnic group Sewing needles found in Neanderthal remains

26 Neanderthal Man Cared for sick Buried the dead
Employed art and religious rites Appreciated agriculture, clothing and music Many scientists claim the physical differences found in bones were due to rickets and old age and not due to evolution Still debate on newly discovered mtDNA

27 Please Remember This When Confronted With Ape men
Artistic imagination is often involved. Remember in Nebraska Man a pig’s tooth was used to create a whole race of ape men

28 Is this possible? 1. Combine ape fossil bones with human fossil bones and declare the two to be one individual—a real “apeman.” 2. Emphasize certain humanlike qualities of fossilized ape bones, and with imagination upgrade apes to be more humanlike. 3. Emphasize certain apelike qualities of fossilized human bones, and with imagination downgrade humans to be more apelike.

29 It is possible that this is occurring:

30 Remember Variation! Pygmy Adults

31 Remember Variation Tongan!

32 Remember Variation Native Austrailians

33 Variations in apes and monkeys !

34 Why all the fuss? Why does it matter?

35 Conflicting World Views!

36 There are only 2 real choices:

37 Why does one side have a louder voice in the culture?

38 Possible answers One view is labeled religious, the other view “scientific” Those who favor only evolution/naturalism only do not want to be accountable Ignorance...Remember Dr. Behe in video. Evolution was the only theory presented to him in school so he went along with it without being shown the weaknesses of the theory or other possibilites

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