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Borough Employer Panel Research Presented to SLLP WFD Group By: Cindy Bartello - Skills Alliance Manager.

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1 Borough Employer Panel Research Presented to SLLP WFD Group By: Cindy Bartello - Skills Alliance Manager

2 Local Skills Agenda National drive by Government to involve employers in the skills agenda. Key driver of the South London Skills Alliance is that it is employer led. Project commissioned to enhance dialogue. Need to ascertain local employer skills issues to qualify regional and national data. Also to create a mechanism for focused partnership working between LSC, LAs, Chambers and colleges. Info useful to the LSC’s emerging Borough Partnership Teams.

3 Local Context South London has the highest proportion of employers in London with: –Hard to fill vacancies - 6.5% (London average) 5.6% –Skills shortage vacancies 4.9% (La 4.2%) –Skills Gaps – 14.1%Almost 26,000 workers (La 12.8%) –National skills gaps 17% - London 12.8% In London only 21% of employers who train their staff do so at an FE college. This is the lowest % in any region. (Source: National Employer Skills Survey 2005)

4 Project Brief Using Why Not? Innovation Fund formula, proposals were requested last September. Activity delivered from Oct-March 2006. All contractors were Chambers and/or LA. Mixed activity: one to one visits, desktop research, mail shots, online surveys, meetings and events. Over 220 employers involved. Mixed size/sectors. Anecdotal rather than statistical data captured. Individual reports and summary are available at

5 Synopsis of Findings Employers ‘vaguely’ aware of LSC programmes. Some knowledge of Apprenticeships and Addmore, although details sketchy. Limited knowledge of ESF projects, ‘features and benefits rather than sources and origins tend to stick in peoples’ minds’.

6 Recruitment Issues Literacy and numeracy skills are still a barrier to recruitment for people of all ages. Employers look for people with an existing skills base. Language skills can also be a barrier to recruitment. Localised recruitment can affect the availability of high level skills e.g. surveyors in Croydon.

7 Recruitment Many employers less interested in recruiting under 19s due to perceived employability issues relating to soft skills, literacy and numeracy problems – See Page 5 of report. Retail and hospitality more inclined to recruit this age group. Need young people to sell/serve to the young. Most employers happier to recruit older workers due to work ethic and initiative.

8 Sourcing Training The internet is the key tool when sourcing training. - Google frequently used as a search engine. Most employers questioned had not used the EGPT website. Brokerage – Personalised letters, web referrals preferred. Not emails and cold calls. Localised point of contact preferred. Few employers think of using a college in the first instance, although some evidence that perceptions are changing.

9 Training Most employers have in-house HR and training or use private trainers and consultants where needed. Watertight specifications are required before external funding is purchased. Sales, marketing, business planning, customer service and IT and management training remain popular with employers. The relevance of training appears to be more critical than the cost, although time for training and value for money are factors.

10 Next Steps Continue to develop employer engagement activity at a borough level. LSC Partnership Teams to utilise the contacts and information gained to date. Work together to improve brokerage arrangements to assist in the delivery of Tain to Gain and other programmes. Partners to assist with the promotion of EGTP website. Partners to support colleges and WBL providers improve their offer and marketing to employers.

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