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Introduction and Overview ‘TfL and the Primes MOU’ Tessa Staniforth Health, Work and Welfare Reform Nov 5 th 2012 Andrea Fozard Supplier Skills Project.

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1 Introduction and Overview ‘TfL and the Primes MOU’ Tessa Staniforth Health, Work and Welfare Reform Nov 5 th 2012 Andrea Fozard Supplier Skills Project Manager, Transport for London

2 Central Responsible Procurement Team Background: Mayoral & TfL priorities  In 2008 TfL jointly commissioned Industry Study ‘Project Brunel’ with DFT. Skills shortages and an aging workforce in key sectors pose a risk to future growth  Transport for London released its 10 year ‘Skills and Employment Strategy’ in March 2009, recently revised edition circulated February 2012. Continued commitment to developing skills within supply chain  Mayoral commitment to developing London’s economy by creating skills and employment opportunities through the GLA group & it’s supply chain  250,000 apprentices  200,000 jobs  Almost one in five households in London are workless  Less than 50% have the numeracy skills expected of those who have completed primary school 1

3 Central Responsible Procurement Team TfL Procurement  Supply chain programme initiated in 2008/9 2009/10 first full year of delivery, and in 2010/11 programme moved under the Mayor’s Responsible Procurement Programme – leverage wider links with suppliers and Mayoral initiatives.  Programme uses a model developed in conjunction with suppliers to incorporate job and training requirements in new contracts  Flexible to accommodate different sectors and business models,  Backed up with pro-active management and support 2

4 Central Responsible Procurement Team Delivery Summary 2009/12 Over 3,000 unemployed Londoners have been able to access jobs with suppliers on TfL contracts. Supported suppliers in creating over 3000 new apprenticeship positions within the TfL supply chain Delivered successful pilots to provide, work, training and placement opportunities for a range of under represented groups including NEET’s, ex offenders and people with disabilities. 83 ex offenders into employment. Volume recruitment at entry level, majority of vacancies in the service sector 3

5 Central Responsible Procurement Team Supplier Skills Team (SST) 4 SST is embedded within TfL and funded by the GLA. Their role is to:  Assist TfL suppliers gain funding and support from available employment and skills programmes  Work with the TfL Supply Chain to understand the suppliers’ requirements and help them deliver these  Help co-ordinate the various agencies and organisations (including Primes, Sector Skills councils, NAS, JCP etc)  Priority areas: Apprenticeships, Youth Engagement and the Worklessness – long term unemployed. Underrepresented groups.

6 Central Responsible Procurement Team Why the partnership with the Primes?  Move larger numbers of long term unemployed Londoner’s into sustainable employment opportunities within TfL’s supply chain  To be able to work with suppliers to offer the support of the work programme as a coordinated and effective recruitment mechanism.  Develop a simple, coordinated and strategic approach to enabling DWP work programme customers to access jobs within the TfL supply chain.  Utilising demand planning and future skills requirements to shape and inform existing and future funding provision  Enable the prime contractors to promote the work programme as a brand and market its services, developing its ‘offer ‘to employers across London. 5

7 Central Responsible Procurement Team How does the relationship work?  Central resource within the SST which ensures fair and equal access to all vacancies across the programme  TfL and the Primes recognise that the success of this partnership is based upon a clear and joint understanding of the measures of success, and action by all parties to achieve these  Nominated account lead from TfL and within each prime contractor  Each recruitment process is unique to each suppliers and therefore all time scales and processes for each supplier recruitment drive are discussed and bespoke programmes agreed  Four weekly operational meetings; Six weekly strategic meetings; Strategic reviews quarterly. 6

8 Central Responsible Procurement Team 7  111 long term unemployed into sustained employment within TfL supply Chain  Successful high profile recruitment drive for phase two of Barclays Cycle Hire All recruitment for operatives was coordinated through the primes.  74% conversation rate on open day to interview  50% interview to offer conversation rate. Success to date! Vacancies Survey Assistant Business Admin Health & Safety Advisor Track Maintenance Home Energy Assessor Mobile Operative Welding Apprentice Redistribution Operative

9 Central Responsible Procurement Team Lessons Learnt  Demand is critical to success of model  Set clear objectives- MOU developed to underpin activity  Be prepared to work together to overcome challenges  Further work must be done to increase the numbers of people with disabilities accessing the work programme and therefore gaining access to current vacancies  Suppliers are willing to be challenged and open up their recruitment activities  Supply must meet demand, this can only be achieved through working with experienced partners, in partnership  Manage expectations! 8

10 Central Responsible Procurement Team Priorities for 2012-2013  Increase the number of suppliers engaged with the TfL/ Primes Work Programme activity  Work to address the numbers of Londoners with additional barriers accessing these employment and apprenticeships opportunities  Promote and encourage further take up of this approach with other organisations.  Building capacity of the Primes to be able to provide diverse work programme candidates -in particular those with a disability! 9

11 Central Responsible Procurement Team Questions? 10

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