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TRAIN TO GAIN AND THE THIRD SECTOR By Simon Forzani Employer Response Manager South London Learning Consortium.

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1 TRAIN TO GAIN AND THE THIRD SECTOR By Simon Forzani Employer Response Manager South London Learning Consortium

2 TRAIN TO GAIN AND THE THIRD SECTOR This guide is an excellent way for third sector employers to understand the real relevance and value of Train to Gain as they strive to meet the aspirations of their clients particularly those who are currently not connected to either the education system or the labour market

3 TRAIN TO GAIN AND THE THIRD SECTOR WHAT IS TRAIN TO GAIN? Train to Gain is the Governments flagship service to support employers in England of all sizes and in all sectors – including the third sector to improve the skills of their employees. Managed by the LSC, the service aims to encourage all employers and individuals to understand and value the benefits that learning and skills can bring, and invest appropriately.

4 TRAIN TO GAIN AND THE THIRD SECTOR Train to Gain provides specialist advice on training and skills needs, tailored for each employer (provided by industry led Skills Brokers

5 TRAIN TO GAIN AND THE THIRD SECTOR How does it work? All you need to do is contact SLLC from the information pack provided and a member of our skills team will visit you at no cost and at a time that suits you. We will be able to provide impartial advice, and will work with the you to find the best training solutions for a whole range of skills levels from: basic numeracy and literacy courses right through to higher education, leadership training and management skills. The Skills team can help to source any potential funding that might be available, and can take on some of the time-consuming tasks such as finding suitable training providers. You are freed up to manage your usual day-to-day business issues.

6 TRAIN TO GAIN AND THE THIRD SECTOR The inclusion of volunteers in Train to Gain means that: Volunteers are now included in the organisational training needs analysis (and in the resulting training plan) if their role directly contributes to meeting the objectives of your organisation; and training for volunteers now attracts the same subsidies as apply to paid employees – except for contributions to wage costs and Apprenticeships, which only apply to paid employees. Any volunteer within an organisation can be covered by Train to Gain, regardless of the number of hours spent volunteering. Volunteers who work in organisations outside the third sector (e.g. in the health service or the leisure industry) are also covered by Train to Gain.

7 TRAIN TO GAIN AND THE THIRD SECTOR Qualifications on offer: Customer service Business administration ICT Cleaning Health & Social Care Childcare (Early Years, Play work and Youth work) Leadership and Management Information, advice and guidance Accountancy and Finance Retail Sports & Leisure Teaching & training

8 HOW TRAIN TO GAIN IS WORKING IN THE THIRD SECTOR Bobby Holder, Croydon African, Caribbean and Family Organisation Train to Gain has made a real impact on our volunteers lives.

9 HOW TRAIN TO GAIN IS WORKING IN THE THIRD SECTOR I am currently loving my NVQ and Maths Work, I have two tutors who help me. I have never had any qualification before. Mark from Age Concern I love doing my work, I have a real purpose. Vicky from Croydon Hearing Association

10 IAG Service Delivery By Muriel Peach

11 Service Delivery 2008/2010 A fully integrated national and regional careers information and advice offer Universal access to services via: National/regional telephone access points National/regional web-based services Regional/local access to face to face services Access to in-depth face to face service for priority groups

12 Service priorities Improving employability, progression and advancement Flexible delivery arrangements, through a range of locations and delivery methods

13 Regional telephone access point Provides information and referral to Careers advice, Nextstep face to face provision and other appropriate services Out of hours answer phone Helpline consultants trained in customer care

14 Web-Based Services For customers and referral agencies CV Builder Skills assessment and motivational tools LMI and eGuidance Jobs database(in development) Online matrix support for providers

15 Universal service All adults eligible for this Most expected to be seen in groups 1/3 expected to be referred to DPS Follow up and 40% to enter work or training

16 Universal Service Mostly delivered through group work Workshops on: job seeking, CV writing etc. SLLC has additional ideas Information and advice and referral to FE/HE, PDCL Job brokerage

17 Priority groups for D&P Service Those below level 3 qualification, specific priorities being: Low skilled adults(especially women) locked in low prospects jobs Adults experiencing worklessness Older people; people on benefit People from ethnic minority backgrounds Offenders/ex-offenders People with self declared learning difficulty or disability

18 Customer journey Step 1: Development of skills audit coupled with job market understanding Step 2: Motivational action planning Step 3: Intensive job/learning search and placing support Step 4: On-going follow-up by text, email or phone to track and motivate customers

19 Looking ahead New careers and advancement service for adults Skills health checks IES – integrated employment services

20 Challenges New ways of delivering- groups, extended hours, employed Getting people into work Helping people in work progress Trialling of new initiatives

21 SLLC and Nextstep Work with voluntary and community sector organisations Deliver universal service through group work(6-8 people) Can do universal one to one, but max 30 mins…… Work with organisations to move people on – within confidential guidelines

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