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GRS Update June 18, 2014. Welcome to New Team Members Addie Compton Kate Kim.

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1 GRS Update June 18, 2014

2 Welcome to New Team Members Addie Compton Kate Kim

3 New Communication Strategy Updates at every other BRIDG meeting Quarterly updates posted on GRS website following BRIDG meeting with current status of schedules

4 GRS Transmittals First new schedules will be issued as Transmittal 23 by the end of this FY Future Transmittals will be issued annually starting in spring 2015 Will include schedules as well as FAQs/implementation tools

5 Transmittal 23 Will include: – GRS 1.1: General Financial Management Records – GRS 1.2: Grant & Cooperative Agreement Records – GRS 3.1: General Technology Management Records – GRS 3.2: Information System Security Records – GRS 4.3: Input Records, Output Records, and Electronic Copies May include: – GRS 4.2: Information Access & Protection Records

6 Transmittal 23 continued All but GRS 4.2 have been signed by the Archivist Draft Transmittal is currently under internal review Projected issuance date is August 29, 2014 In-person briefing for agencies the second week of September followed by at least one web briefing

7 Transmittal 24 Will include: – GRS 2.1: Employee Acquisition Records – GRS 2.5: Employee Separation Records – GRS 2.8: Employee Ethics Records – GRS 4.1: Records Management Records – GRS 4.2 Addendums – GRS 6.2: Federal Advisory Committee Records

8 Transmittal 24 continued Should be issued spring of 2015, possibly sooner Schedules are either in comment adjudication or appraisal

9 Additional Schedules Currently in Process GRS 1.3: Budget Records GRS 2.2: Employee Management Records GRS 2.3: Employee Relations Records GRS 2.4: Employee Compensation & Benefits Records GRS 2.6: Employee Training Records If you have expertise in any of these areas and would like to assist in schedule development, please contact us at

10 Contact Information (there is an underscore between GRS and Team) Andrea Riley, GRS Team Supervisor 301-310-7770

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