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LSU AgCenter Internal Leadership Local Support Update May 14, 2013.

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1 LSU AgCenter Internal Leadership Local Support Update May 14, 2013

2 What is Local Support? Twenty percent of salary plus benefits for agents/staff domiciled in parish LCES offices. LSU AgCenter and Southern AgCenter faculty/staff Local match to state and federal funding. For every two local dollars, there are eight state and federal dollars.

3 Team Effort Grass roots program starting with Parish Chair and all parish office staff 4-H program is critical Regional Directors and Regional Administrative Assistants play critical role in process Responsibility of Parish Chair to confirm numbers so there are no surprises at annual calculation

4 Statewide Local Support Facts 144 Signed Current Agreements: 12 Expired Agreements 23 Agreements Expire 6/30/2013 Current, Signed Agreements Include: 58 Police Jury/ Parish Councils1 District Judge 66 School Boards1 Parish 4-H Foundation 4 Sheriffs1 Charter School 9 Cities/ Towns1 Association 2 District Attorneys1 Community Park System Parish Millages Dedicated to Extension – 8 Parishes Statewide Average as of June 30, 2012 Calculation: $3.4 Million before rebates, including fully funded positions 19.29%

5 Sustainability of AgCenter Programs Continued Success of the Extension Service Depends on Local Partnerships Federal - State - Local Partnership State $14.4 million FY13 after mid yr cut Federal $5.1 million Smith Lever 3B/C only Local $3.4 million Financial support $3.5 million In-Kind Support

6 Local Support Growth

7 Statewide Progress! June 30, 2007 9.84% June 30, 201112.93% June 30, 2012 19.29% Increase of $2.8 million from 1990 to 2012

8 Parish Summary

9 Local Support Strategy Continue effective reporting of program outcomes and impacts to local decision-makers Have a strategy that works for your parish to achieve goal – gradual increase – transparent communication Market all AgCenter programs – Print, radio, television, electronic delivery, newsletters, billboards, social media Look to non-traditional sources of local support Ask local partners to fund additional parish staff

10 Cannizzaro Study, 2007 Members of local governing bodies in Louisiana feel that the 4-H program is very important for the development of young people in Louisiana. The members of local governing bodies in Louisiana are more aware of the 4-H program than other programs offered by the Cooperative Extension Service.

11 Cannizzaro Study, 2007 The more aware the local governing body members are of the LCES, the more important they perceive the organization and its programs and services to be. Local governing body members who perceive the importance of LCES programs and services also see the LCES as effectively meeting the needs of local residents.

12 Things to Consider Are our advocates telling their story about the value of LSUAC/LCES (through personal visits, emails, phone calls. etc. )? Are you using the local media (newspaper columns, radio programs, cable, and local TV affiliates) and available technology such as the internet (parish web-pages, social media, email lists, etc.) to disseminate information?

13 Things to Consider Are you and your staff members talking to the civic groups in the community to educate them about our programming and other information? Have you or your staff members presented the annual or quarterly report to the school board and police jury/council in 2013?

14 Things to Consider Have you attended the parish government or school board finance committee meeting to defend and increase the LCES budget for the coming year? Is the entire parish staff engaged with marketing LCES programming?

15 Things to Consider Do you have a strategy to sustain as well as increase the 20% local support level? Have you approached your sheriff or district attorney about salary support for parish programming? Is your parish (school board or jury/council) willing to provide funding for an administrative assistant/program assistant or agent in your parish?

16 Things to Consider Is your website up to date with current and relevant information? Are you working on developing a “Parish Profile” document that you can use to educate clientele and others?

17 Things to Consider Has your staff developed a plan to secure local grants to support outreach in your parish? In urban areas, are you doing enough to sell LCES to non-traditional as well as traditional audiences/partners?


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