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Telework Training for Employees State Personnel Administration.

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1 Telework Training for Employees State Personnel Administration

2 Why Training?/Objectives Review Telework requirements. Review strategies for success as a teleworker. Clarify expectations. Review telework selection criteria. Review Telework Agreement Review safety considerations for the telework location. Review FLSA applicability to telework. Review Statewide Policy Why Training?/Objectives

3 Telework Defined Telework is a management option that allows selected employees to perform some job tasks at home or another acceptable remote location for one or more days per week, month, or selected time period. Telework is a privilege, not an employee right. Both manager and employee agree on telework arrangement.

4 It Works Best with the “Right”… Employee qualities Management support Identified job Alternate workspace Review pages 5 – 14.

5 Why Telework? Organizational effectiveness. Employee productivity. Community and environmental benefits.

6 Telework is not a substitute for child or dependent care. Telework Considerations

7 Self-Assessment Tools Review Successful Teleworker qualities Pages 7-8 Sample Self-Assessment – Attachment B of Policy

8 Learning Check A good candidate for telework is an employee who: A - Is a self-starter. B - Is a good time manager. C - Completes projects on time. D – Has a job identified as eligible. E - All of the above.

9 Home Office and Safety Considerations Office equipment Information security Fire safety –Smoke detector –Fire extinguisher Avoid injury Remember to take breaks. Review pages 14 – 17.

10 Home Office and Safety Requirements Home workspace is extension of agency workspace. Agency workspace rules apply to home workspace environment. Employee signs certification. Review pages 58 – 59.

11 Telework Agreement Telework requirement. Outlines terms and conditions of teleworking. Signed by employee and manager. May be amended as needed. Review or renew at least annually. Review pages 49 – 53.

12 Telework Agreement Work Hours and Leave Work Schedule and Work Status Work Performance Standards of Conduct Supplies and Equipment Liability Inspections

13 Statewide Policy Review The Statewide Policy on Teleworking defines the guidelines and rules for the telework program. Policy begins on page 40. Refer to page 43. Item 7 Employee Participation.

14 Statewide Policy Review Eligible position Eligible employee Teleworker Workspace and work hours Guide for Telework Agreement

15 Learning Check True or False? - I should contact my supervisor if I am injured while teleworking.

16 Learning Check True – If an injury occurs during teleworking hours, the employee shall immediately report the injury to the supervisor. The Georgia Workers’ Compensation law applies.

17 Planning for Telework Success Meet Common Challenges –Get organized. –Manage your work. –Train family members and others. –Establish a routine. –Utilize assistance and support contacts.

18 Planning for Success Practice good habits. Pace yourself. Have a “Plan B.” Review suggestions on pages 17-20.

19 Telework Requirements Did you sign these? Agreement Workspace Certification Work Away Information Form

20 Welcome

21 ( Congratulations! You have completed Telework Training for Employees. If you have questions, contact your Agency Coordinator

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