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 Be sure not to drop your child off before 7:10.  If for some reason they need to be dropped off early, they must pay $3 for early morning care.  Early.

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2  Be sure not to drop your child off before 7:10.  If for some reason they need to be dropped off early, they must pay $3 for early morning care.  Early morning care is from 6:30-7:10.  This includes if they miss the bus and you have to leave for work early.  Please walk them to the library to sign them in.

3 All transportation notes must be handwritten /typed and brought in the morning of the change. Note should include your child’s first and last name and have your signature! Absence excuses need to be brought to school within 3 days after the absence. These must also include your child’s first and last name. Please do not email transportation or absence excuses to me since the front office is in charge of these notes.

4  Room Mom- Jamie Willett and Heather Schweikher › Mrs. Willett and Mrs. Schweikher will contact you when there are special events going on in the classroom to let you know how you can help.

5  Math › Hands-on AMSTI Math  Science and Social Studies (alternate throughout the year with units)  Reading › ARI (vocabulary, comprehension skills, phonics, and fluency) › Skill Marks (See grading rubric in your child’s blue folder)  S (satisfactory), P(partially proficient), or N(not proficient)  Writing/Language Arts › Writing is skill based  S (satisfactory), P(partially proficient), or N(not proficient) › Language will be integrated into our writing with authentic learning (Assessing through writing)

6  Front left pocket “Bring Back to School” – please sign these papers and return back to school the next day.  Right back pocket “Keep at Home” – any sheets in here need to be taken out daily and “left” at home  Notes and money pocket- any notes that need to be brought to school are placed in here and your child puts in in our basket first thing in the morning.  Behavior Log- This will be recorded in your child’s assignment pad. If your child did not purchase an assignment pad, it will be on the sheet I print off each month.  Reading Log – Thank you for doing such an excellent job on helping your child complete this each night (15 minutes a night on Mon – Thurs)  Newsletter pocket - Please read this each Monday with your child. Leave it in the pocket as a reference throughout the week.  Phonics/ Fluency Homework- These sheets are placed in the binder each Monday and should be reviewed with your child each night. Challenge passage available upon request.  Homework- If your child has additional homework, it will be found in this pocket.  Agenda

7  Attendance, Behavior, Curriculum  Blue Progress Folder  Come home with your child each Wednesday  Left Side will contain: › ABC card (to be signed and returned)  Right Side will contain: › Graded Papers (discuss with child and return)

8 Standards chart 2014

9 Mrs. Lovorn’s Daily Schedule MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday 8:00- 8:25 Reading Intervention 8:30- 9:00 ArtMusicCounselingLibraryReading Block 9:00- 10:15 Reading Block 10:00 Working Snack 10:15- 10:50 P.E. 10:50- 11:00 (Restroom) 11:00- 11:15 Reading Block 11:20- 11:45 Lunch 11:45- 11:55 Recess/Restroom 12:00- 12:25 Math Intervention 12:25- 1:25 Math 1:25-1:55 Science/S.S. 1:55-2:55 Writing 2:55-3:00 Pack/Dismiss

10  Above the Line › Be respectfulBe Safe › Be Responsible Be Cooperative › Be PoliteBe a Worker  Above the Line Rewards › Ticket System › Clip Up  Way to go!  Excellent Effort  Super Student  Below the Line › Not ListeningBeing Uncooperative › Not following DirectionsName Calling › Not Following ProceduresPushing › Not completing WorkTouching Others › Budging in LineMissed HW › Excessive Talking › Misconduct outside Classroom  Excessive Below the Line Consequence: › Sent to office with a “Below the Line” form

11  Bottom Line › Disrespectful to an adult › Swearing › Abusing School Property › Harassment › Excessive Below the Line Behaviors  Bullying  Stealing  Fighting

12  Our Classroom Rules Are: › Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. › Have integrity › Use your manners › Work well together: synergize/cooperate

13  Make better choices: 1 st violation results in a warning.  Teachers choice: 2 nd violation results in silent lunch, silent snack or loss of recess to be decided by the teacher.  Parent Contact: 3 rd violation results in parent notification through a discipline note.  4 th violation results in work time in another classroom.  5 th violation results in an office referral.

14  Standard Homework: › One subject a night (No homework on Friday) › Weekly phonics review and fluency practice (found in binder) › Reading Log: 15 min. each night (due every Friday)  Other homework, such as math practice, special projects, or study guides will be sent home throughout the week. I will notify you of upcoming tests in the newsletter.  Late or missing homework will result in silent lunch or missed recess and a mark on the tracking sheet.

15 W. 2.1 - Opinion I can find an opinion in this book and explain whether or not I agree or disagree with that opinion. R.L. 2.6 – Point of view I can tell how another character in this book would describe what is going on in the story. (A character other than the narrator or main character.) R.L. 2.5 – Structure I can describe how the beginning introduces the story and the ending concludes the action. (ex: Beginning can introduce the setting, a character, or a problem) R.L. 2.2 – Lesson/Moral I can recount (tell the events in chronological order found in the text) a story from different cultures and can tell you what the lesson or moral is of the story. R.L. 2.1 – Details I can tell answer the questions who, what, where, when, why, and how to show I understand the story. R.L. 2.4 – Structure I can find a word or groups of words in this book, poem, or story and tell you how they add meaning or rhythm. (we will learn this next week ) R.L. 2.7 – Ideas I can tell you what I learned about the characters, setting or plot from the illustrations and words. W2.1-Opinion I can read the story or poem, tell you my opinion, and give reasons to support my opinion. (Did the character make the right decision? Was the ending exciting? Were the characters interesting?) R.L. 2.9 – Compare Texts I can compare this book to another book about the same story or topic. How are they different and/or similar?

16  Test and quiz dates will be found in the weekly newsletter  Some tests will have a study guides that can be found in the homework section of the B.E.E. binder. Study guides will be handed out at least 3 days before the test.

17   School number: 682 – 7220  Please be sure to sign up for a conference time before you leave!

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