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4001z036 董文愷 4011z016 黎冠廷 4000H188 李柏勳 4991Z034 丁偉庭.

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1 4001z036 董文愷 4011z016 黎冠廷 4000H188 李柏勳 4991Z034 丁偉庭

2 Main Idea of the Frist Paragraph A memoir is a type of autobiographical writing. the word "memoir" is a French word that means “ memory". While the memoir is a subclass of the autobiography genre, it is actually quite different from an autobiography. An autobiography is a work of nonfiction that is a comprehensive, chronological account of a writer's entire life story. A memoir presents pivotal, life-changing events that have shaped the identity of the writer. With a compelling plot and an almost literary rendering of the real-life characters, a memoir reads like a novel.

3 Frist Paragraph Words And Phrases Autobiographical a. 自傳的 ; 自傳體的 => based on the author’s own experiences Subclass => a category that is part of a large category n. 子類 Chronological => ordered by time a. 依時間前後排列而記載的 Pivotal => very important a. 樞軸的 中樞的 ; 重要的 Plot => the story line n. 陰謀 ; 祕密計劃 [(+against)][+to-v]( 小說, 戲劇等的 ) 情節 Compelling =>that makes you pay attention to it because it is so interesting and exciting a. 令人注目的 ; 令人感嘆的

4 Main Idea of the Second Paragraph The book written by DeQuincey for his addiction to opium and alcohol was widely read, not only for the incredible details of addiction it presented but also for the clues into the psychology of addiction. McCourt grew up poor, with a mostly absent father and a mother, Angela, who raised her children despite tremendous financial and personal obstacles.

5 Second Paragraph Words And Phrases 描寫 =>Describe(v) To say what something or someone is like giving details about them 鴉片 =>Opium(n)An illegal drug 障礙 =>obstacle(n) a difficulty;a hurdle

6 Main Idea of the Third Paragraph The memoir is a genre with a wide appeal. But why are memoir so popular ? One reason is that people inherently curious about other people.

7 Third Paragraph Words And Phrases Inherently(a.) 天生地 固有地 People are inherently curious about other people. Intimate(a.) 親密的 私人的 They are intimate companion. Insurmountable(a.) 不能超越的 This is insurmountable problem.

8 Main Idea of the Fourth Paragraph Memoirs are appealing because true stories are more powerful than fictional stories. If we read one of Elie Wiesel’s memoirs that tell about the time he spent in a Nazi concentration camp, we are struck by the fact that this is a real person who has lived through great adversity to tell his story.

9 Fourth Paragraph Words And Phrases Apprealing (a.) 吸引人的 、動人的 A good story always appealing people. Fictional (a.) 虛構的 The internet is a fictional place. Memoir (n.) 傳記 A memoir is a type of autobio- graphical writing. post-partum (a.) 生產後的 she chronicle's her debilitating struggle with post-partum depression.

10 Main Idea of The Fifth Paragraph Are memoirs entirely truthful? Several memoirs have turned out to be partially or complete untrue,which has disappointed countless readers.

11 Fifth Paragraph Words And Phrases Memoir: an account of the author's personal experiences Partially: in part; in some degree; not wholly Disappoint: fail to meet the hopes or expectations of Aboriginal: being or composed of people inhabiting a region from the beginning Re-classify: to assign again to a category

12 Main Idea of the Sixth Paragraph In spite of some controversy surrounding the truthfulness of memoirs, they remain a compelling literary form that will undoubtedly continue to touch readers in a fundamental way.

13 sixth Paragraph Words And Phrases Controversy: a contentious speech act; a dispute where there is strong disagreement Remain: stay the same; remain in a certain state Compelling: driving or forcing Fundamental: serving as an essential component Substantially: to a great extent or degree

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