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Kentucky Division of Forestry Forestry in the Classroom An Educational Series.

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1 Kentucky Division of Forestry Forestry in the Classroom An Educational Series

2 Kentucky’s Forests   Keeping Our Forests Healthy   Kentucky’s Forest Ecosystems   Common Trees of Kentucky   Benefits of Trees and Forests   Our Future Forests Presentation Topics:

3   We manage forestlands.   We assist forest landowners.   We grow and plant tree seedlings.   We monitor insects and diseases.   We prevent and fight wildfire.   We oversee timber harvesting.   We maintain state forestlands. Kentucky Division of Forestry’s Mission is to make sure our forests stay healthy!

4 KDFs Mission: Manage Forests Trees are a renewable resource. After they are harvested, more trees will naturally grow from seed! Managing forests for the best tree growth is what forestry is all about.

5 Foresters help landowners manage their trees by developing stewardship plans. Stewardship plans promote timber production, wildlife habitat, water quality and/or outdoor recreation. KDFs Mission: Assist Landowners WILDIFE HABITAT WATER WATERQUALITY RECREATION RECREATION & SCENERY & SCENERY TIMBER PRODUCTION TIMBER PRODUCTION

6 KDFs Mission: Grow and Plant Trees Seeds are collected for growing seedlings in our nurseries. When a seed starts to grow, or germinate, it develops root hairs and the first tiny shoot. Seeds are planted in rows or seedbeds where they develop into tree seedlings. After one or two years, the seedlings are lifted from their seedbeds. The bare- root seedlings are then transplanted in reforestation projects.

7 KDFs Mission:Monitor Forest Health InsectsDiseaseInvasives Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) EAB survey trap Oak Wilt Disease and Oak Decline Disease Kudzu Bush Honeysuckle

8 KDFs Mission:Prevent and Fight Wildfire Forest fires are not only dangerous, they can damage our forest resources. Foresters and rangers are trained to suppress and fight wildfire to protect our forests. One of forestry’s biggest promoters of preventing wildfire is…you guessed it…Smokey Bear!

9 KDFs Mission:Oversee Timber Harvests Harvesting timber is hard work and it takes careful planning. A well-planned harvest, with help from foresters and rangers, will make it easier for the forest to grow back. Trees should be carefully selected and marked for harvesting. Best Management Practices (BMPs) are used during harvest to protect the forest floor and watersheds. Marking  Felling  Limbing  Skidding  Loading

10 KDFs Mission: Manage State Forests Forest management practices can be seen on all state forest properties. Our foresters and rangers implement stewardship, plant tree seedlings, monitor forest health, enforce fire laws, and oversee timber harvests just as they do on private properties. The difference is … you can visit the state forests!

11 Kentucky has one of the most diverse forest ecosystems in the world with over 100 different kinds of trees. Kentucky has one of the most diverse forest ecosystems in the world with over 100 different kinds of trees.

12 Kentucky’s Forests: Two Forest Regions Western Mesophytic Region Western Mesophytic Region Mixed Mesophytic Region Mixed Mesophytic Region Upland forest Bottomland forest Cove forest Oak-pine forest Bluegrass savannah Oak-hickory forest

13 Kentucky’s Forests: Common Trees The key to identifying trees is to look at their different characteristics…such as leaf shape, bark, flowers, fruit, twigs and buds. Can you identify these common trees based on the photos?

14 Kentucky’s Forests: State and Heritage Tree Yellow (tulip) poplar is Kentucky’s official state tree. Kentucky coffeetree is Kentucky’s heritage tree. Notice the white furrows on the bark and the simple, tulip shaped leaves. Notice the scaly ridges on the bark and double compound leaves.

15 What Trees Do For You… Kentucky’s Forests: Benefits of Trees Trees Clean the Water Trees Provide Habitat Trees Clean the Air Trees Give Us A Place to Enjoy and Things We Need

16 The Future of Kentucky’s Forests Depends on YOU! Kentucky’s Forests: Looking Forward

17 1.What is KDFs mission? 2.Name two renewable resources. 3.Name two non-renewable resources. 4.Name two reasons why a landowner would want a stewardship plan for their forest? 5.What is the most common cause of wildfires in Kentucky? 6.How many different kinds of trees (species) are found in Kentucky? 7.Kentucky forests are in the Eastern Deciduous Formation, however, there are two specific forest regions. Name one of these regions. 8.Name three common trees of Kentucky. 9.What are two benefits of trees? 10.Name three products that come from trees. Questions

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