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Do You Know Where You Live? You live in a place that used to be a forest!

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1 Do You Know Where You Live? You live in a place that used to be a forest!

2 Eastern Deciduous Forest

3 On The Piedmont

4 Four Layers Of the Forest

5 What Lives in a Forest? Native Plants Native Plants have lived here for thousands of years Native Plants are food. Feed Insects which are food to small mammals and birds. They are the start of the food chain.

6 Canopy - The Tall Trees

7 Shag Bark Hickory Name Algonquin “Pohickery” Flowers at age 20 Hickory nuts at age 40 Life span 200-300 years

8 Shag Bark Hickory 70-100 Feet Tall If the forest is left alone for hundreds of years you will find more hickories than any other tree.

9 Insects that Use Hickories Hickory Horned Devil Largest Caterpillar in North America Comes out in Late Summer/Early Fall


11 More Insects That Use Hickories

12 Animals That Depend on Hickories for Food

13 More Animals That Depend on Hickories

14 American Beech Smooth Grey Bark It takes 10 years to make seeds. Beeches can live 300 to 400 years.

15 American Beech Beech nuts were eaten by Native Americans. Many Insects, Birds and animals use this tree for homes and food too.

16 Insects

17 Birds That Prefer Beech Trees for Nesting

18 Animals that Depend On Beech Trees for their Nuts

19 More Animals that Love Beech Nuts

20 One small Mammal

21 And one Big Mammal

22 Native Trees are Very Important Trees Feed Insects Trees Feed Birds Trees Feed Small and Large Mammals A Big Oak Tree can feed and give homes to as many as 1000 creatures!

23 The Shrub Layer

24 Muscle Wood

25 Carpinus caroliniana Muscle Wood American Hornbeam Ironwood Blue beech Water beech

26 Muscle Wood Flowers Feed:

27 Muscle Wood Favorite Nest Site For:

28 Muscle Wood Nuts Are Eaten By:

29 Mammals That Eat Muscle Wood Beaver cut down Muscle Wood for food and for their lodges. White Tailed Deer eat the leaves in Summer and the twigs in Winter.

30 Sassafras Tree

31 Leaves Bark Fruit Flowers

32 Sassafras Tree Leaves

33 What are These Flies Doing?

34 What is it?

35 Insects that Use Sassafras Trees Spicebush caterpillar rolls itself up in a leaf to hide from birds.

36 Spice Bush Swallowtail

37 Insects that use Sassafras Yellow Poplar Weevil

38 18 Types of Birds Eat Sassafras

39 Mammals White Tailed Deer eat leaves and twigs White Cotton Tailed Rabbits east twigs and bark

40 People are Mammals Too! Root Beer was made from the roots Used in chewing gum and toothpaste In 1603 Sassafras was the first forest product the colonists exported to Europe. The bark was used as a dye.

41 The Herb Layer

42 Wintergreen

43 Ruffed Grouse eat berries and leaves White Tailed Deer eat the twigs in winter

44 Jack-in-the-Pulpit Spring Flowers fill the forest floor before all the leaves come out in the canopy and shrub layer.









53 What is a Native Plant? All the plants that you have just seen are called Native Plants.

54 What is this?

55 Hard to Find Do you know this bird?

56 Hard to Find What kind of birds are these?

57 Hard to Find This is a special bird. Where does it come from? Where does it nest?

58 Why? Loss of Habitat. The birds are missing because they have lost their homes and the native shrubs that have nuts and berries that feed them They have lost the insects that need native plants to eat.

59 Why? Too Many Deer Deer eat a lot of plants Native plants are their favorite. Too many deer means that all the small plants, shrubs and small trees disappear

60 Forest Floor with Too Many Deer

61 Why? Invasive Plants All the animals in the web can’t find food if the plants that are growing don’t feed insects. They can’t find food if invasive plants crowd out native plants

62 What Invasive Plants Do

63 Healthy Forest

64 Healthy Forests Have Many Layers



67 Tomorrow: Invasive Plants and How you can help!

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