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Grade 5 Little By Little Name:………Model Answer……….

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1 Grade 5 Little By Little Name:………Model Answer………

2 G-Choose the correct answer: 1. “Little by Little” is mostly like an autobiography because: it gives information. it tells a true story about an event in the author’s life. 2. Jean Little’s friends are mean to her because: she enjoys reading. she is cross-eyed. 3. Why does Jean think that Miss Marr will understand her problem? Her teacher has a limp. Her teacher has a gentle voice. 4. Why is Jean excited that Shirley is going to help her?. Shirley is from England. Jean has always liked her and wanted to be her friend. 14 Dear Parents: Please make sure that your son/daughter can read the words mentioned in each page before reading. Example: If your child is going to read p.1 to p.3, he/she has to read the main vocabulary in each page before reading the story.

3 Page 2 polio: a disease caused by a virus. Cross eyes: Page 3 decipher: discover nailed: not moving E-Answer the following questions: 1- How is Jean's Desk different from her classmates’ desks? Her desk is golden brown and could be moved but the others are dark wine and nailed to the ground. 2- How does Ruth know that Jean was cheating? What did she do then? She was going to sharpen her pencil when she glanced Jean’s empty paper so she asked her to tell the teacher that she was cheating. 3- Why does Jean choose to tell the teacher? She is afraid that Ruth and Stella will tell the entire class about her. F-Put these words in sentences: polio:.................. Various answers................ decipher:.............. Various answers........... 13

4 . Page 4 astonished: surprised. Page 5 stunned: shocked immobility: unable to move C-Use words from the box to complete the sentences. 1. My friend felt ___dismay ___ when knew that she had failed the test. 2. Because I can’t __decipher ___ her poor handwriting. 3. The teacher walked with a slight limp because she had had polio as a child. D-Put the words in sentences astonished:……..... Various answers............. despised:................. Various answers........... 12 dismay – decipher– polio

5 Page 6 dismay: sadness and fear Page 8 despised: hate or disliked B- Write /√ / or /X/ beside the sentence:. 1.Jean Little had had polio when she was a child. ( X ) 2.Jean told Miss Marr that she cheated.( X ) 3. Everybody wanted to be Shirley’s friend. ( √ ) 4. Shirley helped Jean as Miss Marr asked her to do so.( X ) 11

6 Jean is 9 is years old. She has a problem in reading, she can’t see the words clearly and students make fun of her. A- Match each word with its meaning. 101 1)immobility  a disease caused by a virus 2)polio  Unable to move 3)astonished  hated, disliked 4)Despised  surprised, amazed, or shocked 5)dismay  Sadness and fear

7 This is my first day in grade five, my teacher is nice but she had polio. I feel happy because my teacher will understand how I feel with my cross eyes. I was afraid to not have any friends, so I went to the teacher to tell her what I did,she asked Ruth and Stella to go home. Then she told me that she saw what I did and that she knew I didn’t mean to cheat. she told me that she will forget what I did. I promised her that I will never ever do this again and that I will study my time tables. 29

8 I sit in the first desk, because I can’t see the words on the board. I need to be so near to decipher the words. In the class all the desks were dark and nailed to the floor, but mine was shiny golden brown. The teacher asked who get all correct and I raised my hand with them. I felt so bad and guilty. At the end of the day. Ruth and Stella came to me. Ruth told me that she saw me cheating. I was afraid and despised the panic in my voice. They told me that I will never have friends if I didn’t tell the teacher. 38

9 My desk wasn’t nailed, so I can move it to any place to see. I felt so lonely with this all. In the class there was a girl her name was Shirley. She was like an actress and everyone wanted to be her friend. I was astonished when Miss Marr asked Shirley to help me in the recess. When we were down Shirley whispered to me “You keep away from me, get lost.” When Ruth Dayton was going to sharpen her pencil she saw my paper. After we finished the teacher told us the model answers to check ours. While she was saying the answers I wrote them then checked correct. 47

10 I stood alone stunned into immobility. I walked alone to the tree and started to talk to it not to cry. I told myself a tree is better than a person. When we went up to the class, the teacher wanted to test us in timetables. Miss Marr started and I wasn’t fast to answer. I looked at my paper in dismay. 56

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