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INDIAN ABACUS Franchisees Orientation Program Understanding Franchise Business Great Opportunity for Entrepreneurs To earn an attractive monthly income.

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1 INDIAN ABACUS Franchisees Orientation Program Understanding Franchise Business Great Opportunity for Entrepreneurs To earn an attractive monthly income and to be your own Boss Coaching young children in Abacus Mental Arithmetic for their Arithmetic proficiency & Brain Skills training - an avocation in Education Service

2 Identifying Location for Franchise Centre Centre location to be at least 2 or 3 streets inside a bazaar road and should be in a residential area. Location should provide safety for the children apart from ideal learning environment.

3 Franchise Centre Premises Preferred ground floor, failing which 1 st floor of the building (second and other higher floors not legally acceptable and hence not permitted) Centre premises to have adequate parking space. A Minimum of 500 + sq. ft., is ideal for a centre. Two class rooms of 125 sq. ft. each, One Admin. room of 80 to 100 sq. ft. with storage space for equipment, books and others; parents / children waiting area of 100 sq. ft., and 2 toilets.

4 Furniture and others Classroom: Flat desks with benches or individual armless chairs to sit. Each class room to have the seating capacity of 15 students in a session. Each classroom to have a medium size table and chair for the Abacus Tutor. One number Tutor Abacus for each class room, either wall-hung or stand-mounted. One number white board with temporary- marker pens with duster for each classroom.

5 Furniture and others One number computer – preferably laptop with management software if possible with internet connection. One number printer (Optional) Exclusive mobile phone – it is preferable to have a separate numbered SIM card for centre usage.

6 Furniture and others Administration room – One number medium size table One number Armed chair for Franchisee Two numbers Armed chairs for parents / visitors. One medium size cupboard One no. wall decked shelves for storage purpose

7 Furniture & Others Parents waiting area 6 to 8 Armless chairs 1 no. tepoy-table Glass covered notice board with locking facility 1 No bubble top water dispenser for drinking water to be placed on a firm four legged stool

8 Furniture & Others General: -Foot-wear Rack -Toiletry for toilets

9 Printed and other stationery Registration / Application forms - adequate number of application Forms to be kept for use. Printed receipts books - If computer receipt is not issued printed receipt books should be kept ready. Each book to have at least 50 sets of receipts. And each set to have one original to be issued to the student (perforated & a tear-off from the book) and a copy to remain in the book for records and reference. Registers – Admission register for maintaining admission related details of each student in a serial order.

10 Printed and other stationery Fee Register – Here again if fee details are not maintained in the computer this register becomes essential. Delivery Register – To maintain issue of books, progress reports, certificates, etc., to students periodically. Office stationery complete set.

11 Staff and Tutors [ Till the centre reaches a students strength level of 75, the centre would need: One Executive or Managerial cadre member. One Assistant to support both Administrativeand Academic areas. Franchisee must be also available in the centre all through, without which the centre cannot either effectively add new enrollments or control dropouts. After the centre strength crosses 100 students, ONE more assistant to be added apart from 1 more Abacus tutor.

12 Marketing and Promotions Marketing and promotions are essential for any business activity to take off and to profitably run and Indian Abacus Franchise business is no exception to it. Regular and strategic marketing and promotional efforts are necessary during the launch of the centre business and continuously throughout thereafter, as along as the business activity is continued. The periodicity may vary but they can’t be ignored

13 Marketing and Promotions Launch of Centre Business:- Installing name board for the centre – Name board for the centre is the primary identity for the centre which connects public in the area. The name board therefore has to be of the right size and displaying all the information such as name of the centre address, logo of Indian Abacus, Program details, telephone number / mobile number, Address of Global Franchisor, Website, Mail ID etc., (Standard art work specimen can be obtained from Global Franchise office)

14 Marketing and Promotions Launch of Centre Business :- Size of the name board should be at least 6’feet by 4’feet, if not more. The flex printing should be attractive, colourful and of good quality. Specifications of logo should be exactly same as advised by Global Franchisor. No deviation is permitted.

15 Marketing and Promotions Launch of Centre Business:- Name board continuously and silently acts to convey the center's business information. Utmost care has to be taken to get the same of the right quality and size & to install the same properly for getting the best possible visibility of the On-lookers

16 Advertisement & Publicity Tabloid/Newspapers/Magazines -Two or Three weeks in a month the popular weekly tabloid of the area should carry advertisement of the centre conveying clearly Program offered to the children and the benefits. (Art work specimen to be collected from the Global Franchisor office) -Advertisement should be of right size having the ad- copy with complete details. Size of the Advt. should be at least 6 cms. X 10 cms. Advt. Should be attractively made with the information - complete simple and effective

17 Advertisement & Publicity Banners, Posters and other hand-outs - At least 10 to 15 banners should be displayed in some important locations within 1 KM radius area of the Franchisee where visibility is good. - Good number of posters conveying centre based information should be displayed at the permissible locations periodically. - Publicity through Advertisements, Banners and Posters must be done on a continuous basis so that there is a regular and steady enrollments. - Paper inserts (Advt. Hand bills) should be distributed at least in the last week of every month, so that parents interested could get linked for students’ enrolments. - Program related brochures for distribution to parents for Course information, fee, etc.

18 Advertisement & Publicity Promotions Awareness programs through presentation and demonstration on the sidelines of -events and gatherings. -Product & Program Campaigns -Competitions, quizzes, etc. -Local Exhibitions putting up Stall

19 Business Mission Right Planning and time bound execution are a must in Business operations. Working for achieving the targets for Student Enrolments (Purchase of Student Kits) for level wise students retention will make the franchisee to work with a set goal. Positive business performance results in sustained and healthy income levels

20 Business Mission Franchisee should have targets for product- wise results and work to achieve them monitoring the same closely. Targets and efforts to achieve them should not affect quality aspects in training of the children and making them acquire defined skill levels.

21 Targets Yearly Target for products & Service Quality – 1 st Year ProductQuantity Initial Student Kit with 1 st Level Course Material 125 2 nd Level Course Material 100 3 rd Level Course Material 75 4 th Level Course Material 50 5 th Level Course Material 25 6 th Level Course Material - 7 th Level Course Material - 8 th Level Course Material - No. of Students with 100% marks in every level At least 75% of students

22 Parents Meetings Meeting of the parents by the franchisee is very essential and it should be consistently happening. Franchisee should meet every parent without fail at the time of admission and at least once in a month thereafter to discuss the progress of the child. During the admission time parent should be met for providing all information with regard to the program and the benefits. Subsequent meetings once in a month should be to discuss about the progress of the child and also special efforts should be taken in case the child is struggling. (Use the Parent Meeting standard presentation during the meeting)

23 Relationship with Global Franchisor Administrative Matters - Periodic visits to Global Franchise office to discuss with the officials concerned to be considered as very important. Other requirements are: Purchase of student kits, other items if any, Purchase of other level materials Collection of student Level Completion Certificates Transfer of students – follow up Collection of other forms, brochures etc., To discuss conduct of events, campaigns etc., Accounts related clarifications Information / clarification about corporate office related events – competitions, GGE and Graduation etc.

24 Thank you Indian Abacus Pvt. Ltd., Global Head office: No. A1-1857, 13th Main Road, 6th Avenue, Anna Nagar West, Chennai-600 040, Tamil Nadu, India. Tel. 91-44-2618 2577 / 4577 Fax: 91-44- 2618 1706 / 0143 Cell:7200 227 227 E-mail: Website: www.

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