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1 WELCOMES YOU Indian Abacus


3 Abacus coaching is worthwhile Only When the children trained get the best of skills. -- The skills to do Accurate Mental Arithmetic calculations. at a Speed that Beats the calculator. (There is NO DOUBT that every Trained Child can Master the Skills)

4 Excuses Such as Absent For Classes, Not practicing at home, No Time, Should never be accepted.

5 Not also by Blaming the Children, Condemning & branding them, but by making them understand & realize and smilingly accept to change their habits

6 Franchisees have the Primary Duty To facilitate for quality Coaching and quality learning Responsibilities of the Franchisee

7 Class Room Should be open at least 15 – 20 minutes before the class starts function, Should be neat and clean, Provided lightening and ventilation And Right Ambience Responsibilities of the Franchisee

8 Furniture Right and in good Condition Properly Arranged for the skills training And For supervision during Class Hours Responsibilities of the Franchisee

9 Initial Student Kits & Level Course Materials Ensure to have Stock of level course materials, so that children are issued at the right time and All-in-one-go. Stock of Adequate student kits for newly admitted students. Responsibilities of the Franchisee

10 Level Completion Certificates Issue of Certificates within the specified period of time is essential as Certificate is a great motivating factor for the child Issuing Late Is as bad as Not Issuing as their interest and eagerness in the child suffers much Responsibilities of the Franchisee

11 Franchisee’s Role Children found with above issues need special attention Therefore franchisee should in discussion with Abacus Tutor should arrange for Make up class Extra Class at a suitable time at a centre. Lack of Interest/Learning Difficulty

12 Parents would love to give Feedback about their own Children’s Performance Franchisees should periodically enquire about the child’s performance and take suitable measures wherever necessary to sustain their interest Parents Feedback

13 Franchisee and Abacus tutor To arrange bi-monthly meeting to discuss every child’s skills progress and make note of the actions to be taken. The meeting should highlight the major concerns about each child’s progress, what action required when planned, date and time. Students Progress

14 Franchisee should announce prizes for the School performances of the children - which are extra-ordinary - to honour them Performance in Maths subject to be closely watched and children to be rewarded for their progress and proud achievements Students Progress

15 The skills of the student of the centre should be exhibited by arranging events where live demos conducted be shown to parents and other guests Students should feel that their skills are useful to them in their studies Students Demos

16 Franchisees and the Abacus Tutors should become the guiding force for the children of the centre even in the school performance Franchisee with Abacus Tutor could do a lot more to improve everyday student’s performance

17 Franchisee should thus be a facilitator in general. The Abacus Tutor should be a facilitator for the skills to excel in the students Lot more can happen to the students with Franchisees support and Abacus Tutors Active help.

18 You can make your Indian Abacus Centre Unique and most Sought After. What is needed is the “Will” to do, Plan for the tasks & to execute with interest and sincerity

19 Ensure to set goals for every term. To maintain a healthy ratio of students/batch. To monitor students regularity and performance individually. To guide parents to ensure regular home practice. To monitor activities of Tutors in delivering the concepts. Franchisee to build Quality in Education

20 Ensure To conduct aptitude tests. To maintain uniformity of standards and give each child a fair chance by providing practice sheets during the competition practice. To ensure students participation in competitions. To appreciate and reward best performer after completion of each level. To motivate Tutors by positive feedback. Franchisee to build Quality in Education

21 Children trained perform to exhibit amazing quality of speed & accuracy in Mental Arithmetic Calculations. Benefits from Brain skills - Concentration, Visualization, Listening, Imagination & Creativity - help them to perform exceedingly well in other academic subjects.

22 Children with good skills will be a great publicity to the centre’ strengths. Children demonstrating the skills indirectly market the centre’s image. Your Indian Abacus Centre will then excel further

23 THANK YOU Indian Abacus Pvt. Ltd., Global Head office: No. A1-1857, 13th Main Road, 6th Avenue, Anna Nagar West, Chennai-600 040, Tamil Nadu, India. Tel. 91-44-2618 2577 / 4577 Fax: 91-44- 2618 1706 / 0143 Cell:7200 227 227 E-mail: Website: www.


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