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1. 2 Welcome To Cub Scout Roundtable !!! Kit Carson District.

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2 2 Welcome To Cub Scout Roundtable !!! Kit Carson District

3 3 Beads! One for each activity: – Yellow – Roundtable Attendance – Blue – 6, 12, etc. Month Roundtable Attendance – Gold – Presenter – Red – Staff – Specials – For special events

4 4 Cub Scout Themes Scouting MonthCore ValueTheme September 2014Cooperation Under the Big Top October 2014Responsibility Dollars and Sense November 2014Citizenship Give Goodwill December 2014Respect Stars and Stripes January 2015Positive Attitude Yes, I Can February 2015Resourcefulness Litter to Glitter March 2015Compassion Aware and Care April 2015Faith Soaring the Skies May 2015Health and Fitness Backyard Fun June 2015Perseverance Go for the Gold July 2015Courage Under the Sea August 2015Honesty Play Ball

5 5 Pack Activity Highlight This Month: Start The Year With a BANG!

6 6 Cub Scout Interest Topic This Month: Fall Roundup

7 7 School Start Dates August 19 th – Escondido Union School District August 25 th – San Marcos Unified School District Schools typically have Back-To-School nights a couple of nights later – You want to be there for recruiting

8 8 Who here is a Membership Chair?

9 9 Review of Pack Plans Tell us: – When are your recruiting nights? – When is your Roundup night? – What do you have planned for Roundup?

10 10 Roundup Night It is best to have a separate night for Roundup, but it can be done on a Pack meeting night Plan on separate activities for the adults and for the boys – That means someone has to supervise the boys, another the adults – Chipmunk Den

11 11 Boy Activities Do something that makes them want to come back. Keep them busy! Start on Bobcat requirements to make them part of Scouting

12 12 Adult Activities Explain the adventure they are about to start on Tell them what Scouting does for their boys Explain costs Do the paperwork: – Scouting application – Family Talent Survey Recruit leaders for new Dens, assistants for existing Dens Make it fun for the parents too!

13 13 Breakouts !!! Den Leaders – Bob Keeley: Bobcats Elements of a good Den Meeting Webelos – Randy Smith Webelos badge, Scientist, Family Member Cubmasters – Glenn Graczyk Pack Meeting Planning and Control Pack Committee – Robby Wright Roles of Pack Leaders

14 14 Trivia Question: Animation Which of these is correct? The outer two are correct. The manuals have a confusing diagram, but the text states that if the veteran unit bar isn’t worn, the numbers are tight to the CSP

15 15 Announcements EUSD School Year Starts – Aug. 19 th San Marcos School Year Starts – Aug. 25th Family Camp @MSR Aug 29 th -31 st Grape Day Parade, Escondido Sept 9 Popcorn Distribution Sept 13 Fun with Son @ Balboa Sept 19-21 Fun with Son @ MSR Sept 26-28 Cub Leader Specific Training Oct 11 Webelos Woods Oct 17-19 San Marcos Holiday Parade Dec 7 New Cub Scout Program Intro February Roundtable

16 16 Roundtable Materials on District Website Click the Training tab Click the RT link To ask a question, click the RT question link Animation

17 17 Next Month: September Pack Meeting Core Value: Responsibility Pack theme will be “ Dollars and Sense ” Big Rock Topic: Popcorn Kickoff Cub Scout Topic of Interests: Bobcat, Pack Camping

18 18 September Roundtable September 9 th, 7pm Back at Felicita

19 19 Closing

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