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1 Welcome To Cub Scout Roundtable !!! Kit Carson District.

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1 1 Welcome To Cub Scout Roundtable !!! Kit Carson District

2 2 Audience Staff Need volunteers to: – Pre-Meeting Activity – Opening Ceremony/Flags – Skit or Song – Closing Ceremony/Flags A sign-up sheet will be circulated

3 3 Beads! One for each activity: – Yellow – Roundtable Attendance – Blue – 6, 12, etc. Month Roundtable Attendance – Gold – Presenter – Red – Staff – Specials – For special events

4 4 The Core Values Schedule July Courage Cubs in Shining Armor Animation

5 5 Safe Scouting Accident and Sickness Insurance BALOO WLOTS

6 6 Tips for Pack Activities Outings Combined Pack Activities

7 7 Resource Highlight

8 8 Resource Highlight: Scouting Publications – Leader Book Every leader should read this cover to cover

9 9 ScoutSource

10 10 ScoutSource, Con’t Click on your desired position

11 11 ScoutSource, Con’t

12 12 Trivia Question: Animation What color Trained patch goes on a Boy Scout Leader uniform? What color Trained patch goes on a Cub Scout Leader uniform? Red, No. 18120, Cub Scout and Venturing leaders Forest green, No. 18064, Boy Scout leaders. To further complicate things, the Insignia Guide adds: “Either color is appropriate for all positions.”

13 13 Breakouts !!!

14 14 Membership and Retention Boy’s Life – Longer tenure in Scouting – Higher rank achievements – Stronger parent support – Age-specific – Scouts-in-Action Kids love it !!!

15 15 August Starts Popcorn Sales !!! August Roundup Meeting Please support – it helps all of Scouting Get your Popcorn Kernel appointed – Let Barbara Schettler-Jehl know who 760.489.9089

16 16 Announcements Congrats to newly trained RT staff! Your annual planning meeting planning date should be set Fall Recruitment plans should be underway – Get you orders in for recruitment materials San Pasqual Battlefield State Park - Thursday, June 20 th, 6:30pm Your summertime activities should be firmly planned. University of Scouting – Saturday, August 10th

17 17 Roundtable Materials on District Website Click the Training tab Click the RT link To ask a question, click the RT question link Animation

18 18 Next Month – July Core Value: Honesty Pack theme will be “Kids Against Crime”

19 19 July Roundtable July 9th, 7pm here

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