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1 Welcome To Cub Scout Roundtable !!! Kit Carson District.

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1 1 Welcome To Cub Scout Roundtable !!! Kit Carson District

2 2 Beads! One for each activity: – Yellow – Roundtable Attendance – Blue – 6, 12, etc. Month Roundtable Attendance – Gold – Presenter – Red – Staff – Specials – For special events

3 3 Special Thanks to Scott !!! Robby, Randy and Glenn are traveling for business or have school events. Thanks for standing in, Scott!

4 4 Cub Scout Themes Scouting MonthCore ValueTheme September 2013CooperationAmazing Games October 2013ResponsibilityDown on the Farm November 2013CitizenshipYour Vote Counts December 2013RespectPassport to Other Lands January 2014Positive AttitudeLights, Camera, Action February 2014ResourcefulnessInvention Convention March 2014CompassionPet Pals April 2014FaithMy Family Tree May 2014Health and FitnessDestination: Parks June 2014PerseveranceOver the Horizon July 2014CourageSpace—The New Frontier August 2014HonestyHeroes of History

5 5 Pack Activity Highlight This Month: Blue and Gold Banquet Troop Visits

6 6 Blue and Gold Dinner Celebrates the founding of Scouting on February 7, 1910. Now a celebration of the Scouting year Cubs should be at or near their major rank at this time Often has some fundraising event

7 7 Blue and Gold Banquet Preparation What type of banquet will it be? – Potluck – Catered – Bring your own What is the theme? Where will it be? – Remember that it will probably be much bigger than a regular pack meeting with parents, siblings, guests – Verify that your place is available! Decorations – Dens can each make decorations – Prizes? – Commercial decorations

8 8 B&G Banquet Preparation How are you going to serve? What is the entertainment? – But keep it short – Try to keep the entire event to 1 to 1 ½ hours Who supplies the plates and utensils? Tables and chairs? Thank Pack leaders Don’t forget a birthday cake for Scouting?

9 9 Step 1 – Time, Date, Place Adequate space for seating and displays Adequate parking Program needs: – Microphones, stage, etc. Food prep and service facilities Reserve well in advance

10 10 Step 2 – The Meal Meal plan – Potluck, catered, etc. Serving needs – Kitchen and utensils Menu – What are you going to eat? Assign jobs – setup, serving, cleanup

11 11 Step 3 - Program Entertainment – Who or what? Props for skits and ceremonies Recognition for boys and leaders Assignments: – Invocation – Welcome and introduction of guests – Ceremonies – Recognitions – Entertainment

12 12 Step 4 - Decorations Room decorations Table decorations – Usually dens make these Displays

13 13 Step 5 - Publicity Inform Pack families Invite guests – Chartered Org leaders – School principle – District Executive – District Commissioner – District President – Local dignitaries

14 14 Blue and Gold Planning Guide Posted on Kit Carson District website under Training > Cub Scout Roundtable > December

15 15 Breakouts !!! All Leaders – Scott !!!

16 16 Announcements Recharter – Get your registrations in! Den Chief Training: – Saturday, Jan 11, 2014, Y.A.C. Cub Leader Powwow Rescheduled: – Saturday, Jan 25, 2014 – On the calendar, but....

17 17 Roundtable Materials on District Website Click the Training tab Click the RT link To ask a question, click the RT question link Animation

18 18 Next Month: February Pack Meeting Core Value: Resourcefulness Pack theme will be “Invention Convention” Big Rock Topic: Chartered Organization Relationships Cub Scout Topic of Interest: Crossover, Graduation

19 19 December Roundtable January 14th, 7pm here

20 20 Closing

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