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1 Welcome To Cub Scout Roundtable !!! Kit Carson District.

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1 1 Welcome To Cub Scout Roundtable !!! Kit Carson District

2 2 Beads! One for each activity: – Yellow – Roundtable Attendance – Blue – 6, 12, etc. Month Roundtable Attendance – Gold – Presenter – Red – Staff – Specials – For special events

3 3 Cub Scout Themes Scouting MonthCore ValueTheme September 2013CooperationAmazing Games October 2013ResponsibilityDown on the Farm November 2013CitizenshipYour Vote Counts December 2013RespectPassport to Other Lands January 2014Positive AttitudeLights, Camera, Action February 2014ResourcefulnessInvention Convention March 2014CompassionPet Pals April 2014FaithMy Family Tree May 2014Health and FitnessDestination: Parks June 2014PerseveranceOver the Horizon July 2014CourageSpace—The New Frontier August 2014HonestyHeroes of History

4 4 Pack Activity Highlight This Month: Integrating Popcorn Sales with Pack Activities

5 5 The Easiest Way In a glass or Corel bowl, melt a tablespoon of real salted butter Add 1/4 cup of Trail End popcorn kernels Pop on high in the microwave for 2 1/2 minutes or until popping stops Be careful not to burn the popcorn Use hot pads to handle the bowl – It’s Hot


7 7 Why Sell Popcorn? Help fund the Pack and keep dues low Fund special events Help fund the District and Council Really important: – It teaches the boys about self reliance

8 8 It Won’t Hurt…. A Cub Scout to be rejected by a few people Explain to them ahead of time that some people are going to say no and that it isn’t personal Explain that some people are rude and it isn’t his fault It is best if they do some selling to someone other than parents and relatives It’s great for the treasury for Dad to take it to work, but the Scout should sell some on his own

9 9 Breakouts !!! Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos Den Leaders – Bob Keeley Involving the new Scout and making the Den go Cubmasters – Glenn Graczyk Integrating new members into Pack Welcoming ceremony Pack Committee – Robby Wright and Randy Smith Holding recruiting events Scheduling Planning The event itself Parent involvement

10 10 Trivia Question: Animation What is the only award that an adult can wear on the left pocket of their uniform? Powderhorn Training Award

11 11 Announcements Your annual planning meeting planning date should be set Fall Recruitment plans should be underway – Get you orders in for recruitment materials Cub Leader Powwow – Saturday, November 9 th

12 12 Roundtable Materials on District Website Click the Training tab Click the RT link To ask a question, click the RT question link Animation

13 13 Next Month – September Core Value: Responsibility Pack theme will be “Down on the Farm” Big Rock Topic: Charter Renewal Cub Scout Topic of Interest: Advancement: The Role of Family and Leaders

14 14 September Roundtable September 10th, 7pm here

15 15 Closing

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