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Tiger Cub The Newest Rank in Cub Scouting. Tiger Cubs History of Tiger Cubs Highlights:  1982  Introduction of Tiger Cubs, BSA  1986-1993  Fast Start.

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1 Tiger Cub The Newest Rank in Cub Scouting

2 Tiger Cubs History of Tiger Cubs Highlights:  1982  Introduction of Tiger Cubs, BSA   Fast Start video, iron on “paws”, Group Coach, support materials, basic training  1996  Tiger Cub dens part of pack, more frequent meetings, more resources, belt totem  2001  Tiger Cub Handbook, Tiger Cub den leader, rank advancement program

3 Tiger Cubs Search, Discover, Share The Tiger Cub Task Force:  Searched out ways to enhance the program for first grade boys  Discovered, through experience and market research, elements that can help to ATTRACT and RETAIN more boys  Shared these elements in a new rank advancement program

4 Tiger Cubs What hasn’t changed?  A LOT!  Tiger Cubs is still a fun, relatively simple program for 1 st grade boys and their adult partner, who share leadership and learn about Cub Scouting.  The newly enhanced program is designed to be age appropriate for first grade boys.

5 Tiger Cubs What’s the Point? Attract more boys and retain them longer! C S R E U I G T B

6 Tiger Cubs Leadership  Tiger Cub den leader  Fast Start and Basic Training  Wears Adult Leader uniform  Actively participates in pack leadership meetings  Coordinates shared leadership  Adult partner  Shares in leadership of den  Participates along with boy

7 Tiger Cubs Dens  Each month:  2 den meetings  1 Go See It  1 pack meeting  Adult partner attends and participates in all activities along with the Tiger Cub  Adult partners share leadership of dens

8 Tiger Cubs Uniform  Tiger Cubs wear official orange uniform T-shirt  Optional:  Newly designed Tiger Cub uniform cap  Blue Cub Scout pants  Blue Web belt with Tiger Cub buckle  Blue Cub Scout socks

9 Tiger Cubs Support  Tiger Cub Handbook  Cub Scout Program Helps  Cub Scout Leader Book  Monthly Cub Scout Leader Roundtable  Attend split session along with Cub Scout Den Leaders

10 Tiger Cubs Advancement  Tiger Cub  The newest rank in Cub Scouting

11 Tiger Cubs What happens to the Webelos Badge?  Diamond-Shaped Badge  If boy did not participate in Tiger Cubs  For those boys who were in Tiger Cubs but did not earn Tiger Cub rank  Oval-Shaped Badge  To aid in the transition to Boy Scouts  Worn only on tan uniform and with no other ranks or arrow points

12 Tiger Cubs Trail to Tiger  Tiger Cub Belt Totem  Cub Scout sign  Cub Scout salute  Tiger Cub motto  Presented in a pack meeting

13 Tiger Cubs Five Achievement Areas  Making My Family Special  Where I Live  Keeping Myself Healthy and Safe  How I Tell It  Let’s Go Outdoors

14 Tiger Cubs Three Activities in Each Achievement Area  Family activity (white bead)  Den activity (orange bead)  Go See It (black bead)

15 Tiger Cubs To Earn the Tiger Cub Badge: Making My Family Special Family Where I Live Family Keeping Myself Healthy & Safe Family How I Tell It Family Let’s Go Outdoors Family Making My Family Special Den Where I Live Den Keeping Myself Healthy & Safe Den How I Tell It Den Let’s Go Outdoors Den Making My Family Special Go See It Where I Live Go See It Keeping Myself Healthy & Safe Go See It How I Tell It Go See It Let’s Go Outdoors Go See It

16 Tiger Cubs Recognition  Beads are awarded in den setting  After a total of 15 beads are earned (5 beads of each color) the Tiger badge is awarded in a pack meeting  The Tiger badge is affixed to the totem and is sewn on the blue shirt when the boy transitions to a Wolf Cub Scout Den

17 Tiger Cubs Electives  The Tiger Cub Handbook has 50 elective choices  Electives may be repeated  One yellow tiger track bead for each 10 electives completed  Tiger tracks are awarded at pack meetings  Flexible- to meet the needs of each boy

18 Tiger Cubs Character Connections Connect an activity to one of the core values of Cub Scouting  Head  What do I know?  Heart  How do I feel?  Hand  What can I do?

19 Tiger Cubs 12 Core Values of Cub Scouting  Citizenship  Compassion  Cooperation  Courage  Faith  Health and Fitness  Honesty  Perseverance  Positive Attitude  Resourcefulness  Respect  Responsibility

20 Tiger Cubs Bobcat Badge  The Bobcat badge may be earned at any time after the Tiger badge has been earned  Save for blue uniform

21 Tiger Cubs Outdoor Programs  Yes!!!  Tiger cubs should participate in age appropriate Cub Scout camping opportunities offered by your council  Councils create outdoor opportunities  Boys like outdoor activities

22 Tiger Cubs Final Thoughts…  Tiger Cubs are the future of a pack  Tiger Cub adult partners are the future leaders of a pack

23 Tiger Cubs Questions and Answers

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