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SURFACE WATER RESCUE Presented By: Arkansas Explorer Search and Rescue Crew 393.

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1 SURFACE WATER RESCUE Presented By: Arkansas Explorer Search and Rescue Crew 393

2 Arkansas ESAR Water Rescue Program  We currently operate a 21 foot Zodiac Hurricane RHIB that is fully equipped with rescue gear and BLS equipment.  We train to a Surface Water Rescue syllabus similar to the NFPA standard.  Our mission is primarily training and public event coverage. We perform surface searches for drowning victims and can support dive operations. We are a member of the Pulaski County Water Rescue Group.

3 Training  Get training to a “Nationally Recognized “ standard.  Fire Academies like Alabama, Oregon, North Carolina and others.  Commercial organizations like Lifesaving Resources, Rescue 3 International, Team LGS, American Canoe Association and others.  Local consensus “Training Standard”. Training may be dictated by Authority Having Jurisdiction.

4  Develop “Standard Operating Guidelines” for your mission and your normal area of operations.  Site Survey and Assessment.  Mutual Aid Agreements.  Go/No Go Guidelines. SOG Development

5 Safety Considerations  Appoint Safety Officer for all incidents and training evolutions.  Pre-plan for safety hazards and known danger areas in your SOGs.  Priorities for Safety: Self > Team > Victim > Others

6 Rescue Method Priority Order SELFREACHTHROWROWGO

7 REACH Rescues  Extremity: Arm and Leg Reaches.  Extension: Boat Hooks, Reach Poles, Pike Poles and Paddles.

8 THROW Rescues Throw bags- 50 and 75 feet. Heaving Lines. Ring Buoys. Boat Fenders. Boat Cushions. Spare PFDs. Rescue Discs. Throw Sticks. Others?


10 PracticePracticePractice


12 ROW (Boat) Rescues  Boat Types.  Coxswain/Helmsman Training.  Boat Handling Training.  Moving Water Considerations.

13 Vertical Lift Into Boat

14 GO Rescues GGo only with assistance and only with trained personnel. UUse flotation aids for the victim like Rescue Can or Rescue Tube. AAssisted Swimming Rescues always with proper PPE. Always a Last Resort !!

15 Retrieval of Rescuer and Victim


17 Personal Protective Equipment: PPE Type III or V PFD Strobe Light Knife and Whistle Two Light Sources Helmet Gloves Booties/Wet Boots Wet Suit Dry Suit

18 PFD Considerations Type III Type V Helmsman NEVER !! Use Only

19 Patient Immobilization Devices  Floating Long Spine Board.  Headblocks and Straps.  KED and OSS may be used.  Stokes Litter w/flotation.  SKED Stretcher w/flotation. HydroSpine

20 Patient Packaging In-Water  Minimum of three Crew required.  Labor and time intensive.  Only for compromised C-Spine or called for by the MOI.  Must be practiced frequently.






26 Simple Lifts and Parbuckling Vertical Lift Parbuckling Evolution

27 Rescue Boat Considerations  Size and Type suited to SOGs and AO.  Freeboard, hoists, nets, dive doors and platforms.  Minimum Crew Training.  Train for all possibilities.  Moving Water Considerations.

28 Crew Training  Minimum swim test for all Crew.  Minimum Crew numbers for incidents.  Small boat handling courses for Helmsmen.  Rescue courses for rescuers: Swiftwater Rescue First Responder and Technician, Surface Water Rescue Technician, Lifeguard and Others.  Medical training for Crew: First Aid/CPR > First Responder > EMT > Paramedic  SAR training for Crew: SARTECH III > SARTECH II > SARTECH I

29 Incident Command System  Use ICS for every incident and all training evolutions.  Same system applies to water rescue incidents.  IC may be on shore.  Multiple agencies will likely respond.  Common communication and terminology should be used by all.  Train together to work together.  Zones: HOT > WARM > COLD

30 What’s wrong in this picture??? < No PFD !!

31 Other Considerations for Water Rescue  Perimeter Control.  Downstream Protection for Moving Water.  Over Watch Safety Boat.  Law Enforcement, Crime Scene Preservation.  Hazardous Materials.  Body Recoveries and Coroner Procedures.  Dive Team Operations and Divemaster’s Duties.  Technical Rescues. Learn When to Say NO.

32 Safety Priority Review SELF TEAM VICTIM OTHERS


34 Demonstrations and Instruction  Reaching Rescues- Extremities, Reach Poles and Paddles.  Throwing Rescues- Throw Bag w/re-throws, Ring Buoy, Heaving Lines, Fender w/rope and Other Throwables.  Row w/Boat Rescues- Approaches, Vertical lifts and Parbuckling Evolution.  Go Rescue- Swimmer w/assistance.  Patient Packaging In-Water. Spinal Immobilization, Stokes Litter and Lift into Boat. Practice and Instruction as Needed

35 Contact for Questions or Call-Out More Info About Arkansas ESAR

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