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Technical Rescue Initial Engine Company Operations

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1 Technical Rescue Initial Engine Company Operations

2 Technical Rescue Incidents
Confined Space Trench collapse Structural collapse High angle rescues Water rescue Ice rescue Wide area search HazMat Vehicle extrications Farm rescue

3 What is a Confined Space?
Large enough that a person can enter and preform work Limited means of entry or exit Tanks, vessels, silos, storage bins, vaults, pits, tunnels, sewers, manholes, storm drains, empty swimming pool Limited ventilation Limited lighting


5 Hazard Identification
Things we can plan for Hazard Identification Where are potential locations in your first and second due run-box for a technical rescue event to occur?

6 Before you leave the station…
Have the appropriate PPE for these events Bunker gear is not ideal Make sure you have a good pair of leather boots

7 Primary Size-up Radio Report Arrive on scene Describe the problem
Assume Command All units Level 1 stage Assign a tactical channel

8 “Columbia, 360 complete… Secondary Size-up Give CAN Report
Announce Command Post location Declare incident strategy”

9 Secondary Size-up CAN Report
Conditions Secure reporting party, witnesses, foreman, etc. Patient count, condition and location Actions What are you working on? Securing machinery, stopping bystander rescue, establishing perimeters, etc. Needs Resource determination

10 Technical Rescue Benchmarks
Take Command of the event Think with your head, not your heart Identify the type of event you are at Size-up (Situational Assessment) Primary Secondary

11 Technical Rescue Benchmarks
Stabilize the problem! Maintain personnel accountability Establish Hot, Warm and Cold zones Position at a minimum 150 feet away

12 Technical Rescue Benchmarks
Focus on information gathering Secure the witnesses or reporting party Stop any bystander rescue attempts

13 Technical Rescue Benchmarks
Identify scene hazards Determine need for additional resources Location, number and condition of victims Survival profile

14 Technical Rescue Benchmarks
Establish an equipment cache Control traffic Identify and group personnel based on qualifications Assign Safety Officer

15 Establish Parameters HOT WARM COLD Technician Level personnel
Operations Level personnel Tool/equipment staging COLD Command Post Apparatus staging Rehab

16 Equipment Staging Determine based on the event what your equipment needs are Rope Lock-out Tag-out PPV Fan Hand Tools AC Hotsick 4 gas meter Lights

17 Rehab Request S510 These are time and labor intensive events

18 Who’s coming with you?

19 Confined Space, Structural Collapse, Trench Rescue
2 Engines 1 Tanker 1 Rescue Squad 2 Ambulances HM514 AIR15 67 deaths per year (Confined Space) 60% are of would be rescuers

20 Water/Ice Rescue 1 Engine 1 Squad 2 Ambulances 2 Boats

21 High Angle Rescue 2 Engines 1 Rescue Squad 1 Ambulance

22 Trench Collapse Hazard Control
Establish Hot, Warm and Cold Zones Shut down all heavy equipment Ventilate the trench with PPV fan Shut down utilities Do not enter the trench

23 Confined Space Hazard Control
Establish Hot, Warm and Cold Zones Shut down all equipment Open any additional openings Ventilate the space with PPV fan Shut down utilities Do not enter the confined space

24 Scenarios




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