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Terms of Persuasion Appeal Contradiction Bandwagon Testimonial

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1 Terms of Persuasion Appeal Contradiction Bandwagon Testimonial
Red Herring Testimonial False Authority Faulty Reasoning

2 Persuade To cause to do something by reasoning, urging, or inducement
To convince someone to take an action

3 Techniques Why do you need to know the techniques used for persuasion?
Where do you see these techniques used?

4 Bandwagon Comes from a term used in the circus
The “bandwagon” carried the circus band 

5 Bandwagon Appeals to the “everyone is doing it” mentality
they want you to “join the crowd” Creates a feeling of belonging

6 Bandwagon Voting Sports Ideas/Theories Popular Trends

7 Red Herring Term from the 1800’s
Dragged across game trail to throw off scent

8 Red Herring Used to distract the audience
Presents a side issue not related to the topic

9 Red Herring Crime novels
Villains create a “red herring” in order to throw detectives off the case Politics: hide the real issues


11 False Authority Use of authority instead of evidence
No actual proof; relies on “expert” evidence Ex: “I’m a doctor, and I recommend this medicine.”

12 False Authority

13 Faulty Reasoning Defective reasoning
Reasons that don’t matter and/or that are not true Also called logical fallacies Overgeneralization Illogical Conclusion Personal Bias

14 Faulty Reasoning Example: 1. All humans are mammals.
2. All cats are mammals. So…… 3. All humans are cats. Completely illogical conclusion!!

15 Testimonial Root word…. _____________

16 Testimonial A statement in support of truth, fact, or claim
A recommendation Often done using celebrity endorsement

17 Testimonial

18 Transfer Associating symbols or feelings with a product
Attempts to link a positive or negative feeling with an object, person, value, or idea Ex: Dodge commercial with American flag


20 Sentimental Appeal A means of persuasion meant to convince a person based on an emotional response Ex: pet cruelty commercials; family loss


22 Scare Tactics Ex: anti-drunk driving, smoking, etc.
A strategy using fear to influence the public’s reaction “Shock value” adds to the impact the ad has on the viewer Ex: anti-drunk driving, smoking, etc.

23 Scare Tactics

24 Contradiction To go against what was previously said
Ex: We need to cut school funding which will decrease extra-curricular activities. This is going to affect students, and they may be upset, so the hiring of more counselors would be beneficial.


26 Comparison Related to “name-calling”
Comparing one product to another popular product Shows negatives of competition

27 Comparison

28 Extension of Activity

29 Responses to our clips 1. Bandwagon 2. Scare Tactics
3. Faulty Reasoning 4. Sentimental Appeal 5. Testimonial 6. Transfer 7. False Authority 8. Red Herring 9. Comparison 10. Blended - Comparison and Celebrity Endorsement 11. Exaggeration 12. *Just for discussion; has exaggeration, humor, illogical conclusion, etc.

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