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Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

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1 Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

2 Terms Zionism Israeli Infatada Palestine Occupied Territory West Bank
Gaza Stripe Sinai Peninsula


4 About Israel Small nation = size of New Jersey 90% live in urban areas
Two main groups of Jews Ashkenazin (Eastern and Central Europe) Sephardim (Mediterranean and Middle East) Arab population is growing Some fear will out number the Jews Current population 6.4 million / 5.2 million Jew If Palestinian refugees (3.7) came back would end a Jews state Area lacks natural resources and water Introduced new technology and developed high industries

5 Zionism During the late 1800s demanded for a Jewish state in Palestine
Romans had expelled the Jews in AD 70 1897 organization formed by Theodor Herzl to promote Zionism Jews began to migrate to Palestine Asked for Britain and other European nations to support them

6 Balfour Declaration A British document that supported a Jewish homeland in Palestine In short Britain favors a Jewish homeland Nothing shall be done to hurt the non-Jew living there 1930s flow of Jews to Palestine


8 After WWII Britain turned things over to the United Nations
United Nations voted to partition Palestine into two states One Arab (45% of the land) One Jewish (55% of the land) Arabs refused to accept the partition or to recognize Israel

9 1948 Arab – Israeli War Also known as the Israeli War of Independence
Began after the declaration of the State of Israel on May 14, 1948 Forces of Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Trans-Jordan and Iraq invaded Israel Israel defeated and occupied Arab territory Palestinian Arabs fled

10 Territorial gains in the Arab-Israel War

11 War of 1956 Suez War Israel, Britain, and France verse Egypt
Egypt trying to get $$$ to build Aswan Dam Egypt had captured the Suez Canal – nationalized it Egypt prevents ships to pass that are coming from or arriving to Israel Captured the Sinai Peninsula but forced to withdraw (pressure from US and SU) Did in exchange for shipping rights

12 War of 1967 The Six Day War Strike by Israel to protect itself Surprise air attack lead to defeat of Egyptian army Israel takes Gaza Stripe and the Sinai Peninsula (occupied territories) Jordan and Syria attach Israel takes West Bank from Jordan and the Golden Heights from Syria occupied territories Strategic importance Israeli water source High grounds Religious sites Jewish settlers moved in Returned the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt in the Camp David Accords in 1978 and Gaza Strip in 2005

13 1973 Yom Kippur War Egypt and Syria launched a surprise attach in the Sinai and Golden Heights Israel able to push Syria out of territory gained in the first week of the war United Nations call a cease-fire Israeli troops withdraw from the west of the Canal Egypt re-open canal Claim victory

14 Reasons for the Conflict

15 Israeli view Arab Hostility Non-recognition of Israel’s right to exist
“holy war” against Israel Non-recognition of Israel’s right to exist Destroy Israel Forced to fight for self-defense Many Israelis believe that minorities in Israel are treated justly

16 Palestinian view State based on outdated claims
Jews lived there 1,800 yrs ago doesn’t give you claim now International law on their side UN resolution allows for refugees wishing to return Jews arrived with the intention of taking over not just immigration Israeli treatment of Palestinians is unjust

17 Peace Efforts

18 Camp David Accords 1977 Signed at Camp David in United States
Pres. Anwar el-Sadat of Egypt Prime Minister Menachem Begin of Israel Signed at Camp David in United States President Jimmy Carter Israelis agreed to withdraw from the Sinai Peninsula Egypt agreed to end state of war and establish peace with Israel Election to be held in West Bank and Gaza

19 Reaction Mixed Arabs felt Egypt had deserted the Arab family
Israelis took “wait and see” attitude President el-Sadat was assassinated Three unresolved Issues 1. Control of East Jerusalem 2. Fate of the 1.8 million Palestinians living on the West Bank 3. Control of the Golan Heights

20 Intifada Dec 1987 Uprising of Palestinians over the way they were being treated, lack of country, high unemployment, refugee problem etc Focused world attention Organization Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Dedicated to regaining Palestinian territory Chairmen Yasir Arafat Some joined radical Palestinian organizations Hamas and Islamic jihad These groups call for the destruction of Israel

21 Oslo Accords 1993 Hopes for peace Meet in secret Agreed to
Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin of Israel and PLO leader Yasser Arafat First time face to face Agreed to recognize each other – Israelis right to exist PLO promised to stop attacking Israel Palestinian Authority would administrated the territory under its control – they have their own state! Israel would withdraw its forces from parts of the occupied territories (Gaza Stripe and West Bank) Israel would allow limited self-rule in Gaza and Jericho Put Resolution 242 into effect

22 Road Map for Peace Presented in Sept 2002 Players Called for
Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon United States President George W. Bush Called for End of terrorism by the Palestinians Palestinians must make democratic reforms Israel must accept Palestinian gov Israel must end settlement activity It did not address The fate of Jerusalem The boarders between the two Derailed Both side claim the other did not go through with their promised

23 Arab Peace Initiative Has a final solution to the boarders
The UN set boards back in 1967 Recognition of Israel Israel must withdraw forces from the occupied territories Recognition of a Palestinian States with capital at East Jerusalem A “just solution” for the Palestinian refugees Rejected by Israel but it is up for discussion

24 Peace Breaks down Unresolved issues 1. Jerusalem 2. Right of Return
Israel had made the city its capital Scared to all religions 2. Right of Return Grant Palestinians who fled to return Many not allowed to return 3. Future of Jewish settlements in the Occupied Territories Numbers of Jews has increased Upset the Palestinians 4. Allows Israeli troops to stay in the occupies lands

25 The Wall

26 Today the Palestinians want
Their own country Part of Jerusalem Their refugees to be able to return

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