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Arab-Israeli Conflict Background. 1800 to 1500 BCE Semitic people known as the Hebrews settle area known today as Israel.

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1 Arab-Israeli Conflict Background


3 1800 to 1500 BCE Semitic people known as the Hebrews settle area known today as Israel

4 1000 BCE King David unites 12 tribes, creates Kingdom of Israel Son Solomon builds 1st Temple

5 1 st and 2 nd Century-start of Jewish Diaspora (scattering of a homogenouspeople) Other ethnic & religious groups religious groups dominate area dominate area

6 300 CE Christianity becomes dominant religion of area

7 650 CE Islam becomes dominant religion of region

8 1500s Area conquered by Ottoman Empire & becomes known as Palestine Palestine – name given by the Romans to the area along the Mediterranean Sea (presently known as Israel & Jordan)

9 As a reaction to anti-Semitism, Zionism (movement to create Jewish homeland) begins in the 1880s Theodore Herzl 

10 1920s British gain control of Palestine as a result of WWI – Balfour Declaration Balfour Declaration British agreement that there should be a homeland for the Jewish people but not at the expense of the Palestinian’s home

11 “His Majesty’s government views with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people… it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine.”

12 1939-1945 WWII; 6 million European Jews killed during the Holocaust

13 1945-1947 Huge migration of Jews into Palestine

14 1947 – 1948 UN proposes partition into Arab Palestine & Jewish Israel w/ Jerusalem under international control; Partition – divide into parts

15 Arab state International Zone (Jerusalem) Jewish state

16 The Jewish people accepted the proposal, but the Arabs did not Palestinian – Arab people that live in the area known as Palestine Arab-Israeli Conflict – the debate between Arabs (including Palestinians) and Zionists about whether or not the region should be Palestine and Arab or Israel and Jewish.

17 1948 State of Israel created; war breaks out

18 UN Plan & After 1948-49 War

19 In 48-49 War: - Israel grew - Egypt took - the Gaza Strip - Jordan took - the West Bank

20 In 1956 Suez War: - Israel took Gaza Strip and Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula

21 After Suez War: - Israel gave back the Sinai Peninsula and Gaza Strip

22 In 1967 Six Day War: - Israel took West Bank, Gaza Strip, Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula and Syria’s Golan Heights

23 In 1973 Yom Kippur War: - Israel pushed back invasion by Egypt and Syria

24 Some Attempts at Peace Camp David – 1978  Egypt, Israel, US  Sadat, Begin, Carter  Egypt recognized Israel, Israel gave back Sinai Peninsula, Sadat assassinated


26 Menachem Begin, Israel

27 Anwar Sadat, Egypt

28 Jimmy Carter, U.S.

29 Oslo Accords – 1993-4  Palestinians, Israel  Arafat, Rabin  Clinton  1 st talks between Israel & Palestinians, idea of a Palestine, Rabin assassinated


31 YasserArafat,Palestinian

32 Yitzhak Rabin, Israel

33 Recent Developments  The peace process fell apart  The Palestinians fractured after Arafat’s death  Israel has built a barrier around Palestinian areas  Israel has clashed with Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon

34 Issues to Resolve in Arab-Israeli Conflict

35 Who should get the land? Reasons the Arabs think it should be Palestine…  It was promised to them during WWI  They were already living there

36 Who should get the land? Reasons Jewish people think it should be Israel…  It is where they originally come from  They needed a safe place to live (homeland)

37 Where should the new borders be drawn?  Israel has built many settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

38 What should happen to the Palestinian refugees?  Over 500,000 refugees fled or were forced to leave  Many went to UN camps in nearby Arab countries  Supposed to be temporary

39 Who should get Jerusalem?  Both sides want Jerusalem to be their capital.

40 How can Israeli security be balanced with Palestinian freedom of movement?

41 Will Hamas and Hezbollah accept a peace plan?

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