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TECHNOLOGY FOR A CHANGING WORLD Patrick Palmer, Head of Saab Technologies Canada, Inc. March 23, 2011 Saab Global Value Chain Seminar, Marriott Halifax.

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1 TECHNOLOGY FOR A CHANGING WORLD Patrick Palmer, Head of Saab Technologies Canada, Inc. March 23, 2011 Saab Global Value Chain Seminar, Marriott Halifax Harbourfront

2 WE ALWAYS STRIVE TO BE AT THE FOREFRONT OF CHANGE Bofors Järnbruk is founded Saab acquires Celsius Saab is founded Alfred Nobel acquire Bofors First order for Carl Gustaf First B17 delivered Tunnan – first flight First Gripen delivered Contract for Neuron StriC in operation First order for RBS 15 Saab 2000 ERIEYE™ AEW&C Saab Automobile independent company Saab acquires Grintek First laser simulator BT46 First contract for NLAW Gripen Demo – first flight Development of ARTHUR Development of fighter radar Development of GIRAFFE Sea Giraffe AMB is launched Saab acquires EMW

3 SAAB WORLDWIDE Employees 2009 Sweden10,916 South Africa1,146 Australia378 North America 268 Great Britain122 Denmark83 Finland73 Switzerland33 Norway45 Other95 Total 13,159 SalesCDN$4 Billion

4 Swedish roots Transformation from a single customer to multiple international customers Long term Strategic Partnerships Evolution to Global expertise and a Global customer base From uniquely Swedish to internationally interoperable From Defending borders to Protecting nations The Saab Transformation

5 INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS EVOLUTION 2009 International Sweden 66% Sales 2009 40 2001 International Sweden 70% 76% 70% Sales 2001

6 GLOBAL BUSINESS CONCEPT Saab constantly develops, adopts and improves new technology to meet changing customer needs True Technology Transfer - IP and Investments to support, sustain and grow business in country - by Canadians for Canadians Saab serves the global market of governments, authorities and corporations with products, services and solutions ranging from military defence to civil security.


8 MAKING IDEAS FLY AIR OPERATIONS SOLUTIONS Airborne Solutions Air C4I Solutions Sensor Systems Electronic Warfare Solutions Avionics Systems Weapon Systems Mission Support Systems Aviation Training Support Solutions

9 ENHANCING OPERATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS LAND OPERATIONS SOLUTIONS C4I Force Protection ISTAR Collaborative Training GBAD Weapon Systems Integrated Support Solutions

10 SUPPORTING CAPABILITY GROWTH NAVAL OPERATIONS SOLUTIONS Situational Awareness Decision Superiority Precision Engagement Communications Underwater Security Electronic Warfare Simulation & Training Infrastructure Security

11 SOLUTIONS FOR A SAFER AND MORE EFFICIENT SOCIETY CIVIL SECURITY SOLUTIONS Air Transportation and Airport Security Energy Production and Distribution Security Maritime Transportation and Port Security Prison Security Guard and Event Security Land Transport and Urban Security National Security and Infrastructure Protection Police and Rescue Solutions Field Facilities Solutions Border Security Solutions

12 SOLUTIONS FOR COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT COMMERCIAL AERONAUTICS SOLUTIONS Integration of Aircraft systems and structures Commercial Aircraft Support Solutions

13 FIVE BUSINESS AREAS CEO COO CMOCorporate functions Aeronautics Electronic Defence Systems Support and Services DynamicsSecurity and Defence Solutions Marketing and business development Functional management

14 PAGE 14 Business portfolio: Gripen Fighter Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Skeldar Commercial aerostructures Operations of Aerosystems and Aerostructures Headed by Lennart Sindahl AERONAUTICS

15 PAGE 15 Business portfolio: Support weapons Carl Gustaf Rocket Launcher Missiles Torpedoes and ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) and AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) Signature Management Systems Headed by Tomas Samuelsson DYNAMICS

16 PAGE 16 Business portfolio: Airborne radar, electronic support measurement and self protection system for Airborne Early Warning & Control Surface based radar systems Electronic Warfare systems Integrated systems and services for detection, location and protection Defence Electronics and Avionics Headed by Micael Johansson ELECTRONIC DEFENCE SYSTEMS

17 PAGE 17 Product portfolio: C4ISR systems Airborne Early Warning systems Civil Security systems and solutions Training & Simulation Telecom carrier and power solutions Include the operations of Systems, Surveillance Systems, Security, Training Systems and Grintek Technologies Headed by Gunilla Fransson SECURITY AND DEFENCE SOLUTIONS

18 PAGE 18 Business portfolio: Integrated Support Solutions Maintenance, Logistics & Technical Support Field Facilities and Vehicle Integration Commercial Aircraft Support Include the operation of Aerotech Headed by Lars-Erik Wige SUPPORT AND SERVICES

19 Continued evolution of international investments Continue to align Saab technologies and capabilities Key Strategic Long Term Partnerships internationally Global Value Chain Relationships Strong Local Presence in international markets Saab THE FUTURE

20 Patrick Palmer Executive Vice President Head of Saab Technologies Canada 613-858-9296 Saab Contact Information


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